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han 6d
the sky is clear— i go on about my day
as i pass the crystal roads
i saw a feline; astray
i go up to the cat and ask them
“is there anything worth it, my friend?”
hoping for a response, but to no avail
i leave the feline alone and go on about my day
the moon has risen— i prepare to sleep
suddenly i remember the cat on the street
i walk outside and see fireflies
i hear them echo through my ear
looking for the cat, i cannot see but hear
“meow” it calls me, as i walk towards the direction
only could i have noticed i was lost in the dark alley
but the cat i finally found, he was black and round
and then it tells me “there is always something
worth it, even when it’s blurry”
i just wanted to post this :]]
han Nov 24
everyday i wake up
i choose you
above anything else,
and any other things
there is you
who comforts
who loves
and who cares
there is you that i choose
and i will always choose
i hope you have someone that you choose everyday :]
han Nov 20
in the struck of 12 midnight, everything becomes much more beautiful.
the howls and buzz, the crickets, the winds.
the fatal silence, the coming of dawn,
and you.
when the moment is here, you just have to treasure it,
keep it in you heart and dont ever forget.
for this time, dawn is as beautiful as you are.
shine bright, love. For you are my orbit,
and my whole universe
and i am your galaxy.
i am your ocean, you are my paradise.
you are my moon, and i am your star.
darling, look above you, the astonishing dawn right before our eyes
let's keep it in our hearts and never forget.
for this moment you are my dawn, and
i am your partner in life
han Nov 19
the very first time i looked up to the sky,
it was dark, and it was scary— still, i tried.
the world was so cruel, and my mind was in chaos
but someone told me, “it’ll be the most brilliant darkness in our eyes”

darkness has never felt this comforting before
so warm, it feels like home. so accepting it feels like a hug.
since then, i never took my eyes off darkness
because i know, it’ll be the most brilliant in our eyes.
someone told me darkness would be the most brilliant in our eyes :]
han Nov 19
I found a friend in you,
You whom I know, but have not seen
You chase the rains away,
Put a smile to my face.

Thank you,
You mean so much to me,
More than you know.
I found a friend in you,
You whom I respect.
When no one else was with me,
You were with me,
Giving me inspiration.
I never walked alone until then.

For being with me
For giving me strength.
For being my friend,
I didn’t feel alone anymore.
You were with me,

For making me smile,
Even on my worst days.
You make me happy,
Give me hope,
And suddenly I don’t feel like I'm alone.
Because you're with me
And I'll be with you
So let's be happy
And thank you.
i hope there is a person who you can think of when you get to read this
han Nov 19
It must be hard. I understand you.
To smile while you're hurting. Just know it's okay.
You can cry when you need to
I will hear you.
It's okay to show people your weak side
It's okay to stay awake sometimes
Just know that I am here for you
Don’t worry, just let it go.

It must be just a passing thunder-storm, it will wear out soon.
Just trust me, everything will be all right.
It must be hard, yes I don’t know you, but I will understand you.
Just cry if you want to, you don’t have to worry
Just trust me
It will be okay.

Just shout to me when you can't take it anymore
I will spare you half the burden you're carrying.
I will be here, to understand you
So don’t worry.

Show me yourself, just cry if you need to
I will hear you.
Show me your weak side, I will understand you.
Not everyone can keep the wall up
If you want to sleep, you can.
Lose yourself in your dreams and wake up with me.

Dry your eyes. The sky is sad.
Your eyes are sad, keep them dry.
Trust me it will pass soon.
I'll be here for you, so don’t worry.
Lean on me, don’t worry.
i dont know how helpful this is, but i try. smile for me, then smile for yourself, okay? :)
han Nov 19
Crystals of flowers sit on the side of the road
I walk past them, how pretty. Shining still, at night.
They glow and gleam and tell me to come for them
I come for you, only you

What an experience was pink, glitters and gold.
All I saw were of me, the past and the present
orbiting the stars, how could I have not known
I dream and look up, see the moon crescent
very random, nothing too great
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