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Escape 2d
Happiness, health, and peace
Thats all i wish for you love
Escape 6d
On my bad days, i miss you more
But on my good days
I miss you most.
Escape 6d
Miss you sunshine.
  May 7 Escape
Martin Boško
Of course, you can go
But I don't want you to
Of course, I don't have to know
But I feel I really do
Of course, we don't have to talk
But I will fall apart
Of course, I will let you walk
But it will crush my heart
Escape May 7
By a forever
What i really meant
For me
Its you until the end

But I dont ask you to stay
I dont ask you to give
I dont ask you to submit

Not because im not suffocating without it
But because
With me
Its miserable out here
and your heart's too young too naive
Too beautiful
To be caged in this eternal despair
Escape May 1
I dont care
I really dont

Take your time
I'll wait
Even it's going to take forever.
Escape Apr 30
Your silence
It's killing me
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