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rk Mar 2020
cold sprinkles of relief
streaming down our noses and kissing our lips
smelling of earth and dew
I watch as you fall down each time with such emotion
anger, sadness, love and lust
my love for you will always remain
FullmoonFlower Feb 2020
It’s the deeper meaning of things
that makes them valuable
like the memories or
the feelings for someone
Bugs Spencer Dec 2019
Wings flowing back and forth
Keeping little butterfly up
Wind challenging the little insect
Strong breezes tumbling

To the north
The little butterfly must go
The road not easy nor perfect
No time for bumbling

The bees may rumble and bumble
But not little butterfly
Little butterfly is silent and graceful
Now which of the two survives?
Sometimes I feel like a bee being loud and obnoxious. Other times I feel as if I am the butterfly keeping to myself; floating through life quietly. There is a time and place for both. If you are a bee at the wrong time you pay the consequences. If you are a butterfly at the wrong time you miss out on certain opportunities in life.
nosipho khanyile Nov 2018
I practise watching your words pass by because
the beauty in selective listening
is the calculated risk of avoiding
barren judgement.
Juverine Wan Mar 2018
of better things
of lovely things
of saddening things

of Him who I wondered
ever really loved me
or did it mean no more

of the life that was not mine
the life I left behind
the life I could not find

of something I do not deserve
yet yearn for
with no reserve

of things so harsh and deep
the ocean swallows me whole
and into quicksand I seep

of the life I thought I desired
of the life I was inspired
but never became reality

of better things
that became worser things
That became dangerous things

Of things I don't understand
Yet yearn for
What nonsense, I am.
Juverine Wan Mar 2018
I'm living for
all the love in the world
All the love you're giving me
All the love I'm receiving.

I'm living for
all the love in the world
The love they're looking for
The love they're needing.

I'm living for
all the love in the world
The love they're expecting
the love they're never receiving.

I'm looking for
all the love in the world
The love they're hoping for
the love they're living for.

I thank you for
all the love in the world
The ones I wasn't expecting
The ones when I wasn't looking.

I'm praying for
all the love in the world
The ones that are coming
and the ones that are hiding.
SummertimeLace Aug 2016
I am but a mere jar of peanut butter

sitting on a shelf
because mostly that's
where I tend to leave myself

If you come and get me
then clearly you will see
labels that are printed
all over me

if you do not fancy
then fine throw me out
but if you think you'll like me
then its on our way to checkout

on our way to checkout
then to the car
to your little home
near or far

hard plastic outside
cool to the touch
at first I really truly
do not look like much

but when you dig down
and open me up
I'm soft
I'm sweet
and so unlike my shell
my labels sometimes lie
never really tell

I am but a mere jar of peanut butter

Pick me over fish?
know there'll be some work involved
proceed as you wish
I've been rolling,
getting lonely, without trees here to hold me
stars have now exploded a million times, but is it only in my mind
it's only been a moment, I wish I could hold it
but I know time is on my side

Am I even outside
I think I'm walking on the  s

   ­                                                        / I'm feeling pretty HiGh,
I must be dinning on the stars tonight
I see the paper planes go by, they stop to say "h
                                                            ­                  i"

I have some trees by my side.

Galaxy's* are in my cup,
I'll be swimming here sippin' up,
is it alright if I stay here tonight? I know I AM ON A FLIGHT
I'm here to dance with the moon,
                ­                     down
                                                                ­ soon.
Timothy Miller Jun 2014
In a station,
Beneath the rain,
Here I wait,
For the nine o'clock train.
Some say it goes far,
Down the old way.
To a better place,
You'll hear others say.
But I dance alone,
On the rusty train tracks.
I hear the train whistle,
Sigh, and relax.
In a station,
Beneath the rain,
I did not miss,
The nine o'clock train.

— The End —