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leechyna Jul 28
Time is like a shuttle
Leaving in spring, coming back in autumn
Blame flowers whiter and blossom
Whose mind is buried by time

If this dream is like a bird
Can’t fly across the ocean
scared after the dawn
memory is also blank

Even if love is the weakest existence
I still dispel all the haze
Who is waiting for whom
Who couldn’t bear to blame
Time hurriedly go away and come back

I don’t blame
because of you, the dust is falling
I’m not afraid
Be with you, across the mountains anf the sea

Listen to the wind and rain outside the window
toast disappearance of sorrow without restraint
hard to say secret without reservation
who can understand
Whenever time flies
wait for a lifetime
Fearless of past and future
leechyna Jul 16
Waiter brings top secret
Never liked its odor
I do statehouse
But not anymore

Not today to be precise
What we loved
What gave us a laugh?
Torn us to half

We drinking sorrows
And telling our drinks
Our top secrets
Even the days when she liked it on top

Phone beeps
It’s the new gal
The one who created the wall
Never knew wat I liked its only hips

I never wished her to call me
I wished whom I hurt to call
I was keeping tab on everything
But I had to go back home

To the gal with hips
But never makes me smile
I wish I had her back

@sad poet
leechyna Jul 16
They sit
Worried what comes after all this sh*t
Like Israelites
Just waiting for salvation

How irony can I get to be
They drunk their happiness
On new moon
Now they drink their sorrows at noon

She used to see Zeus in him
World around him
Looks faded
Few corners of the her heart became too dark

He used to call her at night
And sing her lullabies
Weeks passed by
Scent she loved in her became odor

Their world crumpled down
How sad
Did it have to get here?
Couples they adored

@ sad poet
leechyna Jul 16
I want to write about her
Words worth her
One who loved me too much
Breakfast to lunch

Mom told me to cherish the woman who loves me
Maybe I was too duuuuuuuuumb
Never followed her words
Maybe am just another ***

Night calls became fewer.
Video calls,
Grew walls.
One in a new year.

Thought avoiding her was best
I did and left actions to do the rest
Just like krest
She cried nights and threw herself on crest

Left with nowhere to lean
She became too slim
As if she had a body trim
Nincompoop me never had brains to learn

”am too modest” to have her
Her heart
And the good girl gal she was

Now she has lost me
Her world
Her kid
And everything she cherished

Am here playing peter pan
Kissing her home with words
Maybe am Judas
Consoling wat I hurt

Here we are now
Knowing we cant go back
Where we were
We just watch sunsets together

Maybe next life
Lemme be the parrot
That’s wakes her up and sings her goodnight

How sad

leechyna Apr 21
Just like it was day before😔..I'll pray to see you smile
Just deleted her number
leechyna Mar 16
Waitress changed
Whiskey taste changed
Tasted like rice was aged
Drank till the end

"I need to see you, kindly"
She is walking maternity candidate
No need to say kindly
I tell myself

Will it be okay ??
Heart asks
"Don't panic  she is your baby mama"
I answer myself

But at the end of the day
We now meet on my dreams
leechyna Mar 16
Melon, insatiable cravings
Picky mood
Moods swinging
Left to right

With heavy heart
She holds her tummy
And whisper
To him

"Your dad blueticked me today too
I know you feel
How my heart is heavy
But don't blame your dad
That much"

With a smile
Making a stupid grin
All her worries

Because he was inside her
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