She Writes Jun 24
I bite my lip
Until I bleed
To prevent my thoughts
From pouring out
Drowning you
Before we have a chance
To swim
Try to look your best
While you can’t even find a single dress.

Figured an easy task,
But, heck, you haven’t even been asked....

So walk around, don’t sit.
Go in circles to find a cheap lip kit,

And hope for another chance
Because this just may be your last dance.

Uhg. Meh.
mikumiku Apr 13
You close your eyes and take a glass
Put in some ice and grab my ass
Pour in red wine then take a sip
I call you mine and bite your lip
Karisa Brown Mar 21
Skin torched
Tongue porcelain
Unable to convey
What I have to say
One day
One day
light escapes upon
the little ridge of his lip
and bounces to me
Annete Jan 5
I leaned back
And started falling
Into the haze
Of your scent,
Absorbing the opium
From your fingertips,
Saturating from your
Deep brown eyes.

It only takes seconds
But feels forever,
I bite my lip
As you watch me land
On your white bed sheets.
K Balachandran Nov 2017
Evening sun's, hot pulsating lips,
fervently seek the ocean blue, touch
for a sizzling, long,passionate kiss.
The ecstasy resulted makes inroads
as waves of anesthetic darkness,
engulfing the glow of consciousness
bringing the world as a whole
in to a soporiferous languor,pleasurable.
Zero Nine Jul 2017
In the end it doesn't matter if I get my tits touched or my dick sucked
Get permission to lip little kisses on your hip skin, kiss that butt
It turns out I can please myself, with my mouth, only the wall's help
Just playing around with rhythm and word order.
Zero Nine Jun 2017
what are we, i ask myself
   i own
      no statement
only feeble questions

i see your blushing face asleep on trash
but i could never see my freezing heart
at ease at the fire's eager edge, only in it

now i offer life anew at your brick and mortar altar
where once i'd incinerate my own skin
maybe if i pray hard, i'll pray your apathy away
when words are all i have to give
it's the most fitting gift to receive

i suppose

when i consign my primal urge to dead space
i consign in full view of destinies lost
grow dead to human touch

sniffing all the lacquer off your short nails
quick to bed, while high i await morning's rise
wakeful through the night, tooth to lip

   my wanting hand

      silently crawls

     my tender thigh
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