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Michael A Duff Sep 2022
What is real but now

What was real is not anymore

Chasing ghosts is pain
The only reality is now... what you had, what we had is not now it is then, painful as it is these memories in my head are ghosts and not real now
Michael A Duff Nov 2021
Cancer killing me

Cutting me out of myself

Shake the dice of life
Michael A Duff Nov 2021
I'm mining my heart

To understand my future

All I see has past
Right now is all I see the past haunts me like a nightmare of happiness abused by time
Michael A Duff Nov 2021
Everywhere I go

There I am I can't escape

Edit memory
Sometimes I want to escape me break thos shell leave this happy face for what is really inside the sadness in me I can't escape
Michael A Duff Aug 2021
Love is indeed art
Simple to see and embrace
A challenge erased
What is love and how do we know it, couple times found in your life, only to be lost and discovered like the rise and fall of the sun. Fooled and shamed into believing only to see clearly later it was game and Pons were topled for her pleasure. She is an island that is not reachable if it was you'd be stranded and slowly die.
Michael A Duff Apr 2021
If there is another thing beyond this one I shall meet it

Seeing beyond the futures of tomorrows not yet lived

There is a place I feel it I'll meet you there
I was diagnosed with a rare form of terminal cancer, I want to wrote my thoughts until I can't one day the right person will read them
Michael A Duff Mar 2021
She had all of me

Completely consumed by her

There was nothing left
We met like souls long separated lived like lovers and made plans together for a future that we would never realize. Years later I wonder how her daughters are, who is she now, what mask does she ware, or did she finally become herself the one I met all those years ago.
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