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Colm Aug 2020
Waves, cutting snow, soaring star beams incomplete
From the ocean lows to the burning hot asphalt sharp beneath
And in running these risers with both fire and ferocity shown
Burn brighter than moons and more fervently than fires
Over a misty river breath breathed out all at once alone
Just as rings of power are now deadened by time
I cannot even begin to describe
These feelings of mine
I cannot even begin
Felicity Paris Apr 2020
she will fly like the raven:
open her eyes, spread her wings, and soar.
she will hold awesome and everlasting beauty.

her name cannot be spoken.
and her heart of gold will sit upon God’s mighty hand.
she will defy all odds.
she is wonderous.
Timothy Mar 2020
soaring above sorrow:
a bird
Bhill Dec 2019
Soaring through the clouds
The hawk observes his next meal
Dropping in to dine

Brian Hill - 2019 # 325
Cycle of life.
leo arden Aug 2019
silent is the night,

for the creatures of day

in this kingdom of shadow

are with eyes shut tight.

all but the lone,

the restless in the sky,

searching; observing;

soaring high and high.

all but the owl,

alone in the night.
in this kingdom of shadow, only owls are nocturnal. ;)
Penmann Jun 2019
A killer spread his wings above my sky
Falcon from the top of the hill
Nested so close

I'm watching him soar
We are all prey

No one cares about the killers anymore
The silence is his gold
Speed in his blood

He keeps me doing what i want
Keeping my eye up in the sky
As he watches me
You had to
Shoot me down
As I was a bird
Flying to soar
And you did not want
Others learning how
To fly away anymore.
Just like the barn owl
Ever the ethereal nun
Kneeling in the branches
Closer to the warmth of the sun
Spreading butterflies
Far away from your aim
With heavy huntress chastise
Away from your cold plain.
© Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
Bhill May 2019
How and why is it birds can fly
What do they see, when they're up in the sky

So high, up above, and playing amongst clouds
Floating and soaring without any crowds

Finding the wind, to be their best friend
Having no fear of falling, never finding the end

Being free in the sky is a wonderful sensation
I can only see and feel it, in my mind's imagination

I imagine myself with a beautiful pair of wings
Finding solitude and beauty as only flying can bring...

Brian Hill - 2019#124
Inspired by watching the birds doing their thing...
Watching birds fly has been a wonderment my whole life.
Enjoy them as they take flight and freely float above us...
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