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TheExpat Jun 2018
Some say that pure luck can explain
Every success or accident.
Random kinks in the road remain
Each obstacle masks its intent.
Narrow pathway to preordain
Deity’s jest to represent.
It just makes no sense to complain
Providence guides life yet unspent.
In small steps across life’s terrain
The way to be truly content
Yield to serendipity’s reign
TheExpat Apr 2018
As by magic she did appear
Laughing freely with voice and eyes
Instantly the puzzle was clear
Neatly the pieces organise,
A perfect picture full of cheer
TheExpat Aug 2017
Come run a while see where her steps will lead
On her journey into the great unknown
Running breathless onward at breakneck speed
Into life's affray no time to postpone
No doubt in her mind, soon she will succeed
Away we go, just grab the telephone
TheExpat Jan 2016
Now that the year has ended
Echoes of highlights replay
With those we have befriended

Yet others we left behind
Each a joy or a sorrow
As memories intertwine
Rejoice and greet the morrow
TheExpat Jul 2014
Gave energy and time
Rose gladly to inspire.
Aiding a brother's climb
Exiting worldly mire.
Music flowed out in rhyme
Entreating to aspire.

Building box, bench or plane
Impressing with his skills.
Riding, paddling, flying
Daily seeks nature's thrills.
TheExpat Jul 2014
A year of wasted hope    
Emotions worn and frayed
Empty promises made
Strung along like a dope
Bewitching glint of eye
You flashed a smile at me
The truth I could not see
Hidden behind your lie.
Hoping your word was true
Ignored the signs I saw
Till at last I withdraw  
This moment overdue

I take my offer back  
Now dowsing passion's flame  
My heart's control reclaim
I've given you the sack.
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