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GQ James Jan 8
You're a lady,
You should be treated as such nothing less,
If you're not cherished, uplifted, respected,
All the things you deserve and more,
You should wait on it,
Don't deal with nothing less,
Queens are valuable,
Your worth is priceless,
Don't let him take you for granted,
If he can't see your worth,
Leave him behind and move forward.
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2020
Are you,
Your own greatest enemy?
Or, is there other?
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Find a way
Note: If we had gone through more chapters on moral science, today this world would have been different.
Mystic Ink Plus May 2019
For once
Inspire me
While crossing my mind

And guess what?
You will
Turn out
To be an unapologetic

Remember that
Genre: Romantic Inspirational
Theme: Nothing beside Vibes
Anushruti Singh Oct 2018
Do you ever feel like a dust
Drifting through wind
Starting spear in others eyes.

Do you ever feel like a paper thin
One may use, another may throw
Thinking about devaluation of your.

Do you ever feel like steeped in misery
trapped in a cagey
But no one wants to hear a thing.

Do you know that there's still a BEGINNING in you
It's not and ending of you
There's still glimmer in you.

You have to ignite the light in you
Let it shine
Let your colors brust.

Come on show them what your worth
You need to slap them with your work
BEGINNING is there in you so let it boom.

You don't have to feel like you mean nothing to this mean world
You are appealing creation of God
You're original,cannot be replaced with others.

After a hurricane, comes a hope
You have to know what your future holds
BEGINNING is your soul to reach your goal.

Seeking for open door but gotta closed
So that in search of open door
leads you to the perfect road.

Like a lightening of clouds, your heart will glow
Wait for that flwaless time
When it's time, you'll know.
BEGINNING is a step to know your world where you exist.
BEGINNING is a way to embellish your world where you live
BEGINNING is a key to resplendent your world where you breathe                
                            -Anushruti Singh

— The End —