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A small string of memory a connection to the soul still pulls at my heart

With each year that passes it recedes and reclaims space in my mind like the rise and fall of the tide

She left me to drown herself in tragedy and the tears of her childhood  looking for more of what broke her

We would've been a beautiful struggle a dysfunction to last a lifetime ironically I write about longing for what broke me.

We are the same
Some come to your life and make a spot that seems their were designed for, an other half of yourself lost and found... bit then they break you apart to leave you in that half for their own selfishness and dysfunction. Why do we still want more even after all they did and all you've done.
I've got nothing to write

She took my words like she took my heart

Left my things on the porch and moved on to new problems
Loving someone that is so dysfunctional is a heartbreak a day a rollercoaster of ups and downs.. they love you for you issues and stability but cant help making it as dysfunctional as they are used to. She didnt want a partner or help she want chaos and disfunction
Our love was an open book

It got dark and we lost our page

I really wanted to finish our story
Some loss is not anyone's fault but it can be just as hard to bare. Heartbreak is hard to repair no matter how hard or who or where... 78 to 64 just like that to 0
She is a pain killer, she took me to the highest highs

Then abruptly she said shes through and left me to die

Now in a different time in my life, old me, new wife old thoughts creep into my life

I take painkillers but they dont help the pain in my heart

I wish I knew she was a pain killer from the start... but I'd probably still follishly give her my heart
Love is a pain a killer but the painkillers dont help
I am different now
All has changed for me somehow
Cant see who I was
Time changes your perceptions of yourself and others, but it doesnt make the hurting stop or the memories fade
She torments my passed

From my memories somehow

Why does heartbreak last
One is harder to get over than any one memories cant be undone
Her life was a play

Comedy or tragedy

I could never say
She knows but no one else does
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