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Poetria Feb 2020
i choke on these words
that have fled from containment
i sob and i take
gulps of air like hydration

i starve to maintain
this excess of hate
that sits loud and patient
across my whole navel

i blame these sharp words
that sneak out through my teeth
they lash out at you
as you stare wide at me

my headlights alarming your doe eyes
(no malice apparent but it breeds behind light)
as i speak in these slices of sentencing spite
(then i silently lie and regret in the night)

thought i grew this act out,
but i caved it all in
let it push its way up
let it surface my skin
just to see myself lose
what i thought was a win
i'm sorry i speak so unkindly sometimes
Phoenix Nov 2019
Sometimes i see no point
in trying to fix myself
only to be broken again.
It hurts, ya know?
Yuehan Oct 2019
As the night bloom
in sparkling lights
of stars and moon
wind is whistling in a lovely tune
You and me dancing
In an empty room
swaying in silence
feeling each other's presence
I am here but you were there
but your scent was everywhere
an apparition
a divine intervention
an unfathomable notion
that you were once here
feelings seems to adhere
oh dear
how i wish you were here
I really miss you dear
Anastasia Sep 2019
She had a heart of ice
Holding his, she squeezed
He stumbled back, and she looked him in the eyes
She told herself he deserved it
Tears pooled in his eyes as he clutched his chest
“What you did,” She said
“It hurt,”
“You said you’d never hurt me,”
She said, her heart melting
She squeezed again
Blood dripping down her hands
He fell to his knees
She got closer
“We were supposed to be happy,”
She sobbed
He leaned in
And whispered his last words
“I never meant to”
And thats when it shattered
Tiger Striped Sep 2019
pictures of you that i
stapled to my
pillow, so that
you're there when
i'm lonely or
so that you
sop up my sobs and
soak in my screams, you
are beneath my deepest dreams and my
nightmares, too
i feel as though my body is no longer mine
a stranger in my own home

a b a n d o n e d * and *b r o k e n

isn't it funny how the one place i'm supposed to feel safest
is the one that does the most  d a m a g e
hey guys hope you like this one, its been one of the hardest poems i have had to write simply because its one of the most honest poems i've written in a while. please let me know what your thoughts are, your feedback is always appreciated
a sad word in many ways
we almost had our chance
our chance to finally be happy
not just together but also with ourselves
we almost made it
maybe if one of us held on we would still be together
maybe the  "almost" being in love is what saved us
maybe this almost love story was enough
maybe this almost was our everything
this is one of my favorite writes.  
i hope you love it as much as i do.
please be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments.
Anastasia Jul 2019
Hot tears
Roll down my face
With shimmering eyes
"How could you?!"
I scream,
Hugging myself
Butterflies fly out of my throat as I cry
"You promised!"
"You promised me!"
I can't stop the heaving
Sobs escape out of my stomach
Heat takes over
Quietly I say
"You promised forever..."
I cry myself to sleep
And salty cheeks
My head being blown up
Just like my phone
I can’t take the pressure
What did I get myself into
I feel like I’m going crazy
With an urge to yank my hair
And slam my head
Against a wall until it bleeds
Scream to let the pressure out
And sob to release the weight
Steve Page Jun 2019
Your tears will speak for you
while your loss dries up all words.

The spreading tearstains
on my shoulder
are eloquent enough.
Loss strikes you dumb. That's okay.  Just find someone to hold you.
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