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rgz Mar 2019
yester to yonder
the mountains would wander
and ponder on what they should do
"Let's visit the forest." "Let's trek through the desert."
"Let's dip in the cold ocean blue." "Let's travel the poles."
"Let's dig a big hole." "No, let's swim through a river or two."
East, West, North and South, they circled round, never settling down
Until one day they caught sight of you. Not before had there been
a more enveloping scene, they knew at once what they would do.
So they settled their feet, "Let's stay here." they agreed and to this day they still haven't moved
Kabelo Maverick Feb 2019
In a nutshell,
I’m not a circle
but speed humps ahead
That’s hell…
and it’s not a hurdle
I’m seeking to
jump again
Joshua Nieves Nov 2015
We are all different leaves,
off the same Fall tree.
Stefan Smith Jan 2015
You were a slave
to the pre-established ambitions
of a heightless power.
due to your distinction.
into your choices.
Now you sit.
Proud of your seat,
But not knowing
You can stand.
The illusion of societal obligation.

— The End —