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Trefild Mar 2021
like an assassin equipped with poison darts
a t𝗜me-killer's at it, in biz. with toxic bars
to𝗪ards 𝗔𝗡 outfi𝗧 of office cats
known as "Electronic Arts"
at the time it was found
a certain game of thine is shut down
like a chipmunk, I went nuts
as, for keeps, I'd lost 𝗠𝗬 𝗖𝗔𝗥𝗦 (lost)
styling which, several hours were spent
thanks for all the time wasted
don't even have screen captures of them
awesome, amazing!
when it comes to discussions like games get
human noggins go crazy
it's not them themselves are factors to blame on
it's, among things not mentioned, such situations
now getting 𝗕𝗔𝗖𝗞
to those r𝗘sponsible for that scoundrelly act
and probably not gi𝗩𝗜ng an ounce of a f#ck
𝗟ike a tire drifting down a speed track
it's gon' get smoky & hot
barbecue; so go hit a dog & bone & ring up
a local smoke eaters squad
'kin to "Rebel", I scream f#ck the suits
[keen; ice cream]
like somebody chosen to opt
for a punk-like look
and I serve lines as though in a shop
𝗔ppetite to hunt unful–
–fi𝗟𝗟ed; you're in it to make bread like *******s
but don't be swift to get laid-back, don't chill
ak𝗜n to potatoes & sh#t
like th𝗔t, better maintain your eyes peeled
better still is beating a hasty retreat
si𝗡𝗖𝗘 in the same f#cking field
I am; the Creeper, in it to prey like a priest
[sins; pray]
as if you were ****** in religion (horse?)
I'm speeding your way like a whip (vroom vroom)
in other words, you're in for some moll-treatment
(foursome? what foursome?)
for you're being a game in this b#tch
which, in turn, is the reason I'm playing a bit (with words)
to say it in brief, you're simply collation to get
let me add a medieval taste to this sh#t
arranging it akin to the H & the G
[a range]
not "H" & "G" as in hunter & game, though
"H" & "G" as in Hansel & Gretel
i.e. with you getting ablaze like a witch
with this one, might be given a place in a list
of ones given to making it lit
in the middle of taking a trip, the freighter's equipped
fit sim. to babes in dance clips
the cargo's like a *******
because it's gon' go down on you
a kind of mood to bust a roof
of the "Arts" HQ; an armored loot
box, large & toom, perhaps, will do
then drop on you a multitude
of flasks produced from glass & full
of gas, then put a match to use
like pirate dudes, I spark the fuse
the falcon shoots, the target's doomed
dead in the water, so a possible res–pond from you (pond)
is nothing short of garbage-good (dead in the water)
[lyrical waters]
these bars being by the side of you are like balloons
within a reach of clowns
in other words, you might get it twisted now
but it's time for you to find a new **** job in view
of the lines above because it looks
like I̲'ve zilch short of fired you
which explains why I̲ feel like a boss 'kin to
a vehicle used bY̲ whelps to get brought to school (bus)
exorcism bout
as it's like getting demons out (get it?)
guess you, EA, have already figured out
what game my pen is steamed about
it's "NFS: W"
better late
than never, eh?

"special thanks to "Electronic Hearts" (lyrics for "EA" to be murdered by)" © 2021 by TREF1LD (TRFLD) is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. To view a copy of this license, visit
Descovia Feb 2021
"Regardless. How hard you try.

I'm going to find a way to the top.

You cannot bring me down. Period.

No games. No schemes. No gags. No *******.

Every stone casted at my direction

I will use. FORGET A CASTLE.

I'm a building  A

P Y R A M I D."


Nowhere to run.

The final rage released from

the heat of the sun!
Humanity paid for it!

It cost us, more than what

we could afford from funds.

I'll be at peace when the fire comes

Can't **** me! Hear me roar

on the mountains like Aslan!

Confident? I just know, I'm few of the ones!

Charismatic? I am the definition!

You haters are fire, for my ammunition!

I got what you lack,  can't **** my ambition!

I am dark with the magic. But no dark magician

I can bring the static, don't call the electrician!!

Come at me, foolish with the games?!

Why you even turn that switch on!?

I'm a God Father for a reason.

 My hold on this game remains strong

Criminal minded like a don!

You compared to me. There's no competition!

What do you mean you keep it G?

Last time. I check, you be selling

yourself out for the free!

Steal from your homies and cry to the police!?

Where I am from

that s
  is for the weak!

You left a taste in

my mouth not so sweet.

I'm a Ghoul in Tokyo

running wild on these streets!

So best believe you started

a war with a Hero's Academy


I hate it, when I have to raise my voice

It's cut-throat, to any of you  be doing the most

I know it gets heavy,

when you hanging to life on the ropes!

If it wasn't for Faith I wouldn't have Hope.

I can take you out of the game

Pray for Light who needs a DEATHNOTE!?

Leave you like the titanic,  you ship-wrecked mess

with no other place to float!

You say "I'm a ***"

My wealth are my kids

Your platform's a joke.

26 Million followers

You could be on tv.



Call me animal,  I stated before I'm a GOAT.

While you're trying not drown

I'm finding my flow

  Haters try to their best to impose.

You bounce around from

one to the next like a yo yo

I don't care about how much you party

how much money you got from so and so

You a one hit trip everybody I know had a turn to go.

I can speak more bad on your name.  I'll leave it right here.

Nilia Loh Sep 2020
Those people **** me off,
Making me scoff.
Gosh they're so irrelevant,
What a joke to flaunt their inelegance.
They like inducing pain,
But their efforts will be in vain.
I won't run from your storms,
You won't see me be torn.
I'll never crawl back to you,
So go play with someone new.
I rise up to my prime,
I stand up with pride.
Got me charged like Goku,
Don't regret when I choke you.
I won't ever look you in the eye,
Cause you're not even worth my time.
So try to rain on my parade,
So I can put you in your grave.
Marmaelady Jul 2020
Who said love would be easy?
Who said life would be a smooth ride?
Who said you'd never have to worry?
Who said it would never be painful inside?
Look at that wretched state of you
The flaws you don't seem to accept
The pain you've kept hidden under the blankets
The mistakes you never seem to forget
You think it'll be better when the sun rises tomorrow?
You think you'll eventually laugh it all off someday?
You think you'll never have to get out of your self-made misery?
You think, "maybe not today"?
We're all just trying to get by
And there you go, torturing yourself with cruelty
You wouldn't even want to impose upon your worst enemy

And yet

You blind yourself with blatant stupidity
Of all "I don't deserve"s and "I'll never be happy"s
Of saying "life has no meaning" without realizing
You could've just made meaning all along
All of that have kept you from seeing
How loved you were
How absolutely treasured you are
By those who stayed
And those you could make meaning with,
If you just wanted to


You count the ones who left
The ones who caused you so much pain
The voices that haunt the deep recesses of your brain
Like they're the ones that matter the most

Aren't you a ******* laughable creature? You.

Someone who has so much love wasted inside her,
Thrown into a compost pit of potential joy she never realized
Because she was too caught up in writing the saddest story humanity has ever written.

Boo-hoo. The end. Sad ever after.

Welcome to life, honey
It's never going to be easy
It's never going to be a smooth ride
And it's one you only have a chance of taking once
So at the very least,
pick yourself once more,
and cherish the journey.
"It's never going to be easy."

Sometimes, you gotta give yourself a good and hard slap to the face to realize what you've been missing all along.

Diss Track #1 XD
Oka May 2020
I'm up your mind flocking, like a bird
Menancing, dropping disses like a **** when you look up boy you better be concerned
Compared to your rhymes, it would be the flyest **** you ever heard
Did I say I like hip-hop?
Oka May 2020
Don't have to mope about you,
I got prettier lips to kiss
No need to keep all the pictures I drew
All you deserve is a meaner diss
eve Nov 2019
it’s hard,
finding words that best describe
how to feel
how to tell.
nobody understands,
i talk in complicated ways,
making it hard for you to grasp onto me.
maybe it is the words i use
or perhaps, the words you’re unfamiliar with,
call me out for being out of context,
but the content i create communicates sense to me.
i tremble at the sight of people talking around me,
troubles me because everyone and everything i know has remained close to speaking ever so carelessly and loosely about me.
at this point, they receive pleasure from laughing, mocking and “getting” me,
they lie and reflect bitterness
is it jealousy or envy?
quick assumptions or savvy?
call me stupid, useless, or any other unnecessary comment that seems to compliment your currency,
but extraordinary is more suitable a trait,
than the look of disgrace placed on your face whenever your eyes meet mine.
Stan Oct 2019
When I told you that I dig you
You were scared and shared
That you did not want to do it
And you were at all not prepared

So why not try to diss me
And maybe it will be sometime
When I see you I feel nervous
And my anxiety escapes the undersurface

You did not ace your respective game
And let me be ashamed
My friends cheered my courage
And then felt my pain
I didn’t want to see you
Because I’d blush again

So I finally let you go

As the other devil came
And I will see when we are done
If you’ll ever come back
In the memories, in my brain
For a uni exercise
Viseract Apr 2019
Wake up, clothes thrown with a smile on my face
Test my looks out in the mirror as I skip the page
Shoes tied, looking nice and I'm out the door
Time to push it to the limits and give my all

Here I come, fame, notice my success
Tell the doubtful to get lost but give them my best
There I go, comfort, I'm going on a trip
And I'm sorry but where I'll be, you can't come with

Like a bushfire raging, and moving uncaged
Imma put them in the dirt and rub the dirt off my stained slate
You can't stop this! Why try to stand to me?
I bag and tag from rich to rag it's all way too easy

I'm laughing in the face of your disgrace because I know
Your back is to a cul-de-sac and you're straining the ropes
To hold the gate and trust the chains, but you know I'm busting through
So why try to slow me down when I know how to move

I'll show you speed beyond belief, make you know the real deal
Not the drugs to which you're numb, but as smooth as a worn wheel
More grip than I spit, like Velcro I'm ripped
Old bandaids on bullet wounds, festering filth

The sight of this regression is dis-gus-ting
Fling that **** away from me, like a discus: sling!
Moving on and growing strong you should be dis-cuss-ing
Instead don't use your head just be braindead stay cussing, ah!

**** ****, ****, **** and chicken wings
Not making any cents, your job is imaginary
Up in your minds eye, making flows and energy
To the same beat, whack **** that really isn't lyrically

Challenging, like using word play to slay with words
Instead you play with trap because you're snared by actual work
So you rap one flow, spit that **** real slow
Work that auto tune, to work more comfortable

Sounding like T-Pane on a bad day, like Machine Gun, more pray than spray
When you face the mass and have the nerve to  say your work is "okay"

When you admit the sins of your mistakes
But take to the net and say differently
No indicator but you turn to see
Even the mirror cracks up when you speak!

Achoo! Sniffle, snort, blow my, nose
Take the, mic and, ahem clear my throat
And roll, on down, this slippery, *****
Here I go, the PR has made the close!

Mumble rap, just mumble crap
Clothes and *******, this and that
Money, money, flex and gloat
Man your life is just a show

Sitcom, sit down, slow poke
Honk nose, clown knows, no hope
So he goes, and buys rope, a gold chain, the same though
And hangs himself

Agh! If only they would
Just make something good
No fake gangsters and hoods

Just messages and representatives to give a lesson which
Would teach the world perspective and not create this diss
Of which all of us lyricists have been reaching through the television
And telepathy to maybe bring something intellectually substantial, elephants

In the room to be tranquilised
Put to bed for good so before I say goodnight just listen one last time... A hole has been made
Six foot deep, so mumble rap please lay down in this earthy bed and sleep!

Oh and please!
Don't even make a Peep!
Mumble rap is hardly rap now is it?
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