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Debra Lea Ryan Jan 2019
Whenever a gentle breeze kisses my skin
I eventually feel it moving within
To travel my streets of arteries and veins
Over and over and over again
And especially to the innermost part  of my mind
Where I acknowledge this is a special moment in Life!

Debra Lea Ryan
Moved to write this as my official first piece for 2019!  I really did sense the breeze in my silence and enjoyed the journey.
Debra Lea Ryan Jan 2017
My Heart Feels Heavy
When My Head is cluttered
By certain words uttered by Another
That cause me despair
  Respond I then want to
With words that care
Keep my dialogue Kind
Refined and Respectful

Debra Lea Ryan Dec 2016
Rose Without Thorns
You Are  Kissed
By The Sun
A Beautiful Flower
I Truly love.

Rosa senza spine
Si sono baciati
Dal sole
Un bel fiore
Amo veramente.

Debra Lea Ryan Nov 2016
Have you ever Thought
Deep within your Mind
A Reminder
To BE wise
Stay Kind....

Debra Lea Ryan Nov 2016
When stung by a certain pain
For a second you are almost  insane
However you  quickly  figure out
Not to bottom out
By choosing to see what you need to
In  a different light
Like wisely surrender from the fight
Long enough to remember
It is not your battle
So why take it on
Move On!
Debra Lea Ryan Nov 2016
What can I say
Would You Listen Anyway
I think about You
Every Day, Every Night
This is my plight
I've even tried to erase You from my Mind
By thinking words that are  unkind
Till I escape the jumble of lies
And let Love Survive!

Debra Lea Ryan Oct 2016
When I think of You
I Hum from Within
The kind of Song
Where True Love Sings

There is no mistaking
Or Heart Aching
Just the Rush
Of Blood Pulsating

Perfect timing
Rhythmically Exciting
Love Igniting
A Song so Striking

When I Think Of You /La La La
When I Think of You/La La La
When I Think of You
Yes When I Think Of You....

Inspired by Song and Maybe You Bebe! LOL :P
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