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PYG's Whisper Apr 10
I’ve been needing your lies
I’ve been craving your poison
I’ve been missing your demons
I’ve been loving your hater
While I was playing with death
While it was ******* me upside down
While I was freezing face to ****
I’ve been moaning your name
When my hands were trembling
When my soul was jumping
When my veins were twisting
I howled your April’s farewell
Once Azrael was invited
And the sky was open
Then my mind got *****
Your shadow was my only Savior
My voice was resonating
But from your ears was forbidden
My snow capped depth was on the summit of its alp
Pleading you to be its shield
That’s when you threw it into a dark swamp
Claiming that you were lost in a blinded place
Everything was mute and your bones were broke
But I saw you secretly radiating in a crystal ball
You thought I’m nowhere nearer
Was it amusing to fool a downcast lifer?
You were pushing my destiny to its sharp ending chapter
Below the belts freedom was dedicated to a shrewd sinner
Meanwhile I’ve been taken to where nothing left to catch
Failures over the time of my rotten life have built my forgotten grave
Gloomy butterflies surrounded my sick grove
No flowers to bloom no hope to ****
No words to draw no feelings to touch
No time to rush no remorse to scratch
The door of paradise was barely visible
But the clouds drove me to a fiery jungle
I begged life to be my sucker
One last elegiac parting with winter
But death was an invincible fighter
Loneliness was feeding my blur future
Chiselling out my anxiety within four blank walls
Then stirred up a wild storm of toxic fears
Moving on was the synonym of stuck in a rut
A sterile heart gave up on its darned patience
Charcoaled love erased its existence
Dry tears chained to these anorexic cheeks
You shutdown the light you once heated up
Now I’m sober yet drunk on my coma
Trying to perforate your karma
While cleaning up my **** Fantasia.
Where I was your moon and you were my star
As a poet, I believe that my voice needs to be heard and my experiences need to be written, I used to write about the **** THEY went through, I used to care about THEM, I used to put THEM first and me last, I used to spend endless sleepless nights trying to comfort THEM, write for THEM, slam for THEM. but I never listened to myself, I never dared to say no to THEM in order to protect ME, that's why and how I ended up stuck in a wild war between LIFE AND DEATH. Where only ME left behind while THEY all escaped and enjoyed their victory 'cause simply they ****** all my energy and I wasn't a needy anymore. So I got lost and anxiety took advantage of me.
Many fans betrayed me, and made up stories about me just ‘because I wasn’t available to hear THEIR stories, to wipe THEIR tears and to be THEIR voice of hope, too many FAKE FRIENDS AND LOVERS finally got caught up and THEY shamelessly exposed their true nature and loneliness kept me company.
This poem is all about ME, is all about my battle with my illness last year, it was a result of many years of ups and down, many years of sadness, mental breakdown and depression, nothing is clear nothing is the same anymore and I don't know where am I going from here, the only reality that I can't cover up or deny is the fact that I’m still alive… miraculously..
I don't have anything else to say, I’ll let my poem talk about my biggest disappointments...
Thanks for everyone who still loves and supports PYG's Whisper, I came back 'cause of your prayers and yearnings, thanks for everything.
I can’t promise that I’ll come back the same, a part of me is already dead but I’ll let my pen mess with all the criminals who killed my vibe.
-PYG's Whisper
PYG's Whisper Nov 2018
I’m sitting alone in this damp street

No one but me and the moonbeams

Stars are shyly showing off their dazzling charm

The wind is passionately touching the tree’s silhouette

I'm silently watching them dancing to my mute melancholy

My volcano is strangely so wise tonight

My earthquake is finally constant

My tsunami is completely dry

No damaged fantasy

No query for a smashed memory

October’s moon is so plump

No more you within its sheen

I know, it’s a temporary truce

Between hate and love

I know I’ll crave you by noon

Yes I'm in the loop

But at this point, I'm over my love disaster

I'm missing you right now but I don’t **** for you

Obviously I'm thinking about you

But at this moment I don’t wanna behold you

You who carelessly watched me making out with sadness

And proudly locked me in the cage of loneliness

You who promised to keep me warm inside your chest

You who ghosted me with a cheap finesse

Instead of painting the vibrant amber, yellows, and reds of our 4th autumn

I'm writing the end of our finis chapter

Darling, I'm not hating you

But I'm not forgiving myself for loving you

For sending all my starry prayers only to you

For forgetting myself just to remember you

For ******* your anxiety just to hearten you

For dating the night just to meet you

For faking my satisfaction just to delight you

For believing the masquerade written by you

For cutting off what I needed and gave it to you

But I was invisible in your cold fortress

Where I thought I’d loose it with the flame of my romance

I was thrown away in your wizened forest

Where I believed I was your red tulips

In the end, I was your first falls leaf that fell from your sick tree

And set it free with a grip of an icy wind

Tonight, I'm lost on this wet sidewalk

Somewhere out of your zone

Aloof place where my broken heart was buried

I remember, you were my Bethlehem’s star

Everything was ridden by your shade

And I was a fool for believing that I was your sun

Sure, Love was never happy by my side

I lied to myself and now I’m paying off the debt

Tonight I'm stripping off my soul from its last ill hope

Tonight I'm on my knees apologizing to these sparkly creatures

For absorbing their spiritual energy

In order to protect who left me murdered

By the ghost of him

Who’s still dwelling within me

Tonight I'm dimming between these moving clouds

Losing myself to this wistful breeze

Weaving my torn spirit with hued autumnal notes

Before waking up from this dream

And back to beg my heart to stop begging you

Tomorrow I’ll fall again, break down again, and get rejected again

But tonight I'm giving up on my life

This life called ‘YOU’…
One Autumn Night. is an emotional and autumnal poem.
the topic chosen is about an unique and rare feeling after the breakup, when suddenly we are able to face the reality and despite missing that person we don't feel any bitterness and we just want to breathe and feel free just for the moment, we just want to enjoy the power of nature without inviting that sick love, without blaming ourselves knowing that we did more than enough to keep that love healthy and alive, this moment comes when we are so sick and tired of being in pain 'cause of that person who never cared about us from the beginning , it's a temporary feeling that we live for the night before getting back to the same old torture.
PYG's Whisper Sep 2018
I was a kid when I looked up at the sky
I was a kid when I pointed my finger at that star
I was a kid when I made that solemn vow that night
I was just a little kid with a big dream
A small body with a huge energy
I was innocent but my eyes were a mystery
All that was flashing through my mind was success
I was feeling a twinge of envy for those TV superstars
I was praying to god help me confess
Until that day when courage filled my heart
And my lips finally whispered my plan
Mama, I do remember that look in your eyes,
That surge of anxiety you felt,
That lack of confidence you had in me,
Those questions written on your face,
Would I be able to survive?
Would I make it alive?
Papa, I still think about what you wanted me to be,
An open-minded child with a brighter destiny,
You were standing still like a silent hill,
It smashed my hope but it didn’t tear my faith apart
I was running through blurry woods
Looking for the right door
To take me where I thought I belong,
Yes I made it that time
Mother father, drew that smile but it was obviously fake
I wasn’t ready to quit
I was fully aware, it was my journey,
I swore that I would be the pride of my family
I ignored my adventuring youth and work hard for the glory
I endured the pain and aches in order to write my story
After everything I’ve done, here I am,
Felt like my fingertips are barely touching my childhood star
But visibly, it ain’t my Betelgeuse supernova
I’m swimming in an ocean of doubts
Still wondering if this is really what I chose
Day by day I keep questioning myself
Did I make a mistake?
Those people who have been walking just half of my path
Are already holding their shooting stars
Shining like a diamond
Just tell me who’s to blame?
Give me just one answer, why I’m stuck here going nowhere?
I’ve got a million queries choking me
I tried to run away but they keep following me
As soon as I blink my eyelids, I see my dreams fly away
Every day they price my talent but still underrated
You say it’s not my fault so tell me why I can’t keep moving on?
My future is covered by those heavy clouds
So what could happen if I lost myself in the middle of this road?
What if I fall down and live like a forgotten shadow?
I’m completely lost but I’m not strong enough to start over
Maybe I should come through this **** until my life’s nightmare winds up
Would I be able to see the light at the end of this show?
Or maybe die midway with an extensive regret?
My Betelgeuse Supernova, is a poem adaptation of a short story written by Rose Bleue, We both worked together for this project, I proudly had the honor to choose the title of this piece, this prose poem talks about a childhood dream that I referred to a Betelgeuse star, and how after many years of hardships, hard work and fights, that dream can't reach the ****** of its climb, that I described as a "Betelgeuse supernova" because astronomically that star is supposed to explode and to cause a supernova but no one knows when or how , and this is what happened with that kid's dream who's waiting for his supernova." ― PYG's Whisper

"As a writer of the main story “My Betelgeuse Supernova” this has always been my dream to help the readers out there to express their feelings about those who try to achieve their dreams. I know many readers want to catch them but talent isn’t enough to catch your childhood star.
From my personal experience I always dreamed to be someone who can express emotions using my voice. I’m working very hard to get there, and at the moment, I’m one step near to what I’m looking for but the closer I get to my dream the more I’m getting confused. Is this the right path? Is this what I really want? Until today I still can’t find the correct answer. But I realized something important, everything we see is not as good as we’re expecting.
To be honest I hesitated and thought a lot before writing this but thanks to PYG’s support in terms of emotion I bravely made this tough decision to write this story. I would like to say thank you to PYG’s Whisper and her team for make one of my dreams become true. I’m inexperienced in lot of terms but they're helping me with a lot of things. I believe that writing and poetry are both connected as one and I know PYG’s poetic spirit will deliver a deeper meaning of my story.
I hope that my collaboration with PYG’s Whisper will inspire you and help you ease your tension."
― Rose Bleue
PYG's Whisper Aug 2018
3 am in the morning
Everybody is sleeping
Some of them are snoring
Maybe others are boozing
And the rest making out and moaning
Conclusion, everyone’s enjoying this night
Doing this doing that
Everybody is busy somehow
Only me lying on this 30 years old sofa
Listening to 90s boring música
And drinking my 3rd bottle of cola
Conclusion again, my prosaic life bores me to tears
Dear TV,
Why don’t these couples within you break up?
They brawl everyday
I don’t understand how they can have 4 children?
Are they ******* human or am I an alien?
Come sit with me and tell me the story
Of those girls that you call **** dolly
I’ve bought a million mirrors
But they all shattered before uttering a **** thing to me
My friends always stick a winkey on my empty yellow smiley
They say mine is so freaking spooky
Honesty I do adore seeing my body wearing on
That pinky ***** they call cutie pouty
Because No one cares either I look nasty or shapely
I’m neither sad nor mad
I’m not jealous but I’m completely pooped
Sick of acting in several movies in one day
I admit that I’m a phony actress
And an unpretty liar
I don’t hate myself but I don’t like it anyway
I’m not blaming you but I can’t get over you
I wish I could turn back time and try to be good for you
One more chance to look prettier than her
One more chance to act cuter than her
Please say it wasn’t my fault if I’m replaced by her
Please help me shut down this voice of guiltiness deep in my heart
I’m begging you to give me one last chance to be better than her
But I can see your beautiful smile smacking your mouth when you look at her
Yes I know you’re living happily now ‘cause of her
So I'm dying to Ctrl C ~ Ctrl V her,
I'm craving to try her up, to feel her, touch her and **** her gravity just to be her
‘Cause she is the one I should’ve been to make you stay
And I’m the one you shouldn’t have met from the start
Try Her Up, is a poem that describes this kind of frustration when you can't get over your ex, while he's enjoying a new romance with someone new and you wish to be that girl to get back your dead love. PS: Art Cover Characters By : KakaoTalk Friends.
PYG's Whisper Apr 2018
My heart was a sick seed
I thought you’d help it blossom
I blinded my trust,
Without doubting your power,
I gave it to you ,
You were its hope,
Your eyes were its home,
All these years
You were its religion,
Until you threw it to ****,
With no mercy,
You watched it burn
Saying you hate seeing it hurt,
Leaving me confused
Half alive on the ground
Where you buried our dead love..

When you love blindly....
PYG's Whisper Mar 2018
Sometimes we talk without thinking
Sometimes we give without counting
And sometimes we wait for something
That’s only skin deep,
Love is beautiful that’s what novels say
Love is painful that’s what my core felt
But between my pain and their beauty
There’s a huge mountain
A thorny path that we had to cross
I’m not ready for love
I don’t really know if it’s a silly excuse
That I’m giving you to push you away
Or my heart’s still stuck in the same sick highway
That leads nowhere
What can I do if my depth is worn out?
What would you do to these unhealed scars?
I’m so tired lost in this moment collecting sores and regrets
I want to cry but there’s a drought in my eyes
I want to escape but I have no place to go
I wish I could erase him from the story of my life
I need to move on and live with you another fairytale
But why it’s always easy to be caged in love’s town
And it’s so **** hard to break its walls down
The more you hold onto me the more I feel chocked
You say you will save me but why your presence makes me scared
The feeling you gave me was so strong
That my heart couldn’t absorb
And it threatened his memories
That I'm treasuring within my bones
Don’t touch my body where he used to do
Don’t try to kiss me the way he used to do
I said I’m not ready for love?
Cos I'm still living under his canvas
And I do believe we still move in the same exalted circles
Since we’re alive
There’s never a vanishing point
To what we’ve started
When we were rolling the same league
Loving so legit
PYG's Whisper Feb 2018
Let me kiss your heart
I swear,
my lips will suture your scars
Leave it to me tonight
With your permission
My passion will stir it up
My breath will heat it up
My love will lift it up

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