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Tom Waiting Jul 25
the bookies of High Street North will give you odds,
1000 to 1, our paths will never cross, a simple notion,
we’ll never meet, it’s a sucker’s bet they’re happy to take,
despite, shhhhh, not that hard, truth be told, airplane,
Terminal5,  Heathrow Express, Paddington Bear Station

and yet, there are oceans to fly over, viruses in
every nook and cranny, and the biggest risk, those
what ifs...and the worries viral multiply as imagining
grows more spectacular than wild flowers on the
heath, bogs conjuring up Holmesian fluorescent hounds

she’ll know for whom this poem tolls, but
will never understand that my envision of her world,
through her eyes, unfamiliar words mellifluous,
for me, they, a nectar, the special Ritz teatime,
but don’t be mistaking me for an Anglophile

no, this Yank plainly loves her garden of nature,
and her own nature, beloved as well, floral blooming,
how it grasps his heart with her two hand’s nouns,
seizing and ceasing its beating, nicks it, his rhythm for
poetic composition, so little more to add, other than
writing this made both a young boy glad, an old man sad...


someday she’ll crook her finger, like the crook
of her hair, and this Tom, will no longer be waiting
Dayda Jun 27

That's what you made me feel

Never would I have ever imagined, I will feel this with you.
Brawlstarsmann May 2019
There once was a bear called Marmalade.
She was a Peruvian brown bear.
She was abandoned in peru.
She was found in the only patch of desert in Peru.
She was rescued by 2 bears that found her.
In the only tornado to strike Peru in a century, her aunt perished saving her home.
In the aftermath of it, her uncle retired to the TrumpyMcTrumpface home for retired bears.
Marmalade's aunt told her to go to a place called London.
Her aunt's friend had an adopted bear there as well. They were good friends
When she got to london she went to the address that her aunt had told her.
When she went there, a weird human knocked on the door.
She called for someone called paddington.
Paddington was a bear.
When Marmalade told her story to Paddington, she was warmly welcomed into her home.
Her and Paddington fell in love and had lots of little baby cubs and lived happily ever after.

— The End —