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Batool Feb 5
When madness starts to breed
And soul cripples with need
Dance to the rhythm of fire
and let the feet bleed

When fire burns with passion
and madness starts to ashen
dance and dance and dance
till fire unites with ocean !!
Batool Dec 2021
Lost path
Faded dreams
Winter nights
Silent screams,

Withering soul
Ragged heart
with every beat
tearing apart,

Rainbow tears
Dark night
standing alone
putting up a fight !!
Batool Dec 2021
I'm at that point in my life
where coffee supports me
more than people !!
Batool Dec 2021
To sink or to swim
now it was her moment
to decide
feeling the surge of power
that moment gave her
with a smile
she let go
sinking into the darkness
she made sure
The light knows
what they lost !!
Batool Dec 2021
Do you know ...
How it feels like
in the sea of nothingness ?
when waves of silence
thrash against your heart ?
or when the zephyr of past
turn into a tornado ?
the moment when
the darkness of horizon
seeps into the soul
and unleash your demons ?
Do you know how it feels ?
Batool Dec 2021
And when the night falls,
she craves nothing
but her wings,
as the urge to fly high
starts to irritate her soul
more than her demons !!
Batool Oct 2021
One winter night,
when it's all cold and dark
memories stirr a pain
that will again leave a mark

Silent screams that echo
words that claw at soul
heart then pumps the agony
and you start loosing control

the darkness then seeps in
and coldness that follow
morning sun then shines
on a heart that's left hollow !!
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