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Frank Ruland Aug 2014
So much to feel.

All my life I have been disillusioned
Misled by masses on matters of man
Made to think life is barren and bland
Lost myself and I don't understand
Just how it got so out of hand.

So much to see.

God, just when did I go so blind?
I lost track of the meaning inside
Forgot to breathe-- now I just sigh
There's so much happening in life
But I put it all at the wayside.

So much to be.

I let complacency  decide who I was
Didn't think about what it had done
"Whatever" rendered me a husk
Just all negatives-- not one plus
But now I see that I was stunned.

So much to know.

I shrugged and felt victimized
Ignorance possessed-- I denied
I couldn't be blamed; I didn't try
To make an attempt to open my mind
I let everything just pass me by.

Do an old fool a favor-- feel, see and be
Please, make this the one journey
That you don't pass up so easily.

— The End —