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leechyna Nov 2023
Maybe one time
One more time
I meet death
I will have two to four quizzes at hand
Will it answer

I will try to make it get drunk
To get an honest answer
But if i fail
I will be dead 😢
leechyna Nov 2023
Sloooooooowly we grow old
We grow odd
Never to have same taste as before
Before the rise and fall

Few stories for our grands
Packets of cigar
And an archive full of beer
A jug with withered flowers for our dear ones

Wishing for ****
Wishing for a rematch with our younger self
Maybe we didn't enjoy well

A black dog wags ts tail
A cat on ts tail
Maybe I should be reincarnated to be a goat
Always to make people celebrate me

The sun sets
No friends to drink with
Maybe ts right ti stay young forever

"I will be young again"
I told myself
leechyna Oct 2023
On any day
She puts her heart on table
With fork i would poke
Hurt she would get
With the bleeding hurt
She would hold tight on cold nights
Never to worry on her demise

She loved too much,so she died too much
They re'd the eulogy
leechyna Oct 2023
What did you hope
What did you anticipate in your adulthood years
Women,money,respect and leisure??
I know you're sad
But what is life

Maybe we living lives we never wanted
leechyna Oct 2023
Take a sip
Taste how life is on the other side
Maybe youve today
Maybe tomorrow
Be drunk and forget all your troubles

Silly world
His problem sat there chatting
"Let him get drunk,he will be sober in the morning"
Problem waited for him to wake-up
leechyna Oct 2023
We are on our joint
Few beer clicks and new rolls of joints
No sound other than the lighter and glass squeaks
40 min passed
Noone to bring in the talk
They were too tired

What next??
Go back home or live under the sun
leechyna Oct 2023
They re'd a book
I don't remember the name
But the love was forbidden
Little by little they fell for characters
Fell for each other
Never to realize they were from different world's

Time caught up with them
But death didn't
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