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GQ James Sep 2021
I get silent instead of getting loud,
No screams or anger in the space,
You stay out my space,
I stay out of your space,
No invasion of space.

Listen to my words,
Follow the language i speak to you,
My language is deeper than words,
Pay attention to my actions,
Follow my lead.

Stop making up sh*t in your head,
Listening could go a long way,
Don't judge me but get to know me,
You can't know me,
If you're always trying to judge me.
GQ James Sep 2021
Can you trust me?
Can you love me?
Can you submit to me?
Are you in love with me?
What is it about me?
Do you need me or do you want me?

I'm asking you so what are the answers,
We always question ourselves,
But let's questions our partners,
Love is simple and kind,
Not painful and complicated.

Is my love easy or hard?
Does my heart comfort you or hurt you?
Does your heart call for me?
Is your life complete with or without me?
But why?
GQ James Sep 2021
Don't let them step all over you,
Put your foot down and keep it down,
You hold all the cards,
You have more power than you realize,
Take a deep look and you shall see,
Never let anyone treat you unfairly,
You don't need them,
They need you.

You can poke the bear but so many times,
Until they just can't take anymore,
Don't allow to take advantage you,
Stop playing their game,
Play your own game,
Don't follow their rules,
Live by your own rules.

I may not be perfect but I care for you,
They ain't never cared,
They only care about themselves,
Only out for themselves nobody else,
Look around and you'll see what's true,
The truth always reveals itself.

Stand up for yourself not stand still,
It's not okay to be mistreated,
Never let anyone mistreat you,
You deserve better don't accept nun less,
Respect yourself and others will as well.
GQ James Sep 2021
I don't know how I'ma die but I can feel it coming,
They put the gun to my head I'm not running,
I can't lose my life when I feel like it's gone,
Life hasn't been the same for awhile now,
Them rainy days turned into stormy nights.

That storm feels like it's gonna last forever,
I use to think I could make it through anything,
I don't know anymore,
Feel weak and feel like I'm falling apart,
One by one,
Piece by piece,
Mind, body, soul, spirit and heart.

If you see me bleeding don't call 911,
Just let me bleed out,
I already feeling like I've lost myself,
I feel like sleeping walking in my casket,
My life is out my hands,
I've been lost for awhile,
God still working on me,
Trying my best to hold on,
Don't know how much more I can handle.
GQ James Sep 2021
I can't take anyone serious anymore,
My heart is locked away,
I'm the only one with the key to unlock it,
The key will be locked away in a safe place,
Heart on ice,
That's what happens when you suffer so much,
That pain put me in a different ora,
I'm a different person all around,

Once I see the vibe ain't for me I exit silently,
No harsh feelings just ain't for me,
Can't stay in a uncomfortable setting,
At least not anymore,
Because I've been there before,
I'll be go there again,
Learned from my mistakes so won't be going back.

They ask me "why are you single" ,
I tell em "I'm just chilling",
I ain't even looking or studding anybody,
I got trust issues,
I can't trust others or myself to trust anyone else,
There's no space for anyone to get close,
Sorry but I'm not sorry.
GQ James Sep 2021
Im tryna survive in these streets,
It's funny when you look around,
And realize all you got is yourself,
Nobody around to help,
Makes you think about your life,
My life doesn't feel worth living anymore,
It keeps getting worse not better.

I feel like leaving and not returning,
There's nothing anyone can say or do,
I can't deal wit all this,
Too much coming at me at once,
It's not slowing down,
It keeps coming that sh*t speeding up.

Y'all keep trying to have faith,
But how can you have faith at this point?
I have nothing to have faith in,
Can't tell someone something,
If you're not in their shoes,
Everyone's struggle isn't the same,
Y'all don't know what i go through,
Don't even what i suffer with mentally.

My life ain't your life,
Your pain isn't my pain,
What you go through and what i go through,
Ain't the same thing,
Something has to change,
If not i don't know what I'm going to do,
I'm at my breaking point.
GQ James Sep 2021
A man can't help but keep it all together,
You can't see my pain,
Because i don't show it,
That doesn't mean i don't have any pain,
I suffer each and everyday,
But i will always smile and laugh thru it all,
I keep my emotions hidden away,
They can't be found but they haven't drowned.

Don't be fooled by strength,
I am human and i feel as well,
I just can't show no sign of weakness,
I will remain strong even through the pain,
Those tears be shedding inside me,
That's why you can't see my tears,
Best to believe i be going thru it daily.

Don't be alarmed if I'm laughing and smiling,
I finesse the pain with laughs and smiles,
Many don't know what I'm suffering with,
I tackle my problems and fears on my own,
It be overwhelming at times,
But that's the only way i know,
They be telling me to talk to someone,
But I'm not into talking about sh*t,
I have my own process.

To understand me,
You have to understand my life,
You have to walk in my shoes,
You have to wear my clothes,
You have to be in my position,
You have to be in my head,heart,spirit and soul.

I'm misunderstood you could never understand,
My life isn't your life,
We have lived totally different lives,
Don't compare my life to your life,
I won't compare my life to yours.
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