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Maddie M Jul 10

Under the cancer star
i wish you well.
under the cancer moon,
i bid you adieu.
under the cancer sun,
you better run.

*Debajo de la estrella del cáncer
te deseo lo mejor.
debajo de la luna del cáncer,
Te digo adiós.
debajo de la estrella del cáncer,
ama a dios.
Liz Carlson Oct 2017
It's not you, it's me.
Not true.
It's all you and all me.
I need to give you up for my sanity.
You make me go insane with your little games.
Why do I keep playing?
I believe in second chances,
but this is your millionth chance.
I've tried all too many times to let you in,
but you reject me and act like nothing happened.
I'm letting you go,
out of self respect.
I have that now, and I'm not letting it go.
See you never.
Your welcome, self.
He was as lonesome as a cemetery.
And far more empty than any barren field.

In your time nobody will recognize your genius till its flame has long since been extinguished.

Nobody sought out to be a legend they simply put one foot in front of the other in hopes just to get through as ****** as me or you.

He never knew exceptance and most thought him a outcast.
That ******* in the mirror was a stranger to even I.
Liam C Calhoun Oct 2016
Salient pools swarmed upon
Of blackened
Neon gazes,
The love that could never be.

She knew it.

I knew it.

****, Even my luggage knew it.

All that remained were the footsteps
And in opposite directions.
Crimsyy Sep 2016
I forgot to say my goodbyes,
when my love for you
washed out your lies,

              Excuse me now,
              I'm somebody else.

You're screaming on the floor,
But I'm not knocking
on your door,

              I don't know what you're here for,
               unless to beg for forgiveness
               on all fours.

And still, I'd say no,
and still, I'd
walk away,

               Because "sorry" is
                the worst lie you could say.

My send-off,
the most savage
you'll find,

              *Because "*******"
                is too kind.
Ceida Uilyc Jun 2016
She told me that she wanted to kiss me.

I’d swooned over her curves since a long-long time

Dreamt of the moment she was ready to say yes to my 2-year long request to share her warmth.

So, I jumped with joy, but was numb to say anything more.

I thought, she’d be different.

I thought, she’d know.

I thought she’d understood nothing more, yet nothing less

Than what I’d always said-
At the end of the day, leave me alone!

Like most people,
She too thought that this was merely ornamental.

And she said that I hated love because I’ve not been loved enough.

Gwaaah! Such lies.

Such coarse hopes people prison within and dream more about the torture.  

But, there was a difference.

I was not one among them.
I had no rousing dreams.
I did not want any romance, I merely wanted her body.

Co-existence without ***** was prettier.

and Clean it off with a gush of the jet.  

Like most liars, she too lied that she hated commitment.
And echoed with me.
Like more flimsy folks, she was flaying too.

She was not my falancho.

So when I finally told her that I didn’t have time for her.

It was with a heavy heart
                                              because I had time for her body, but no time for her emotions. Or mine to be shared.

It’s a burden to even think that I may start it all over again.
                                               So ….

When she told me that I will never see her again,

               I was smiling inside.
                                                       And I silently told her,
I had such dreams about living with her.
But, she was just another leech, looking for love.
Just another man in women's tender skin ...
Liam C Calhoun Jun 2016
The ether’d suggested,
          “Say something.”
                    I didn’t.

The photos bombarded,
          “Say something.”
                    And I didn’t once more.

His widow plead, cried,
          “Say something”
                    I couldn’t.

One daughter begged,
                    And I couldn’t once more.

But I bought a cake,
                    Lit the candles,
                 ­                       And he didn’t;
                                                  And he wouldn’t
Because I never did.
Hiraeth (n.) a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for lost places of your past.
oui Dec 2015
tangly hair and light pink nails
a pretty little mess
disaster's got his eyes on you
and your black sequin dress

you sniff and sneeze just what you please
when all you want is wine and cheese
you've sent your brain over the seas
and give your love the rose gold keys
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