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Escape Dec 2021
My key brings me pleasure
My key brings me pain
My key brings me life
My key is too generous
My key is too painfully kind

My key unlocks me
Holds me close
My key then locks me
Beyond my reach
Away from sanity
In a place too purple
A place without boundaries

My key likes me locked
My key likes me suspended
My key has a Perfect
Numb perfect. I've lost sense tonight.
Escape Nov 2021
A delight
Something in this frame

Isn't quite right.
Escape Nov 2021
Orange, red
And a fiery blue
There's a sun I know
Who beams to protect,
Shines to slow
The sky
From its fated arrest
Escape Nov 2021
It amazed me
How none but you
Pulled the curtains
So effortlessly
Understood without saying
Saw without, for once,
The show i must perform

But it also amazed me
How the truth had you appalled
How you only loved the character i perform.
A thousand times for them, and a million times for you.
Escape Nov 2021
Just in my dreams.
Just in my dreams.
You are.
Just in my dreams.
Escape Oct 2021
Pages between
A blank that drowns
Hours to count
Someone at distance
Someone who knows
Someone unaware of the blanks that surround
Of the blanks i count
the blanks more loyal to you than to me
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