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optimist - acrostic

Open up the book
Page one, neutralize your thoughts
Turn the page
Induct elation
Make your temperament positive
See the prism of sanguinity
Turn the page


aqua - acrostic

Arid soul washed away
Quietly sinking down
Underneath the waves to stay
Awakening as i drown


flaw - acrostic

Forget about the way we see
Looking past the shallow grey
Awaken to a deeper degree
We are all beautiful in our own way


harm - acrostic

Hurt me, the pain will go away
All anguish is fleeting
Remnants of your words might stay
My heart will go on beating


wolf pack - acrostic

Wild and free, nature's breed
Out of bounds of any containment
Living off of only what they need
Flourishing in sustainment

Prowling the forests and grass
Attacking only what they eat
Canids from our distant past
Killing only to replete

(i know i didn't use the word sustainment correctly here, but it rhymes)

jugs - acrostic poem

Jiggle and bounce for me
Underneath a cotton top
Gives me such satisfaction
Seeing them flip and flop


sympathy and attention - pity party poetry page

with an affinity for sympathy and attention
pity without empathy ends up as an affliction
sitting all alone having fits not fit to mention
depicting his own addiction to his self infliction

distemper words, written with intention
listless visions are a picture of his fiction
his existence isn't gifted within this dimension
it's a senseless decision to befit a contradiction



if deception is a threat, i guess it begs the question
does perception get better with less discretion?
can a gesture of conception be answered best with ingestion
by letting down our guards will we fester in suppression?

changing our direction away from our debts of reception
pressed by our expression of protested progression
best bets are guessed and when we collect we learn a lesson
back to the question, is perception better with less discretion?


rhyme without reason

what is a rhyme without a reason?
it's no feat to beat the drum of no cohesion
it's like planting seeds that aren't in season
or a disease that leaves a bleeding lesion

a decent poet is adept at seeing adhesion
leaving the meaning amounts to being treason
completely missing pieces for completion
not even worth reading, only worth deletion


everlasting (4 versions)

though i have ran with the rats of cancer
as i craft the ladder to the final chapter
i never planned for crass disaster
abashed by the lasting factor

where the past is passing faster
i ask the lord and await his answer
are my chances granted to live hereafter
i clasp the hand of the everlasting master


abashed by the lasting factor
i never planned for crass disaster
as i craft the ladder to the final chapter
though i have ran with the rats of cancer

i clasp the hand of the everlasting master
are my chances granted to live hereafter
i ask the lord and await his answer
where the past is passing faster


abashed by the lasting factor
i never planned for crass disaster
as i craft the ladder to the final chapter
though i have ran with the rats of cancer

where the past is passing faster
i ask the lord and await his answer
are my chances granted to live hereafter
i clasp the hand of the everlasting master


(you can also do one of these)

where the past is passing faster
i ask the lord and await his answer
are my chances granted to live hereafter
i clasp the hand of the everlasting master
i clasp the hand of the everlasting master
are my chances granted to live hereafter
i ask the lord and await his answer
where the past is passing faster
you can make different versions of everlasting, with different shapes, and different flows by changing the lines around...some of the shapes look cool if the poems are centered also...i had a blast doing this!
Ask not what the Universe can do for you.

Ask what you can do to aid the Universe ?
~.An Acrostic exercise ~October 27th 2018.

Ask not what the Universe can do for you.
Sometimes they are under relentless demand
Kings and beggars and entrepreneurs pray

Never mind ,what they can offer the Universe
On a daily basis pray for their own deliverance
To make ends meet, eat a crust , or a cure

We poets here on our favourite web-site know
Having been seeking the true way forward
Ask not what the Universe can do fo you.
Though this is the expected way to pray

The first thought in our head should ever be
Hey ! What can I do to aid the Universe.
Earth and the environment but a small part

Universe stretches deep deep into the cosmos
Now where do you think heaven rests in this ?
I believe it is here and surrounds us completely
Virtually every loved one that has passed on
Every thought process that you possess
Reacts in your minds eye as memory
So perpetuating the life span of a loved one.
Expand your own meditation to include them.

Clearly giving an aid to the Universal spirit.
Asks not what the Universe can do for you.
Never complain about being forsaken by God.

Do as you would be done by and **** it up.
Only pausing to calculate the best way to rise

From the sad position you find that you’re in
On giving something back to the Universe
Riches will flow back to you a thousand fold

Yes but not necessarily in a financial way
Or in an appropriation of jewels or art
Universal gifts seldom trade in those chattels

Ask what you can do to aid the Universe
Simply think about it in a pure and selfless way
Knowledge gained during your own life’s span

Wake up and smell the coffee if you can
Having negotiated the slings and arrows
Ask what you can do to aid the Universe
To me its a simple question n a simple answer

You can positively manifest your own pathway
On that road you have many crossroads
Universe has trained the minds of past lives

Coincidentally you carry the minds past loves
Ask what you can do to aid the Universe
Now bring back to mind all souls of meaning

Dedicate the sights and the fragrance of life
On a kind of conference call to the departed

Tell me if you think what I say is too far fetched
Only I know that it works ,well it does for me.

Ask what you can do to aid the Universe
I posed that question many many years ago
During the time that I prayed then to God

The crisis erupted between Russia an the US
Hydrogen and nuclear bombs were threatened
Europe ,a state of emergency unprecedented

Undaunted I joined the Civil defence, in ‘62
Now looking back , I realise my pathway’s set
In not expecting the Universe to be helping
Venus in retrograde and other cosmic moves
Effects of the moon phases all considered.
Reality is you hold the precious key to success
So next time you pray , you’d better pray good.
Entreating God to advise his plans for your day

An Acrostic poem written by Philip. 27/10/18.
Inspired by the JFK speech of ‘62. “Ask not what your country can do for you. But what you can do for your country. “
ryn Oct 2014
Accuracy of your acrostic arrows,
Ride the wind with utmost ease.
Claiming each bulleye with poetic precision,
Hands steady, unswayed by the errant breeze.
Endowed with talent, unsurpassed finesse,
R**egarded by peers as the wise-worded wiz.
First attempt at an acrostic! Harder than it looks!!!
Inspired by a friend.
decompoetry Aug 2010
Will you take my hand, follow me
Into this unknown land?
Live together in absolute bliss?
Life with you: the only way to exist

Your smile brightens my day
Obsession’s swept me away
Under this vermillion moon

My heart’s caught in your harpoon
And it’s dragging me willingly
Racing along your loving beat
Rejoicing in your arms, I know
You make me fully complete

Maximum love always for you, shall this
Everlasting pleasure prevail true?
C-Currently the subject of much conversation
L-Learning of its effects through information
I-Internationally scientists are using education
M-Mankind's pollution is causes this situation
A-Altering our ways may stop the devastation
T-Time isn't on the side of the world's population
E-Ever we should be aware of its manifestation

C-Cycles of weather becoming stranger by the day
H-Heat is building up in the earth's rocks and clay
A-Averting further damage cannot be put on delay
N-Neglecting our response to the planet wont pay
G-Globally hotter and wetter conditions will parlay
E-Everyone needs to heed the message of this day
Everlasting love is a commitment  Ref 008

Everlasting love is a commitment.
Virtual reality cannot ever compare
Everlasting reality is my love for you
Reality that continues unabated
Longer than  affairs of the heart
As my darling I know you by heart
Since the first Happy days meeting
The first day of the rest of my life
I discovered an everlasting love
Not withstanding your aloof brow
Golden are the moments shared

Love's unconditional commitment
Only true lovers understand it .
Very close encounters promote it
Especially within thy noble form

I love you so much my Barbara
So much once to inspire my mind

As constant is my wish to praise

Composing lines of loving prose
On each and every living day.
My mind races with the inspiration
Mastering words of literary giants
In songs of praise dedicated to thee
Then understand my commitment
My commitment ,to my darling girl
Everlasting love is my commitment
Not just for now but forever always
Thank you for our life commitment
From my tribute archive sent daily to my wife.
A story of Australian terms plants and wildlife. Ref 022
An “Acrostic “poetic tribute to my darling girl
Written by Philip 4th October 2018.

A story of Australian terms plants and wildlife.

Six years in the making , it ended all too soon
Two oldies ,lost your husband I lost my wife
Oh you were so Australian n I a winging Pom
Reaching three score years and ten in life
You ‘d have to say “What were these guys on”

Oh it’s chemistry yes the chemistry was right
For t’was a no brainer , I knew I wasn’t wrong

A story of Australian terms plants and wild life
Under this Oz Angel,who tried to get me gone
Something clicked, I had to make her my wife.
That took a good six months to bring together
Racing up n down from Sydney to Melbourne
And we did the road trip up to Sydney to live
Loving the old Aussie towns on the route
In fact we had a year renting in Manley NSW
A story of Australian terms plants and wildlife
New words and phrases and broad humour

Terms like tucker and strine and wowser
Echidna ? that burrowing egg laying mammal
Ringtail possums sitting on the garden fences
Many ,varied and colourful birds in life abound
Some so vocal with a cacophony of sound.

Phil and Barbara born on different continents
Living seventy years on different continents.
And now coming together in a beautiful bond
Nothing to compare in a hundred n fifty years.
That’s the extent of our joint living years.
Segregated on two separate continents

An “ Acrostic” tribute to my darling girl.
Now having met by chance at a family party
Drawn together to form the ultimate affair

Would you not like to hear more about us?
I was scared to venture off the beaten track.
Like I am supposed to be talking nature
Dinkum is something genuinely honest
Love is honest , love is unconditional
I want to make this poem so very honest
Furphy gave rise to an unfounded rumour
Exactly ! Furphy was the early water carrier

An  “Acrostic “ tribute to my darling girl.
Now I know she deserves another tribute.

And I for sure will give it to my dearest one
Coolgardie safe for keeping food cool
Roo meat is tender if you keep it out the sun.
Ockers abound those matey unpolished males
Smoking away their lives in designated areas
These men are the salt of the earth,sociable
I would oft sit in the smoking area and blah
Conversations diverse But I don’t smoke.

Pavlova graces many a table covered in fruit
On the occasional meal out we may partake
Especially at our birthday anniversary treats
Those dates so special in our calendar
I remember June before last we made a trip
Coming over the beautiful Blue Mountains

The trip we made was to Bathurst in NSW
Reminiscing in the town of Barbara’s birth
I was enchanted by the fertile landscapes
Backblocks n outback. Remote country areas
Urgent that we found the ancient homestead
Then met Barbs cousin who still farms there
Even though  Seventy years had passed since

Turned out that he was orphaned as a child
Orphaned when his mother died in childbirth

My God, times were tough in those days.
Yet how I ramble? I should be teaching nature

Diligently I shall try to stick to the point.
A story of Australian terms plants and wildlife.
Ringtail possums possesses essential stoicism
Larrikin ? beware of that grog filled hooligan
It looks like a possum especially when drunk.
Now we were sometimes awakened by them.
Grog is the devils brew if VB is consumed

Grant me a moment of reflection to the finale
I got little to show for my poem of Nature
Rightly this is a tribute to my Darling girl
Let no man think I fantasise. This grief is real.
Written by Philip. 4th. October 2018.
An Acrostic exercise
Marian Feb 2014
Light of my heart
I* loved you dearly
Ever in my heart I cherish you

Dedicated to my kitten, Callie
Who passed away 1-2 years ago!!! ~~~~<3
Today I was thinking about how much
I dearly miss her sweet and comforting presence!!! ~~~~~<3
Rest in peace in the comforting arms of God, Callie dear!!! ~~~~<3
But I shall always miss you
Until the day I die and see you in Heaven!!! ~~~~~<3
Until Then!!! ~~~~<3

I hope you enjoy this poem, my HP friends!!! ~~~~~<3
Butch Decatoria Sep 2018
Sincerely surly American accents

Amany humble apologies spill

Likewise the well wishes

A many ways to say or quill

“Thank the heavens for you”

Precious things reminding few

Occasions many of appreciation’s due.
Isabelle Apr 2017
Creative you need not be
Rational or not
Only first letter that would fit
Senseless it may be
The thing is
It's still an acrostic
Consider this one, please
Please? Haha!
s y kalindara Mar 2014
Scattered are the sentiments that float
About the galaxies growing within me.
Lurking in my veins, cascading down my spine,
Sending shivers to every fraction of my body.
An abundance of the heart never troubled me before, except now it is
Bruising, scratching and numbing my core.
Eventually I'll grow weary.
Eventually I'll quit. For how
Little can I do to possibly cease it?

Copyright © 2014 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.
Acrostic of my real name.
Eddie Crochet Nov 2012
Just for the case you weren't aware, I did know one that always cared
With me about my woes and separate passions than just those of the
Elm and arts and bark and scream. What else could I need to be
Fixed of this world so bleak and blackened bludgeoned by the nature-
All order in the sky! - of the human race?

Yet this strange feeling does remain since that poor man's dying day;
It's since from others long forgot about their purpose pinning plots
Towards kindling spirits of the night to heights that rise into the lights
For only ostracism can enlighten the now young minds - Away, Requiem!
The rhyme for you, she's all I've known, other than your teachings, and all
I can offer until I sing with you - whence, falter on through.
Priya Patel Apr 2011
Pencil or pen in the hand
On the paper it shall land
Every word a story will unfold
Taking readers to legends untold
Rhyming lines the secret potion
Yes, poetry over motion

Over and over letters collide
Victory when poetry decides
Every pen needs paper to confide
Readily in heart a poem shall reside

Movement of words across the page
Only your thoughts taking center stage
Trust in poetry to sing to your heart
In all it's motions, it will soon start
Opening doors to rhythmic places
Now and then to different faces
ryn Mar 2015
I don't seek your permission...
To write about the what, why and how.
It could be a haiku or come in the shape of a cow.

I don't need your approval...
When I don't sound the least bit poetic...
In my mismatched metaphors or ill-rhymed acrostic.

I'm not asking for your blessing...
When I pen down and put up what I think...
Be it in cloying cliches or in tear drenched ink.

I don't crave for your understanding...
When my 10 word poems weren't filtered through your poetic lens,
Or if my contributions in collaborations lack in sense.

I don't hope for your likes...
If my content does not tickle your fancy,
Or if my words just rubs you silly.

I mean no disrespect...
But don't be too quick to click on the 'comment' button.
Private messaging has been put there for a reason.

I don't mean to cramp your style...*
You're entitled to your own opinions of course...
But if you've got nothing good to say, please save it and shove it up yours.
This is a peaceful community, almost sacred to many. All bearing a heart (hale or ailing) are welcome to spill their ink... Regardless of writing experience or poetic prowess.

Bear in mind that people write for various reasons. Some are really good at it, some are just barely starting. Some ask for feedback, some just want an outlet.

So... Be nice. Use the private messaging feature if you really need to offload your thoughts on another's text offering.

Respect and be respected.
P-Postponing all those things until another time
R-Rostering them for attention down the track
O-Offering all sorts of excuses stalls one's climb
C-Constantly one defers the mounting job stack
R-Repeatedly ignoring their pealing bell chimes
A-Acting upon them requires an assertive knack
S-Still one avers in responding to their rhymes
T-Taking not a step forward nor any back
I-Initiative and get in and do it isn't one's paradigm
N-Never does one heed their ever tolling clacks
A-Always sitting in an idle non moving show time
T-The day shall arrive with a great waking whack
I-Into motion one shall soon be called to climb
O-On one's toes the chores are waiting in the rack
N-No more disregarding the many sounding chimes
Angel, protect me my friend
Now with thy open wings you tend
Giving the grace of purity of heart
Ever there with truth never far apart
Let me thank thee, for all that you do
Angel that lights up this world, so true
copyright Chris smith 2010
Pagan Paul Dec 2018
S – Sit down with me
N – Nibble my neck
U – Undo my top button
G – Gently massage my chest
G – Glance at me longingly
L – Let your inhibitions go
E – Enjoy the moment.

© Pagan Paul (04/12/18)
Mitch Nihilist Jan 2017
you wrote acrostic
poems in grade school
and thought it was pointless,
finding more than
one meaning in a
seamless word
whispers to you
and tells you that
it's not your fault
you were cheated on,
or why your
parents divorced,
sometimes instead
of 20/20,
a kaleidoscope
is the best way to
view yesterday's
Chris Chronister Oct 2013
Illustrative disregard is creating

Nervousness which controls my limbs

Fragmentary is the heart

Infected by a broken promise

Disrespect stings me

Elevating my pain

Loyalty has been compromised

Intrusion has enraged me

Trust slips into abandonment

Yielding to uncertainty

© Christopher Chronister. All rights reserved
LD Goodwin Apr 2013
Prose            in a mirror,         words     in a trap.
Reflecting,      and refracting            as in a war.
Oh                                                          ­          no!
Stanzas                appear                  backwards,
Eve­n though     their meanings are     the same.

I gaze                  upon                        my graffiti
Not aware                of the irony               within.

All at once,           as if        I had            dyslexia,

My mind                  began                       to hum.
In the mirror,           my poem                    and I
Right was left                    and left was the other.
Reading aloud was difficult, yet made me hear,
Of the meaning                           in my scenario.
Reflecting,                    one can see in the mirror.

*Double Acrostic: Starting and ending each line with the letters that spell the title of the poem.
Harrogate, TN  April 2013
TheExpat Jun 2014
No room remains stilled
If with your presence filled.
Captivating smile
Open with no guile.
Living life of play
Each and every day.
To love without cease
A nephew a niece.

Snow and sun enjoy
Unparted from Lord.
This your golden boy
Enjoy your reward,
Unbreakable chord
For a friend (her dog's name is Lord)
Mimi Lynn Kelly Sep 2015


I live for today.

Villages, towns, cities, countries, continents, regions,

Every place you go, someone lives for today.



On Christmas, on your birthday, with your family, there should be love.

Very good.

Everybody should feel love.



Anybody can do it!

Us even.

Good laughs and evil laughs.

Hiding your laugh is hiding yourself in a way.
This is a school assignment from 7th grade. It was written on October 10, 2012.
Butch Decatoria Jul 2018
Diminutive minutes fly by and imbue.

Ennobled, hungers the second hand.

Verbose and loud, its villainous ticking;

Oxen heavy, that kneading sound,

Under skull and depth of dreams.

Rescind the mad lives we vitiate;

Enchanted by hollow, fear of ghosts,

Dancing in a pitch waiting room.

Happenstance for insomniacs,

Ogres and dark shadows howling

Unapologetic at the light and moon.

Riot of the quiet, against daylight

Star: quarry in the void of night / time / dark.
Botan Jun 2013
L-ong or short life is worth living
I-nteresting or boring life is an option
F-ailure or success a life decision
E-nd weakness to begin with strength.
Sally A Bayan Sep 2015
r e m e m b e r i n g
c o n c e n t r a t i n g
trying  to  p i c t u r e :
~~ A ~~

P--lethora of trees, flowering plants...across and beyond...surround the

L--ustrous surface of the rushing blue green water...spraying...  
A--maranths and azaleas, with its windblown mists...refreshing.....see,

C--reeping creatures underwater could not ruin the quietude it emits

I--nimitable is its Serenity...nothing else is at par.............its

D--impled surface, tiny ripples running, creating streams of dreams...

W--ords...a gentle massage, washing away rage, precious

A--methyst, jade, citrine and crystals...shimmering down under,  
      rebuilding, helping
T--urquoise, gently touch with its sea blues...above, under...wherever

E--merald waters, against red carnelian

R--escue someone reeling...patiently...with words mollifying...and  
     sprays of
S--alty mists..soothing pensive eyes, mind, soul...cleansing...healing  

b e h i n d~~me
b e f o r e~~me
~~ m e ~~


Copyright September 3, 2015
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
Forgotten One Mar 2014
Levi Andrew May 2014
Hate for myself.
And I can't blame anyone else.
The time tells me that I'm alone.
E**xactly what did you expect?
Take my hand and come with me
Racing hearts and butterflies
Underneath a willow tree
Embracing love with starry eyes

Losing ourselves to the night
Overcome by passion's flow
Visions of love in moonlight
Enamored under tender glow
Isabelle Nov 2016
In Hebrew, her name means devoted to God
She was consecrated,
An oath to God
But she never fulfilled her purpose, for she went astray
Endless and countless sins, undeniably a sinner
Living not according to the Almighty's will, but
Living according to her choice, so
Expect her to be, both good and bad

Imperfect she is, but it is what makes her human
Special, she may not be, but still out of the ordinary

Many times she was lost
Yet, still managed to be found

Not wanting to be astray, again she trusted the invisible hand
Afraid of what might she become, again she started to pray
Miserably she asked for His guidance,
E*nlightened, her faith restored, and now trying to serve her purpose
This is an old piece of mine. And yes Isabelle is my name. To all my friends here, I am officially dropping my pen name - Fallen One. Fallen One is very important and meaningful to me, and I will always be the "fallen one". But then, it will be freeing to let go of something that was holding you back for a long time.
D-Directing is what this guy is exceptional at
E-Ever the master poet of the acrostic format
N-Not many can do it like this super cool cat
I-Inspiring others is what he's so very good at
S-Sighting his terrific work flips one's top hat

B-Brightly his star shines in the vast night sky
A-Always making this day dreamer want to try  
R-Really got to work hard at his precise format
T-Time must be spent to be like a super cool cat
E-Elated one shall feel if this poem is of appeal
R-Reckon it may get the master's approval seal
Oliver Philip Jan 2019
A series of  Acrostic poems noting the healing properties of the crystals to the Zodiacal signs. .
Capricorn  ♑️  December 23-January 20.
Capricornian don’t mind me. I can’t live as you.
As you have the highest of standards always.
Peridot,Garnets, Agate or Turquoise to wear
Ruby’s grace a  beautiful young maidens hair.
I see the jewels in your eyes when you smile
Carnelian stones or Malachite for soul healing
Or Jet ,Smokey Quartz or shiny Black Onyx.
Red Garnets,Blue Aragonite,Green Tourmaline
Nonsuch is the birth symbol ,graceful as thee
Aquarius ♒️  January 21 -February 19
Aquarius the symbolism for the water carrier.
Quite an important member of our community
Under spells by an association of the heart
Aquarian crystals are Garnets and Amethyst
Rainbow moonstone, Labradorite, Magnetite
I would buy thee Lithium Quartz ,Moss agate.
Under your care placing Crysoprase n Cryolite
Some Rainforest Jasper for love of this lady.
Pisces ♓️  February 20 - March 20
Pisces are healed by birthstones of Amethyst
In tune also with Turquoise,Aquamarine,Amber
Sapphires,Sunstones,Smithsonite, Labradorite
Chrysoprase of green, Ocean Jasper, Flurite
Especially Bluelace Agate,Rainbow Moonstone
Stones Charolite, Calcite,Ametrine,Bloodstone.
Aries ♈️  March 21 -April 20
Aries children tackle life head on.
Ruby,Diamond,Amethyst and bloodstone
I know she’s into Aquamarine and Tourmaline
Especially pink, Dravite aka Tourmaline brown
Stellerite, Sardonyx , Citrine, Kunzite n Axinite

Taurus ♉️  April 21 -May 21
Tourean girls have an inbuilt stubbornness
And are partial to the birthstone Sapphire
Understanding An Emerald and Aquamarine
Rhodonite, Amber,Lapis Lazuli and Tiger’s Eye
Universal faith in crystal’s Kayanite n Kunzite
Spiritually in tune with Carnelian

Gemini ♊️ May 22 -June 21.
Gemini never grow up.They are so  flirtatious
Ever wooing and seducing their audiences
Moonstone,Agate,Aquamarine,Tigers Eye
Into the healing powers of Chrystoprase stone
Naturally Green Tourmaline and Serpentine
I also see Anyolite, Citrine,Thulite and Variscite
Cancer  ♋️  June 22 - July 23
Cancerarians are high on the emotional scale.
And they benefit from Emeralds and Rubies
Natural Amber,Rhodonite ,Rainbow Moonstone
Chrysoprase,Carnelian, Citrine, Moss Agate.
Even with the beautiful crystal Fire Agate
Ruby stone and Pink Tourmaline healing.
Leo ♌️  July 24- August 23
Leo has birthstones of Onyx, Peridot,Ruby,
Even Turquoise,Amber,Citrine,Larimar,Petalite
Or Fire Agate,Red Garnet,Sunstones,Sardonyx
Virgo ♍️  August 24-September 23
Virgo needs be a person advocating virginity
I know because I have fusion and experience.
Realistically fusing together two personalities
God knows n loves my approach and approves
Of Peridot,Carnelian, Blue Sapphire,Tourmaline
      Of Green ........
Libra ♎️  September 24-October 23
Libra uses healing properties of Lapis Lazuli
In Peridot,& Sapphires, Aquamarine stones
Bloodstones,Emerald stones, Sunstones,
Rainbow Moonstones, Morganite, Lepidolite
Scorpio ♏️  October 24- November 22.
Scorpio needs the healing of Aquamarine
Charolite, Turquoise, Malachite or Emerald
Obsidian Black , Golden Topaz and Boji Stone
Ruby, Lapis Lazuli,Green Tourmaline,Kunzite
Peridot , Rainbow Moonstone, Rhodochrosite.
I know of Variscite Hiddenite n Apache tears.
Or Herkimer Diamond ,Hiddenite , or Variscite
Sagittarius ♐️  November 23- December 22
Sagittarius is so joyous and very fun loving
Amethyst,Turquoise,Lapis Lazuli n Blue Topaz
Grace her body with healing properties now.
I recommend Azurite stone, Blue lace Agate
Tourmaline pink, Malachite, n Yellow Sapphire
Topaz of white and beautiful Ruby Stones
A Zircon Crystal and Snowflake Obsidian
Rich Merlinite, Labralite ,Dioptase n Charolite
In these healing crystals wear them with faith
Understanding the powers the Universe grants
Sacred is the space that you take upon Earth.
Written and inspired by Sacred Space.
Shop 10 /74-78 The Corso , Manly , 2095 NSW . Australia. Louise Winchester.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Written by Philip.
December 2018.
A series of 12 Acrostic poems linking crystals to the Zodiacal signs.
Delores Wiltse Feb 2011
G ~ Grandchildren bring us so much joy,
R ~ raising our spirits
A ~ and
N ~ nurturing our souls.
D ~ Delightfully embracing life.
C ~ Choosing to laugh rather than fret.
H ~ Healing our hearts with their
I ~ innocence of the divine kind.
L ~ Looking at the world with fresh eyes and
D ~ dreaming dreams of hope.
R ~ Reassuring us of all God's blessings,
E ~ everywhere in the small things and
N ~ nourishing us with their unconditional love.
© Delores Wiltse Feb 2011
Living in the summer sun
Emitting our life's breath
Autumn comes and you are gone
Falling to your death
Pugnacious pundits having parties,
on the left and on the right.
Lowering sanity and lifting madness.
I hear countless words that all seem trite.
Too many fall into their trap.
In happy splendid ignorance,
Clowns perform, and we're all prat.
Such perfectly played incompetence.
F-Fraternizing with people on the internet
A-Affable communication had by this set
C-Chatting happily as would a bird's duet
E-Establishing terrific friendships you bet
B-Bringing folks together in a sociable way
O-On the world wide web is where we play
O-Oodles of great mates go online every day
K-Keenly we are  involved in a cordiality ray
Tiffany Marie Apr 2015
All about who I am

Open book

I am tiffany gold and im proud of who i am and can be
T.G. acrostic poem
Lin Cava Oct 2010
Before they fought, they had simple lives.
Remember them, their loves and their wives.
Others they served and many came home.
They parted from service but went on alone.
Heroes; the wounded, the brave or the scared
Each one fighting hard, standing tough, as he dared.
Returned to their homes, they remember alarms;
Soldiers they served with, their Brothers In Arms.

Into their minds, memories battle their war.
Now home in safety, miss them once more.

All go into battle, braced for the fight
Remember their Brothers In Arms in the night.
Memorial Day calls them, witness to bear -
Such Brothers In Arms, they will always be there.

Lin Cava©
Creative Commons
Rashmitha Rao Mar 2014
For your convenience
and mine, I am
kind and sensitive at times, just
enough to make you believe that

friends like me are
rare. That's why you can't make out when
I** begin to
exploit you and it is when you begin to
notice, that I defend myself, say you exploited me,
dump you like I planned and
soon become a fake friend of someone
hapless and rare like you were, while
in the meantime you become like me;
perhaps that's why fake friends are not uncommon.
Jan 31, 2011
Death opens
Eternity enters
Angels watch
Time ceases
Home welcomes
Every thing i say
Comes right back to my ear
Hearing my words bouncing off
Of an empty atmosphere

Enigmas in the wind
Can't anybody hear?
Hello, is anyone there?
Or are my words just unclear?

Each sound returning
Continuing the fear
Hollow sounds fading out
Only to disappear

— The End —