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Carl D'Souza Aug 1
When I feel sick,
I don’t understand
all the complex details
of medical-science,
so I have to trust a doctor
to cure me;
but I trust with trepidation
because doctors are human
and so unomniscient and fallible;

I do my best
to apprise myself
of the medical-science
about my health-condition
so I do not have to blindly-rely
on the doctor,
and so I can make wise choices
about my healthcare
to optimise my health, joy and happiness.
Shiloh Grey Jul 25
No more truth or dares
Continuously becoming more aware
Instead of asking why things aren't fair
I remember there's a reason why we carry
a spare


Giving thanks to why it occurred
The universe wants you to not focus on the words
But on the feeling that you now behold

If anger should appear
Look at it and realize it stems from fear
Put faith in the universe
That the solution is closer than near

Inner peace is the most freeing thing
Because only you can decide on how you
will be
Not outside factors that will eventually flee
Lynn Greyling Jan 2015
This love will end as any other...
As the day ends when the sun is gone,
As summer ends when swallows leave…
It will end before I love you for ever.

— The End —