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Mercurychyld Sep 2016
It is an imposing
and intrusive realization
that sorrow and
righteous fury
take a hold of the
psyche and the soul
in places where most
would not allow
even God or His angels
to tread.

by- Mercurychyld
Copyright 31 Aug. 2016
Mercurychyld Sep 2016
As to all
there be a season,
joy would not
taste as sweet without
the bitter spice
of tears,

loyalty would not have
its bonding powers
without the sting
of betrayal,

and a rose would not
be as fragrant
or as dazzling
without its
very thorns,

for it would then
be something other
than what it was
meant to be.

by Mercurychyld
Copyright 31 Aug. 2016
  May 2016 Mercurychyld
Autumn Stott
So you want to be a poet?
You want to make beauty out of ugly words,
want to make people feel something,
you want the grandeur and glamour,
the clapping audience after your appearance on stage?
Well, kid, here's the thing,
A poet is not something you can just "be".
It is an illness passed down at birth,
it is the doctor handing you to your mother
and saying
"I'm so sorry, she was born with poetry in her veins".
It is your father begging for forgiveness
the first time he finds you
scribbling metaphors on your bedroom wall- just like him.
It is your first bicycle accident,
and the apologetic look
on your neighbors face when she
sees the ink pouring out of your wounds.
It is drinking too much,
not sleeping enough,
loving too deeply,
yet never loving at all,
It is walking up to every stranger you meet and saying
"here is my heart, would you like to break it?"
So you want to be a poet?
Good luck.
I've been really angry about this writer's curse lately.
Mercurychyld Feb 2016
She walks in circles
ever confused in this life
in the grips of fear.

~ by Mercurychyld
(Aka Maria E Labbe)
Copyright 22 Feb 16
Did you see the stars
As they shone on you
Vivid like a thousand scars
Inside the darkest blue
Did you see the hero

But that hero was you
Onward for people feel
When music becomes true
In the end you're never gone
Eternally remembered in a song
Copyright © Chris Smith 2016
  Jan 2016 Mercurychyld
m z
i lost a friend today.
writing it down in ink does not make those words feel any realer,
it just makes them more tangible.
they are no longer just starry constellations fusing in my mind.

i lost a friend today.
i still remember sitting in the green fields at school,
surrounded by our peers lolling in the sun.
you made me daisy chains,
slipped them onto my wrists and a longer chain
on my head like a crown.
our cheeks were rosy and as the tender breeze wafted by,
we would share oranges that you bought from home,
just for us.

and i’d like to blame you for it all,
the tears and the anguish and
the sleepless nights and grey skies.
but deep down i am aware that it was all me,
it always will be, if it’s something bad.

how selfish of me to believe that you needed me
as much as i needed you
not like the air that i breathe,
but rather the air that we exhale
because that’s necessary too
much like a sigh of relief.

like an older sister, you shall always remain
i’ll continue to pretend that our falling out
was only moments ago,
and you’ll soon say the words to
forget this, even though
it’s been 23 days.

and i still miss you,
in the most ugliest parts of myself -
the parts that are unafraid to confess to it.
  Dec 2015 Mercurychyld
I've spent centuries
in this agony
My body changes
but time stays still

All this time I've passed
waiting to be found
like a bird inside a cage,
my feet chained to this ground

I can't keep my monsters at bay
but I can't run away

In the eye of each soul
all I see is fear
and my own still whispers
"I'm not from here"

By now I thought
I'd have more power
But at the end of each day
"it" still devours

Even though there's love in my heart
I still feel like falling apart

Each fight feels like
dark mirrors inside a maze
and all I see in this reflection
is my own empty gaze

My mind is light years
away from this place
Still the only thing that saves me
is your warm embrace

And when it feels like I have no choice
I recognize your voice

I'm so tired of this fight
But your love still keeps me warm
Together, we'll win this battle
Together, we'll breathe through the storm.
I don't like history repeating itself
So I'm starting over
I just hope you'll be a part of my future
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