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NK Apr 2021
I saw a dream,
The horror struck me so bad,
I started recalling my mom and dad

I was scared of people, of things and lives,
What if my heart stops racing or my eyes light!?
I could feel my life, balancing on a dice

I felt lonely like there was no one by my side,
In the world I saw everyone cherish,
I could feel myself dying in that world ‘full of life’

I was scared of losing the memories I cherished, the people I loved,
I was scared of the loneliness which once comforted me,
That darkness will ever haunt me

I could feel those shadows chasing me,
I didn’t ever want’em to grab me,
“Go away! Don’t rush me!”

I wish I knew back then it was lucid,
It was the hardest my heart ever pounded,
Once I tripped, I laid stranded.

Uneasy by the situation, I grabbed on something,
Unbelievably, that thing could speak!?
“What you’re dreaming?” that thing asked,
I stammered, “Has the world ended?”
Inspired by a terrible dream that woke the hell out of me
Spadille Sep 2020
A detective woke up from a deep slumber
To only get a glimpse of his wife
Bathing in her own blood, lifeless
It was truly a ghastly sight

Stunned by what he saw
It took him a long time to comprehend
And when he did
He weeped and mourned
He ought to bring her justice

A million questions
A thousand interrogations
Hundreds of suspects
Numerous clues

Time passed by
And the culprit hasn't been caught
Fraustration ate him
And he screamed curses into the abyss in vexation

The day finally came
He now knew who it was
He knew who the monster was
He miscalculated everything

The culprit is starting at his soul
With ****** hands and a devilish smirk
"Good job" it whispered to him
As he started at the reflection of himself
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2020
And there's something that happens
When we talk
When we touch
As our buttons unfasten
Pour feelings into *** and such

Trying not to overthink each action
No matter how I try
Cannot avoid distraction
Sounds of ecstasy amplify

When our hot blood flows faster
Worlds halt breifly and stand still
Irresistible desire becomes my master
Leaves me desperate for your thrill
I don't write about *** much but if making love is not living breathing poetry than what is?
Leslie Ledezma Sep 2018
when there was no muse, I sat in the dull light with you
wasting away were the streets to your door
night as the stamp that said go, we found the sunlight cold
anything that kept us apart was the depths of not
now that I know of another place, another you
we can talk of nothing and not care that it will be nothing
but bliss’ beaming, it’s our something, I’m your dose of thrilling
Miss Me Feb 2018
Laying beside him and unable to speak
He wraps himself around my every breath
Unfolding into his sensual warm wet kisses
If I go away this moment
I will have known what it feels to be loved
My heart feels my answered prayer.
Adam Dec 2017
Twisting, turning, rumbling, tumbling in my stomach

Out of the blue it turns into a roaring sea-I’m awestruck
This change strikes me so quickly
I couldn’t have even seen it coming
It makes me anxious—my head is ringing.
It thrills me—like the top of a rollercoaster.
It takes my breath away.

Atop a mountain the wind threatens to knock me over
Yet the feeling is too great—where I want to be is closer.

Twisting, turning, rumbling, tumbling in my stomach
Like day and night—I’m awestruck.
Cweeta Cwumble May 2016
i want to feel the rush,
the tingly fireworks under my skin,
the buzzing sparks of awakeness.
i want to feel the bubble burst in my chest.
i want to dance. i want to ride the music
like a rollercoaster,
i want the thrill of the next drop,
the next wave of euphoria
pulsating through my veins
like electric current conducted by
all the goings-on around me
i want your energy and my energy
mixing together in the air around us
like a glittery galaxy milky-way aura,
a sanctuary of our own vibrations,
a place where our hearts are huge
and our egos small.
a place of peace, of love,
of unity, and respect,
of higher elevations
and acceptance for all.
can't we just do drugs?
Those piercing eyes,
Cause piercing cries,
That cut the night,
To be devoured by flies.

All the wise,
Will seek demise,
When the only prize,
Is foolish delight.

Have a bite,
Of broken ties,
And lover's pies,
Caked in lies.

A woman dies,
In fading light,
Of teeming fright,
From piercing stares.
I thought this one might be a little spine-tingling.
You be the judge.
Since it borders on horror, I like it a lot.
Not because of the horror, but the border.

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