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Jay M 50m
Seas of mystery
Forests of the unknown
Visions of uncertainty
The veil between reality
And the ill-perceived has grown thin
Thin like a teenagers bubblegum
Thin like a sheet of paper
Thin like delicate mist

What lies beyond,
What comes next,
What happens now?
Came to such a point,
A point of no return,
But where could any
Possibly return to?
Where was the beginning,
Is there even an ending?

Questions, boundless
As the stars shimmering above
Answers left blank, empty
Souls left hollow,
Mere shadows of their former selves
What could be left after the fall?

Glimpse into a single ray
A beam of light through
Dark and stormy clouds
Clouds full of rain, full of dust
Full of accumulated pollutants
All to come crashing down
Towards the broken earth
Eager for a single tainted drop.

- Jay M
June 30th, 2022
What lies beyond this...?
Jay M 3d
Blue of pale sky and
Blue of deepest oceans
Glittering, shimmering,
Shine, beam about in your wonder
Entrance, dance, and sing
Go, be free, as was meant to be

Grandest of them all
Crown jewels among them,
Those more plain, while you
You shimmer, you glisten
Blue of sky, do not cry
For you stand above
Truly a star in the sky

Little did they know
Beneath the silk and veil
Lay a festering knot
Twisting, waiting
For all to fall
Fall to stain and ruin

Could have, should have,
Would have, but not done
What became of the time
Cannot be undone,
Only patches for mending,
Costly repairs, much to do,
Damage not only to what is seen
But to what is felt,
Damage done to you

Apologies can only do so much
When all has been said and done
But perhaps in time, lessons learned
All shall not be forgotten,
Perhaps one day forgiven,
Or even not, that is well,
But perhaps, in the days ahead
All shall be better;
Questions asked, memories of stone
Or in the least this night
Shall not leave heart and bone.

- Jay M
June 27th, 2022
I'm so sorry that the night went that way. I would change it all if I could, but all I can do is learn from the mistakes, and do better in the future.
Jay M 7d
So too flows the river
Impure, of sunken iron
Floating leaves on smooth
Tranquil surface of
Endless water

Smooth river stones,
Green droplets along tops
Of eager ripples
Surely knowing
In their babbling flowing
Where they shall eventually pool

- Jay M
June 23rd, 2022
Jay M Jun 20
It's taking over me
Enticing, it's hypnotic
Sweet summer kisses
Fireflies and gleaming stars
Steady flames, silly little games

Can you feel me now?
Do you feel me now?
Hold me close in the dark
Hearts beating so close
It calls, they call, they beckon
"Come closer, closer now"
Enthralled, I breathe you in
Your scent alluring, I'd swear
It's like my personal drug
And oh, I'm addicted

In my sleep,
You've got me tossing and turning
Conflicted schedules, here and there
Like a tug on my melodic heart
I reckon it only grows fonder
Even if the days are sour and gross
A call from you, and it's all sugar,
Baby you've got me on a high

Sure know how to leave your mark
On my mind all the time
Unlike old hits and misses
Boy you never miss a beat
Memories in picture frames
Never gonna collect dust,
I know it, we'll see
Replay until we rest
Exhausted, side by side
Let's just be.

- Jay M
June 20th, 2022
Music and musings.
Jay M Jun 8
Haunting, echoing
With every time that I
Close my searching eyes
It's colorful as fireworks
Some darkness, but beautiful
Something wild and wonderful

Every time I close my eyes
It's a calm curiosity
Cold hardwood floors
Warm embraces and
Familiar faces

Every time I close my eyes
It's a grand vastness,
A strange madness
Floating in the expanse
Drifting in the space between

Every time I close my eyes
I am neither here, nor there
Neither then, nor now
Perhaps now and then
When they open, I see
A beam, a ray of light
Guiding me from the endless
Endless nightmare of reality
Leading me away, far away
To where I do not know

Every time I close my eyes
I hope, wish, dream
To open them and be
Gone, gone away from here
In a place where perhaps,
Just maybe, I may belong

Every time I close my eyes
I am, for but a moment,
Gone, lost, disconnected
I have escaped, disappeared
Gone away, vanished
To a place unknown,
To lands uncharted
Besides by the poor
Lone cartographer
Exploring my mind
Ever so curious
As to just what
They may

- Jay M
June 7th, 2022
Jay M Jun 6
Unbeknownst to you
How little you are aware
Of a brave little soul
One that does dare
Live in each day
Sometimes as if it were
Their very last
Other times
They forget, and drone
But still, sometimes,
As they sit and think
They imagine it were
Their final day,
A final dawn just for them
The sunset, never more beautiful
Birdsong, never more sweet
A meal, never more difficult to decide
All things of the past, simply...
Are just that, and the future
Is a mere blur, something
That cannot be attained
So there is an acceptance
A quiet "knowing"
Deeper breaths, longer hugs
Those are far warmer
Than the closing cold
That shall surely come
One day, one day
But that is not this day,
No, it is not today,
But if such were true,
Then let it be,
Let it simply be.

- Jay M
June 6th, 2022
Jay M May 23
What lies behind them,
Your eyes of soft red?
What little memories,
Grand secrets do you dread?
What lies beneath the lies,
The ever tangled web?
Is it all fragile,
Waiting for the
Shards of broken glass
To be picked up,
Only hoping not to draw blood?

What lies beyond them,
The gateways to your soul?
Tortured, tormented are you,
Terrorized and entangled
By an inescapable spider,
Fear a faulty motivator

What lies behind them,
Behind your walls,
Behind closed doors?

- Jay M
May 20th, 2022
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