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Batool Nov 2020
Her love for him
bright enough to
turn his darkest hour
into a sky full of stars

His love for her
fragrant enough to
make it's presence known
to the blindest eye !!
Batool Oct 2020
She is the one with
Brightest Eyes that  shine with  promises of brightest future,
Heart that beats on rhythm of unsung melodies of valor,
Her tiny foots getting ready to conquer the unclaimed territories,
Her hands ready to lead world towards purest form of happiness,
Her smile brightening up the dullest day
The world knows her by the name
"Mirha Sakina"
What they don't know is
She is the Golden Princess
Born to rule the world !!
Batool Dec 2019
What if,
we are actually
living in the past ?
millions miles away ...
seeing only the light,
like that of dead stars.
that reach us years after
they die ...
giving us a moment
to witness
the miracle of time !!
Batool Aug 2019
To build a wall,
around her heart
was so easy
brick by brick
one at a time
for every hurt
a castle was built
to protect her soul
from the world
full of lies !!
Batool Jul 2019
Ragged breathing, tangled legs
Beating hearts, a crazy mess,
wrinkled sheets, so you'd know,
Two souls basking in the afterglow !!
Batool Jun 2019
"have you ever witnessed,
water droplets dancing
on a fire bed ?"
She asked, staring deep in his eyes as if reading his soul.
"No, but why would you ask ?
It's impossible." He answered
a bit puzzled, breaking the eye contact.
"Because you could have,
but you lost the opportunity
when your gaze failed to
penetrate the depth of my irises
and see my soul making it happen !!"
with that she left without
casting him another glance !!
Batool Dec 2018
تلاش خود کی
ملا خدا ہے
میں خود کہاں
گر خدا یہاں ہے
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