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Five seven five you know
Tells you secrets for real
Or a game may be
A little fun with haikus
Draws you into her
Go don't return we are done
Closed up her heart     burn
What at one time was the greatest love of my life was also the greatest tragedy of my life. She regulates her love, pulling you in dot keep. Then pushs you out off the cliff into the cold water deep, ice in her eyes frozen seems her heart, I saw it melt when her defenses were down that was before she ripped mine apart.  Some can repair breaks like this but to her she shutdown forever to be missed, hope she is well I dont know why, I should a mean and spiteful guy. But that's not me I never have been, I have too much love I cant give in.
Memory is deep
You haunt my life and dreams now
Will you let me be
She is tiny memories sometimes on my mind there is a link I camt break thatakes me sad and is hard to cope with
I lay here and think to myself, the most beautiful words have been written, forgotten, and learned again.

People have kissed and loved deeply only to forget their devotion and feelings seperatly they live together.

She lives as a comfortable prisoner doing hard time in her past wishing away the present and forgetting the future.

We will all relearn these lessons so many times over dont make the past your future
Some people one I loved was haunted by her parts so much so it ruined our love
Time, the inbetween moments elapsed bringing you forward never back.
Love little overt victories everywhere open your heart to see them.
Life long individual forces ever changing into births and deaths of knowledge into and out of the abyss.
Just thoughts from a dream we all share, life
When you're told the end is soon and feel as if you have been spending your time like a child unconcerned with the world around.

I look to life lived and the things made and destroyed hearts and lives, lost and saved ran to ground

People discovered shared and loved all around some now and some then never really knowing if on the other side if you'll see them again

My heart crys of the past so broken memories seeing her face her smile reliving what was spent.

A warning to all you never know when it could be through when they discover something growing killing

Spend your time well because its key and I say I hope in the other side they'll see me.
Cancer is tough
From far to when we were near I gave my heart.
I thought you were the one, it was clear.
Together my head was in the clouds like a shook snow globe.
Love so unknown, I was blind to what could be took.
Crushing me, uncovered you were a fake.
I gave you my everything and you gave me heart break.
You broke my heart, destroyed me I completely fell apart.
I couldn't of known i would still dream of you, thoughts from the start, tears rushing to my heart break.
Somethings that look to be amazingly deep are only reflections of your Hope's and not the realities of others lives, I found her love was easy as as a switch to shut off, finding my things at the door. While my love is like the sun it burns and will burnout one day but the burn hurts badly. I'd do it again foolishly, using my heart instead of my head... it crushed me thinking I was better off dead. She still haunts my mind for the time I have left she will always have that part of my heart break.
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