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Escape Nov 2022
Daisy times, daisy crimes.
Hope you're fine.
Escape Nov 2022
Iced, flakes
Lavender - this sky
Up, over, beyond, around
And inside

Dawns a deep desire

Such is the whisper
Such is the sight
Of a beautiful, beautiful
Substance pleochroic, darling mine with care
Escape Jun 2022
You can, shall, and will have it all, love.
Just take care of the heart you carry, the heart I adore.
Escape Feb 2022
Letters, possessions
Word from the core
Banks of hope
Butterflies, smiles
Want for more
Hold the world together
Care, a gentle stroke
Reminders, heights
Gold, truth
Love, elude
A life
Deep under the sea
Resist gravity.
Skipped a beat
Three in row
Escape Dec 2021
Standards are sick.
Escape Nov 2021
A delight
Something in this frame

Isn't quite right.
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