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Nov 5 · 25
Broken Boys
TS Lefort Nov 5
Upon the shore of washed up men
Those floundering breaths draw deep,
Such guttural sobs of broken boys
Spill loves now but a weep.

Within the shallows man's tide casts
Fabled depths their lovers seek,
Those tragic cries of hopeless girls
The one thing that runs deep.

TS Lefort 2021
Men man boys girls relationship hope hopes lost
Sep 12 · 39
TS Lefort Sep 12
You can dredge your mire of memories,
Try and touch those years by way of empties;
Pretend to yourself again and again
That it was really truly better then.
But the dawning light of sobriety
Will run dry those lies we tell ourselves,
Dim the light of yesteryear;
Cast cold the shadow of our today
Upon the hangover our past still plays.

TS Lefort 2021
Sep 3 · 265
Lost and Found
TS Lefort Sep 3
Struggle for time, fighting for breath,
Fading from sight, forgotten by all;
My life I leave for you in words.

Cradling hopes, fumbling vows,
Falling from grace, forsaken by all;
The shadow I cast is left for you.

Running from truth, hiding the pain,
Escaping the now, embracing the end;
My secret I spill upon this page.

Forgiving lies, regretting loves,
Pursuing the past, rejected by time;
Such beautiful days are lost and found.

Aug 21 · 33
Curtain Call
TS Lefort Aug 21
This old fool stumbles on toward
A final, futile curtain call.
The lights are out, the audience gone;
Takes his bow in silence.

This old fool recounts the words
He never cared to learn.
All played out, the script so wrong;
His show goes on and on.

TS Lefort 2020
Aug 21 · 15
Hold On
TS Lefort Aug 21
Hold those moments dear
Never let them go,
In the darkest of times
They will light your way.
Hold close those memories deep
Never let them drift,
Upon the sea of uncertainty
They will guide you home.
Hold near the song of yesteryear
Let that siren sing,
She beckons you toward the rock
Your life is anchored from.

T S Lefort 2021
Jul 30 · 23
A Certain Darkness
TS Lefort Jul 30
A certain darkness smothers me
There is no way out.
A certain horror waits for me
The hope I go without.

An endless torture pays for me
No one hears me shout.
An endless fear plays out in me
The light in me gone out.

Jul 17 · 149
Carry Me Home
TS Lefort Jul 17
Twist and turn the lid you keep on everything,
Release the madness sobriety holds within;
Pour out the darkness, drink it up.
Carry me home on the rapids and rivers of gin.

TS Lefort 2021
Jul 16 · 250
TS Lefort Jul 16
Run your fingers along the lines of time
Scored across my skin, the marks of sin.
The aftermath of everything.

TS Lefort 2021
TS Lefort Jul 10
That passion burned through skin and bone,
A fire we both still kindle;
Consuming us, dividing us, defining us,
A love no man should shoulder.

Our bond we tore and cruelly cast asunder,
Decades deep we know it smoulders;
Choking us, blinding us, ruining us,
A loss no hope to hold on for.

TS Lefort 1987
Jun 6 · 329
Long Play
TS Lefort Jun 6
Vinyl, old, crackle and turn,
Intimate moments scored into grooves;
Atmosphere burns,
A revolving truth.

Needle, record, goosebump skin,
Long played moments again and again;
Our favourite track
An unrepented sin.

TS Lefort 2021
Jun 6 · 260
Sometimes Sorry
TS Lefort Jun 6
I broke every promise in the book,
Turned out the everlasting light;
Exchanged my smiles with bitter tongue,
I really ****** it up.

I stole every hope you placed in me,
Burnt out the fire of love;
Replaced our dreams with sleepless nights,
I truly ****** you up.

I drank away apologies to swallow my regrets,
Poured out the spirits of my shame,
Repaid your trust with shallow lies,
I know I ****** this up.
Jun 6 · 332
Bleed Out
TS Lefort Jun 6
The failure in us both runs free;
Bleeding out from wounds of love,
Snagged on broken bones of trust.
The futile attempts in all of us.
Jun 6 · 207
TS Lefort Jun 6
Fallen people are the common ground,
Relentless pursuits of no avail,
Desperate illusions of a promised land,
Flaying limbs no hands that join,
No hope no help no heaven;
Falling people screaming without a sound.
Jan 22 · 305
The girl who danced
TS Lefort Jan 22
We kissed, I loved, you betrayed
My youth, a trust, perfect days.
You went, I mourned, nothing left,
I was, you were, my hope bereft.

Jan 9 · 219
TS Lefort Jan 9
I chose to take a painful path,
Where my bloodied footprints
Trailed upon life's broken glass,
Bleeding out across the shards
Of shattered hopes, discarded hearts.

In loves gutter I found my truth,
Face down in that waste of you
Which bittered every taste of youth,
Spat out your words so dearly held
And choked that hope on cruel untruths.

TS Lefort 2021
Jan 2 · 43
TS Lefort Jan 2
fake #me #desperatewannabe,
Instagram selfie Facebook lies,
Snapchat fraud did you see
#truth #nothing #sadnessinmyeyes?

TS Lefort January 2021
Nov 2020 · 234
TS Lefort Nov 2020
Your unsure gestures sought out our bond
In whiskey glasses and cheap cigars,
With no more in common than our blood
That spilt upon lost chances and unspent years.

In that awkward silence we found our home
Those words unsaid were a common tongue,
And now I long to hear such nothings again,
As It was there you were my father and I your son.

TS Lefort November 2020
Nov 2020 · 193
Let go
TS Lefort Nov 2020
What's done is done,
What's said is said,
So cast those regrets upon the dead.

When gone is gone,
When past is past,
Let go the ruins that still hold fast.

Where all was all,
Where then was then,
Drink up those dreams of troubled men.
Nov 2020 · 204
TS Lefort Nov 2020
I am losing my grip, final touch of fingertips,
One last gasp, a grasp of hands
That spilt those years like grains of sand.

I am fading too fast, withers now a reckless past,
In desperate cries, my crimes of old
That beat within the heart that stole my soul.

TS Lefort, November 2020
Oct 2020 · 122
TS Lefort Oct 2020
You rose upon our wings of youth
And shone as if a morning star,
You dared to tred those ****** paths,
A guiding light to darker times.

You fell through fingers long untwined,
Sank beneath those waves of pain;
Yet always, still that man we loved,
Beheld, upheld upon this evening star.

TS Lefort 2020
Aug 2020 · 54
TS Lefort Aug 2020
Nostalgia, what a beautiful *****,
That unquenchable thirst and unstoppable itch;
The tap on the shoulder from the people you miss,
That kick in the ***** from the girls that you kissed,
Whose names you forgot through years on the ****.
Oh Nostalgia, such a beautiful, *******;
The sum of my memories that make life so rich.  

TS Lefort. 2019
Aug 2020 · 109
All of you.
TS Lefort Aug 2020
Here upon my throne of idiocy
I command a thousand memories.
Where each proclaim their majesty
Through mysteries woven into time.
And here I robe myself in that splendour,
Of the love and pain they muster;
Self inflicted wounds, too deep and dear
For time and tears to heal,
So, there to worship at the feet
Of this man whose future they will plunder.

'All of you.' August 2020.
Jul 2020 · 152
We all go.
TS Lefort Jul 2020
We all go,
We all turn and leave this mortal coil,
Our beauty woven into memories,
The ugliness of age will call.

We all fall,
We all fade and wither like a flower,
Our years crumbling one by one,
The finality of it all.

We all forget,
We let go of those we said we loved,
Our betrayel proven in our lies,
The futility of this wretched squall.

TS Lefort 2020
Jul 2020 · 69
TS Lefort Jul 2020
Within life's maelstrom I am lost;
And there I hide, just because
I can, I should, I always would
Be that man who never could.

TS Lefort 2020
Jul 2020 · 158
Letters from the past.
TS Lefort Jul 2020
Love still etched upon the page
Fading yes but still this rage
Where hearts that pounded, best as one
Will forever live, are never done.
I run my fingers across those words
Recorded there a love unheard
But bound in time, two lives as one
Now torn and stained, our hopes undone.
Jun 2020 · 153
Run Empty
TS Lefort Jun 2020
When the glass runs empty,
When the bottle falls
And drops of life all are that's left,
The emptiness I consume
Betrays the man we best forget.

When all that pours is nothingness,
When the end is all that calls
And drinks the days I now forget,
The darkness I will choose
Hides this man and his regrets.

TS Lefort 2020
Jun 2020 · 308
Comes To Call
TS Lefort Jun 2020
When disappointment comes to call
I will be there, laid bare, find me there;
Open wounded and standing small,
Arms outstretched like a fool.
When just my fears are standing tall
I will be there, I would dare, leave me there,
To prove my worth was nothing much,
A slight of touch, fingers slipping,
Dreams were nothing, all I held
Were little more than grains of pain.
I will be there, still, always, just the same.

TS Lefort
Jun 2020 · 97
TS Lefort Jun 2020
I struggle, bloodied pride, hands still tied
To truths that seem to fail and fade.
Forsaken, mistaken, faith awry,
In my race toward no finish line.

I let you down, troubled life, feet still bound
To paths that twist and slip away.
Broken, unspoken, falling down,
My struggle, punctured hope, stolen crown.

TS Lefort June 2020
Jun 2020 · 98
The Things I have Seen
TS Lefort Jun 2020
I opened my eyes and let the darkness in,
Every shard of evil cut me deep
Stole my hope, stole my sleep,
I opened my eyes and lost my light,
I lost my fight, I lost my life,
I close my eyes but you are already in.

TS Lefort 2017-2020
Jun 2020 · 38
TS Lefort Jun 2020
I tread those memories still,
Those well worn footprints never fail
To lead me, deceive me, free me
From these journies I can never end.

Walk, don't stop, homes long gone,
Torn from years once set in stone
That bind me, blind me, hide from me
A place to ever call my own.

I dread these memories still.
Yet return to tread their streets of gold
That take me, make me, forsake in me
The peace I seek to call me home.

TS Lefort
May 2020 · 52
TS Lefort May 2020
I was born of troubled love,
Those who searched but never found,
My first steps were upon their broken ground.

There upon that sinking sand
I sank my feet and ran aground,
And to their score of lies my hands are bound.

I am he who pays their price,
A child who bore that wage of shame,
This man so lost within the shadow of that pain.

TS Lefort
May 2020 · 213
TS Lefort May 2020
Deeper than these scars within,
Cuts the fear of failing you;
Runs wider than the seas combined,
Tides of time are crashing down,
I cannot stop this drowning man;
Gasps of truth still hurting you,
Sinking now in waves of shame,
I can never find my breath again.

TS Lefort
May 2020 · 135
TS Lefort May 2020
Like fireflies we burned so bright,
Hope eternal, life inferno
Through the darkness of the blackest night;
We blazed our trails yet now must go
To that place in which we rest our wings,
Humbled, quietly troubled
In reverence to the King of Kings.

So fierce the flame of ageing man,
Regrets eternal, death too certain
Burns up those dreams and best-laid plans;
Leaves just the ash of our untruths,
Fading, sadly aching
For that firefly light burnt out for you.

TS Lefort
May 2020 · 114
TS Lefort May 2020
Breathlessly broken, yes we are,
Nothing more, nothing less;
Held together by cheap regrets,
And the stains of beer and cigarettes.
Shamelessly spoken, yes it's true,
The passing of life, nothing left;
Soaked to the skin in compromise,
Burnt from within by our troubling lies.

TS Lefort. May 2020
May 2020 · 89
TS Lefort May 2020
Those still left, bereft, bereft,
Nothing left, nothing left
But empty places, fading faces;
No one here, just this fear
Of forgetting all we said
Within those hallowed years,
That now speak just in whispers
As they are quietly left for dead.

TS Lefort 2020
Mar 2020 · 155
Unbroken Bond
TS Lefort Mar 2020
We were that few,
The troubled troupe of broken homes,
Raging youth and misspent hope;
We were those few,
Majestic, awful, lovers too.

And still with you,
The restless bond grows deeper still,
In scars that burn for those now gone;
We are the few,
Our lives, as one, always true.

Feb 2020 · 108
What Will Become.
TS Lefort Feb 2020
What will become.
When the flames of all we were
Dwindle, dim and all but fail,
What will be done with those prevailing, precious days;
Our loves, our lives, our yesterdays?
And when the smoke is all that's left
Of passions burnt and loves' bereft,
What will we see, what shall we be?
But fading, aching, longings for that former majesty.
Lost, bereaved, broken of all our dreams;
When the embers of all we are
Blow cold the truth of these, our desperate sentimental, autumn hours.

TS Lefort. February 2020
Dec 2019 · 72
35 years past
TS Lefort Dec 2019
An age ago, the summer of our youth;
That Eden where those sun kissed memories burnt their legacies deep into our wounds.
Oh those days, the fire within our souls,
A rage of youth that lovers yearn thereafter;
A squall of passion, a fire unquenched,
Those days of days, that time of our lives
Which still ember glow and light our now,
Where we will forever see and grieve
With gladdened hearts and grateful minds.
Jun 2019 · 210
TS Lefort Jun 2019
Consumes me, controls me with a Poisoned passion that cracks my face
Against the past;
The horrors of my idiocy, the idiocy of
My horrors,
Falling and failing, falling further still
From my fainthearted present toward
Those broken, bitter,
Love soaked memories.

Takes me, betrays me, awakens me
From my calm to reap my soul
For lovers still held fast;
In that pain of passions fire,
The scars of youth;
Beautiful but fading, fading faster still
To a shadow of a hope once held fast
In my reckless,
Broken, love provoked yesterday.
May 2019 · 103
Slight of smile
TS Lefort May 2019
I never said goodbye,
In that slight of smile,
Or wink of an eye,
Those unanswered letters,
Your deepening sigh;
In my heartbeats skipped,
Our questions why;
No, I never ever gave to you
My last goodbye.

TS Lefort 2018
May 2019 · 238
TS Lefort May 2019
Mourned are the times we so loved but lost,
Wasted are the words we spoke in years forgot;
Regrets now all that bind as one our fractured hearts,
Broken be our lives yet still entwined by lovers knots.

TS Lefort 2017
May 2019 · 235
TS Lefort May 2019
Moment - Secret - Mine - Drink,
Stirs - Stokes - Secrets - Awoke;
Burn - Gone - Memories - Choke,
Light the fire of long lost love
And blow away the smoke.

TS Lefort 2018
May 2019 · 371
Tennent's Super
TS Lefort May 2019
Lights above the summer fair reflect on tins of Super
And there within a sublime madness, I find my lifelong stupor.
Drunk, cry, drink, sky, on our backs in laughter;
But this disparate, foolish love of mine is nothing you are after.
Bass, hearts, twilight, beat; that soundtrack cuts me still,
Above the fair, out of our minds, upon that wind of ill.

                                                                                     TS Lefort 1987
May 2019 · 234
Slip Away
TS Lefort May 2019
From these shores, we quietly slip away,
Across a wake of raging memories;
Through the storms we were, such crashing waves,
Upon that rock of friendship, this tide of time betrays.

TS Lefort 2019

— The End —