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Words cannot explain
yet I’m out of them
my many
I love you’s
does not explain
how deep you are
rooted in my soul
you’re like the moon
when I can’t
touch you
see you
I miss you
the moon is always
out of reach
yet it touches my heart
just like you do
so I can’t explain
my love for you
but I’ll show you the moon
and let it touch you too
I dip my pain and misery in glitter
to blind you with the joy and colors
but you’ve called my bluff
You looked close enough to see
washed out colors
‘Why didn’t you tell me?’
Ashamed I look down
because I too was
blinded by all the glitter
So desperately I wanted to be who I’ve always been
so I held on to it
I kept it there for people to see
that I wasn’t completely,
(And maybe I could even convince myself
that I was okay)
I dream about you
knocking on my door
pulling me outside
into the rain
in the middle of
the night
raindrops look like
shooting stars
but you're like the sun
keeping us warm
let's go side by side
I'm sure we'll find
for you and I
love rain you dream
Miserable when you were here
now that you are gone
still feels like you're next to me
You used to sit right there
by the dinner table
scents of coffee
light coming through the window
we looked outside
small breeze
made the trees dance
orange sky
yellow fields

the grass is not greener
on the other side
spring is knocking
on my window
where are you?
I've made us some coffee
poured you a cup
opened the window
I'll wait here for you
FullmoonFlower Oct 2020
Our flames dances in the dark
by morning they’ll be one
melted together
dancing for eternity
Our love is on fire
Lighting up passion
for the closeness we desire
by the morning let’s stay in
and wait for the sun to set
so our flames can reconnect
swaying under the stars
FullmoonFlower Oct 2020
Better with you
I’m no good without
I didn’t need a savior
I was in need of you
the love that you carry
so pure and honest

Don’t be scared
because of the tears in my eyes
I’ve just finally arrived
even if I seem confused
I know this is my destination
I’m just so much better with you
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