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leechyna Nov 20
she turns off the lights
she turns me on
irony right
though she was a beauty even without light

marriage cert on the table
us and bed
us till the end
we did swear with a raised bible

night is still young
but my instincts reminds me-i owned her now,she owned me either
says one salah as I check bend hinges
will say sorry to them tomorrow

lemme throw my phone away
coz here she comes
her curvy and bossomic ****
saying this and that

bye 👋 she will be my death
leechyna Oct 4
Everything is on God's bill
They say
How happy are the poor
Bible says

Does it really work in real life?
Coz I only see groomy beggars
Thought they were always happy
But but
Am alive
Breathing and smiling
That's on God's bill

I take whisky too
On God's bill too
leechyna Sep 30
Along the path we call life
As we walk
We make loads of mistakes
Some worth done
Others sounding us like sugar beet☹️

When evening comes
We look upon our duvets
For a whole warm comfy hug
When did we become the bug🥹
leechyna Sep 20
😅😅nothing betters sunset 🌇
on a beach....
Two whisky by the ribs,
notepad open ready to spill sonnets....
Not to forget belalim mk song playing on background..
leechyna Sep 10
It's On a weekend son
Where will you fold the sun at??
Where will you open the letter from the moon??
As for me
Don't ask

There's a joint am used to,
Sells monkey tears for wine
I'll be there, just call me🤤
leechyna Sep 7
On 30th gulp
He looks at his listener
There was no one on table nor the bar
All was left was few empty glasses and tired looking waitresses
Not to forget unfinished whisky on his table 🥹
All along he was talking to himself
He was alone
"you'll regret when gone"
He remembers her last words
Urge to reply back helms
He just whispered
"you were right, I regret
But I'll be sober tomorrow and I'll forget about you😅"
leechyna Sep 7
She had hopes hanging on his shoulders
Few things she asked for
Time, love and attention
Never to get one😨
She hated love and life
He was her muse
She was his ruse
Cheating was his thing
Forgiving him was her thing
Until rousy dreams turned nightmares
No love was left
So she left
"You'll regret later" she said as she left
He regrets ma'am 🥹
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