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TEnocho Sep 2018
We have traveled through
many lifetimes in many forms.
Your scent familiar in each, reminding of the first time we met.

nobody May 2018
****** into this existence
of such recurring pain
a wound that never heals
dull and aching
did i ask for this
in lifetimes i don’t remember?
and will we see each other again
will i be your angel
i wonder when this world will end
far after i am gone
but i yearn to be reborn
this cannot be the end
i feel lifetimes inside me
the chemical reactions in my body
remembering every past experience
but i’m forever in a stupor
when will i reach
stuck in this existence
of which i did not ask for
that has not much to offer
4 - 30 - 17
Beauteous Beast Jul 2016
yesterday, i was on the verge of letting you go. i left the thought of you in my last 84 years, and before that too. today, i'm 34 and maybe will last for the next decades or so. i'm not sure if i'll leave this lifetime again-- with the trails of your kisses dangling on my shoulder, its tips gently swaying across my bare back. ill ask myself again tomorrow the dreaded question of my past lifetimes, "why will i leave you again?".

i developed this habitual longing for thoughts of you inside my head. how i couldn't quite reach the satisfaction of imagining--i need your soul in physical form. i need you with me; right here, right now.

you can clearly see the fault here, and i'm sorry for that. i need to love you, not need nor want you. it's not some complicated **** as the reason of my soon-to-be absence for the rest of your life, it's the crushing thought of being not worthy to be yours. you're too precious, too much of a sweet liability for my bitter tongue could willingly handle.

alas, this lifetime would probably be wasted again on depressing decisions that will be the end of me. but one thing is for sure, inside the deep oblivion of my mind, i will always love you. and i'm wishing for more lifetimes to come for me to get that out of my nothingness.
it's long but it's worth it
Lying together in
the calm of night
eyes losing focus,
drifting towards
sleep, there was
always one more
thought to speak,
one more kiss to
give. Black hair
shone like ravens'
wings on silken
pillows. At dawn,
I would lead my
army into battle,
never to return.

Now, you turn
your face to smile
at a new love,
holding a black
umbrella over her
pretty blond head.

When we met,
our souls saw
who we were  
to one another.

But that was then,
my love.
©Elisa Maria Argiro
The sands sleep beneath the mists
As the breath of time sets in
And my memory of you
Settles soft upon my skin
I feel your hand entwined in mine
As you call me your El Cid
I return the devotion , call you my
Jimena , if I be El Cid
And across the morning mist
We will walk hand and hand

In a latter day I found a wonder
But no where near the age
I am sadden by the book
With the many missing page
If you are my Jabal Tariq
Then I'll be your rock El Cid
But far across there is such distance
That no man can rid
Perhaps in another life
Closer we will be . . . .
And I will be your day of El Cid
Jabal Tariq - rock of Gibraltar
El Cid - national hero of Spain
Jimena - wife of El Cid

— The End —