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Alexis D Cruz Jul 24
the warmth of the sun spills through the window
gold waves rush over us entangled in these sheets
I wake to your hand brushing my cheek
your lips are on mine before you know

but this isn't real, it's all a dream
for you aren't really here with me
whenever you left, all of the light followed
darkness easily prevails a heart left so hollow

desolation leaves me numb to the cold
and the bitter feeling consumes my soul
there is absolutely nothing left in my core
can't even recall who I was before

did you mean to leave me like this?
without even a flicker to start my fire
I can't feel need, want or desire
I lost myself in your infernal abyss
The initial feeling when someone you love leaves, it seems like you can't escape the dark - loneliness leaves you cold and desolate. Eventually though, you find a way to break through. You find that flicker of hope and it spreads into a wildfire. You find your light again.
Alexis D Cruz Jul 24
the brightest sapphire, the clearest skies
all are beautiful, but nothing compared to your eyes
consumed in waves of my favorite ocean
feeling blue is the greatest emotion
This is an alteration of my "Feeling Blue" poem edited to fit into the chorus of a song. Maybe I'll finish the song and share here soon.
  Mar 10 Alexis D Cruz
when you smiled, stars were born and each time, i knew
that they would shine for you.
She hung on to the edge
afraid to fall
back into the same routine
of plucking petals
and mending broken things.

Her wings, a mess
feathers meshed with hate and lies
from past lovers that scrutinized
the way she drew the skies
with her silhouette
ensuring she would never find
the will to rise or ever fly.

Her wings.
I trudge along for what seems like an eternity.
With each step, I fall further into the pits of despair.
Pretty soon, I fear, anxiety will consume me and shatter whatever flicker of ambition is left.
Maybe I should just give up now and lay here in these woods until the vultures decide to make a meal of my remains.
An excerpt from a book I'm working on that sounded pretty poetic to me.
I flew into the sun once and it was beautiful
he filled me with a warmth like I've never known before
so great was this warmth, I only wanted to draw closer

wherever he went, his light shone and lit up every crevice and place eventually freeing my heart from its dark tomb

I can say that I truly loved the sun and would dread each night he went away

you see, the sun was so captivating, he caught the eye of many and they, too, fell in love with the sun
he was aware of his beauty so he used it to his advantage
during the day, he'd stay, frolic and play until the dark would make herself known
this is when he'd leave to be with the one he loved, the one he couldn't live without

and so is the lesson I learned the hard way…
never fly too close to the sun for you will get burned
  Mar 2018 Alexis D Cruz
Mister Granger
How beautiful is this rose?
So beautiful in fact, that I plucked her
And brought her home.

Separated her from her roots
Because her beauty suited
My own selfish desire to have her.

It wasn't until her petals began withering
Her stem began to brown
Her once strong thorns, now soft to the touch

That I knew I had done a terrible thing
By bringing her inside
And shielding her from the rain.

How would she ever grow now?
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