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Leslie Ledezma Sep 2018
when there was no muse, I sat in the dull light with you
wasting away were the streets to your door
night as the stamp that said go, we found the sunlight cold
anything that kept us apart was the depths of not
now that I know of another place, another you
we can talk of nothing and not care that it will be nothing
but bliss’ beaming, it’s our something, I’m your dose of thrilling
Miss Me Feb 2018
Laying beside him and unable to speak
He wraps himself around my every breath
Unfolding into his sensual warm wet kisses
If I go away this moment
I will have known what it feels to be loved
My heart feels my answered prayer.
Adam Dec 2017
Twisting, turning, rumbling, tumbling in my stomach

Out of the blue it turns into a roaring sea-I’m awestruck
This change strikes me so quickly
I couldn’t have even seen it coming
It makes me anxious—my head is ringing.
It thrills me—like the top of a rollercoaster.
It takes my breath away.

Atop a mountain the wind threatens to knock me over
Yet the feeling is too great—where I want to be is closer.

Twisting, turning, rumbling, tumbling in my stomach
Like day and night—I’m awestruck.
Cweeta Cwumble May 2016
i want to feel the rush,
the tingly fireworks under my skin,
the buzzing sparks of awakeness.
i want to feel the bubble burst in my chest.
i want to dance. i want to ride the music
like a rollercoaster,
i want the thrill of the next drop,
the next wave of euphoria
pulsating through my veins
like electric current conducted by
all the goings-on around me
i want your energy and my energy
mixing together in the air around us
like a glittery galaxy milky-way aura,
a sanctuary of our own vibrations,
a place where our hearts are huge
and our egos small.
a place of peace, of love,
of unity, and respect,
of higher elevations
and acceptance for all.
can't we just do drugs?
DEW Feb 2016
Those piercing eyes,
Cause piercing cries,
That cut the night,
To be devoured by flies.

All the wise,
Will seek demise,
When the only prize,
Is foolish delight.

Have a bite,
Of broken ties,
And lover's pies,
Caked in lies.

A woman dies,
In fading light,
Of teeming fright,
From *piercing stares.
I thought this one might be a little spine-tingling.
You be the judge.
Since it borders on horror, I like it a lot.
Not because of the horror, but the border.

Cheyenne Nov 2015
We are spinning!
Yes, we are tumbling down.

It is thrilling!
Up until we hit the ground.
sage short Jun 2015
I’m utterly terrified at making people understand
No matter how many times you explain
They will never fully know
It’s a scary thing
But also kind of thrilling
You can whisper all your thoughts to the universe
And they will hold them forever
But the people you talk to about your feelings
Won’t ever be as good of a listener
As the stars
s. a. s // 8:26 PM, December 18th, 2014
Ameliorate Jun 2015
Your eyes dance with me, a sweet un-changing melody. I find myself orbiting you, as if I were the only planet in your solar system.
To find myself wrapped in your arms a desirable longing that's left unquenched.
I want to see your bottom lip tremble, to feel the gasp of breath escape your parted lips.
I want to feel you quiver beneath me as you sing a harmonious tune.
Lock eyes with me within our dance.
I want to sing for you, too.
Destre' May 2015
Are the most thrilling,  the ones when things are unclear
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