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Delores Wiltse Mar 2011
a fleet of hue ensnares my eyes
majestic colours nobly don
the suede-like feel of butterflies
with thin soft wings akin chiffon

I am this queen of laissez faire
my soul is free to show it's flair
to guide my flight of inner growth
expressing soul's impassioned oath
Delores Wiltse Feb 2011
G ~ Grandchildren bring us so much joy,
R ~ raising our spirits
A ~ and
N ~ nurturing our souls.
D ~ Delightfully embracing life.
C ~ Choosing to laugh rather than fret.
H ~ Healing our hearts with their
I ~ innocence of the divine kind.
L ~ Looking at the world with fresh eyes and
D ~ dreaming dreams of hope.
R ~ Reassuring us of all God's blessings,
E ~ everywhere in the small things and
N ~ nourishing us with their unconditional love.
© Delores Wiltse Feb 2011
Delores Wiltse Feb 2011
our consciousness is awakening
a door is opening within
so let this wondrous journey
lead us to our soul self
ready to express
its unique gift
filled with light
joy and
©: Delores Wiltse Feb 2011
Nonet:  9 lines ~ starting with 9 syllables, then 8, then 7 etc down to 1.
Delores Wiltse Jan 2011
faith comes from a deep source
arising from our inner resource
seeing through spiritual eyes
seeing through the ego with no disguise

faith is seeing our brothers as one
beyond the web of guilt and deception
seeing through to the heart and soul
is really the only worthy goal

faith is uniting
not dividing
faith is divinity within everyone
the wholeness, the joy and the inner freedom
© Delores Wiltse Jan 2011
Delores Wiltse Jan 2011
I am full of light
even before the sun and the moon arise

I am full of joy
even before the birds share their songs

I am full of love
even before others tell me so

I am full of heart songs
even before the  music begins

I am full of peace
even before the last man puts down his armor

I am full of wisdom
deeper than the intellectual kind

I am within every soul
inhabiting each and every person

I am your god within connection
waiting for your participation
© Delores Wiltse November 2010
Delores Wiltse Jan 2011
true knowledge
comes not from thinking
but with a quiet mind
into an abyss you will be sinking
where stillness resides
and all things are born
this is where the true knowledge
is for us to learn
© Delores Wiltse Aug 2010
Delores Wiltse Nov 2010
the angels blowing kisses from above
sharing their widsom and infinite love

what a blessing it is having them around
guiding us with their harmonious sound

their resonance is like a tuning fork
lifting our spirits to a higher mark

embrace their love, opening our heart
feeling an inner shift begin to start

our journey is full of guidance everywhere
with a quiet mind, listen if you dare

the secrets of the universe will be shown
in a heavenly place of our internal ground
© Delores Wiltse November 2010
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