Batool Dec 2018
تلاش خود کی
ملا خدا ہے
میں خود کہاں
گر خدا یہاں ہے
Batool Dec 2018
من میں ڈوبوں
ابھروں نہ
ڈھونڈوں خود کو
ملے خدا
ذات کے پنجرے
میں روح قید
ٹوٹے تالا
ملے پتہ !! ۰۰

*** and Me (translation)
drown in the depths of soul
and never resurface
I was set to find myself
yet ended up finding ***
My soul is caged
in confinement of my body
break the lock
So I can find myself
Batool Oct 2018
She housed in her mind
a different world;
And in her eyes,
abyss !!
Batool Jun 2018
There she was
lying still on the couch
posing the best she could
with her gaze transfixed
deep into his eyes
basking in the thick silence
that surronded them
the only sound of his charcoal lead
stroking the paper could be heard
His every ****** defined her curve
a little better
His rough hands blending the lines
staining her soul a beautiful shade of charcoal
She could feel him
making sure strokes
thus bringing the woman on paper
to life
she felt her heart slipping ...
slipping from her hand
and on to the paper
the color of her skin fading
and reappearing on his masterpiece
the fullness of her lips
was nothing
as the beauty on his canvas
now owned it
the last thing she felt
was the twinkle of her eyes leaving
adding the final touch
to his creation
and it was when
he broke the eye contact
taking with him
the beauty he sketched  
he left ...
not knowing that
He left the masterpiece behind
on the couch .... !!
Batool May 2018
Standing in the doorway
she saw the boot clad feet
moving away
it took all of her courage
to not let her tears
cross the threshold of her amber eyes
she knew he won't stop
as his love for motherland
knows no boundaries
she knew this too
that she has to be a better
person for him
so in his heart he'd know
that he has someone to return to
always ...
waiting for him in the door way
who's love for him too
knows no boundaries
Batool May 2018
Pouring rain
on window's pane
a coffee mug
to keep him sane !!
Batool May 2018
"i'll save you, always." his voice was full of emotions, as he drowned in the depth of brown irises in front of him.
"No you can't...
you can't always save me" the flakes of darkness tainting her angelic voice brought him back in time
and it was when he realised
she was right.
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