Jasmin A Jul 13

Nothing can upset me more than the ground
Although, I've only touched the sky in few places
The clouds tasted sweeter over the ocean
But you, your air, it's sweeter and I'd rather roam your skies

I haven't been on in so long.. J.A.
Makayla Shea Jul 1

I look out the window
I see the sky
I watch these birds fly by
They glide with the wind
Rise up against the swells
Where they go no one tells
It is all a mystery
The way the birds fly
The reasons people always die
The reason I'm always alone
Remains completely unknown
Atleast to me
It may be easy for others to see
But I know not
This is my plot
And im alright with it
So long as I get to watch
For watching brings no pain
It is only in the actual act of soaring
That one can ever fall
So whats the point of trying at all?

Just a random poem I thought up.

Cruelty and savagery explodes upon our streets
violence multiplies in every part of society
nobodies safe in the urban jungle or their homes
promises to cure the soaring carnage has failed
deaths go on as the young rule many no go areas
where is the law and order to protect the people
why are the taxpayers pockets endlessly drained
there is still too much ground left blood stained!

Emergency services being attacked on their call outs
hospital staff assaulted in Britain's A and E units
trying to help all the thousands of drunken revellers
as those giving support are being put under pressure
decision makers seem to live in a different dimension
as their statistics down play just what is happening
out in the harsh concrete and tarmac jungle no control
if gangs and criminals power grows evil will take its toll!

Law and order has been dissipated society breaks down
as with official bureaucracy we all shall drown!

This could apply to anywhere on our overburdened earth!


Who really is in control where the few rich rule the majority!
JAC Jan 27

You can be likened to a kite
Bright, vibrant, fun
And you fly higher
The longer the string you are given
And I know
Even though I know nothing
That you would soar
With nothing tied to your ankle.

Marco Jimenez Mar 2013

flying like the wind but ever calm
sun warming me as I reach out my palm
a blanket of warmth like no other
similar to that of a loving mother
soaring among the oceans in the sky
a feeling that brings a tear to my eye
such beauty in silence I’ve never heard
i dare not speak a single word
a dream it would seem has come to life
as ever real as skin to knife
as present as the beat of a lifted heart
never swaying or straying too far
not afraid to fall and die
a feeling as immortal as the oceans in the sky

I wrote this a few years ago. their are just some things, some places, and some people that make us all feel like the greatest, strongest and happiest person in the world.
Charlie Hazels Nov 2016

If losing yourself is like drowning in the deepest sea
Then I'm being drowned by society
Down into isolation and darkness
I realise it's important so hark! This
Person is finding out just who they are
It's taken time and I've travelled far
But I'm sinking and flying at the same time
If you've got a problem you can wait in line
Behind all the bullies and people I've been mean to
I'm starting to get my problems seen to
By doing it myself and carpe firm
I need to be me so they can be them
Heading down I don't know the words
But up in the sky it all seems absurd
It's safer to be a serious straight woman
Than a fun bi genderqueer who can
Do whatever the hell they like
And don't feel scared be "fag" or "dyke"
Being yelled at across the street and whispered on the stair
Because confidence means they just don't care
What people think or how they behave
So standing up for myself isn't brace
It's supporting human rights and I have a right to be
Here on this earth as part of this world
Not in the sea or sky, not boy or girl

Maggie Grace Apr 2016

As the earth rotates,
I begin to notice a change in myself
The beginning of a new light
filled with companionship and warmth,
but also a contemporary form of solidarity
that I have never been able to feel.

With this, I am content.
The chains and anchors
can no longer restrain my heart

I am free with the gentle breeze
coasting over the indigo waters
alongside the gulls and dragonflies
I am soaring with open wings
feeling the wind beneath my feathers

And with a sigh of relief,
I whisper to myself-
I am going places

Kaeli Hearn Feb 2016

Paper plane high above the clouds
Soaring - Flying - Wind

Paper plane shoots into the stars
Soaring - Flying - Wind

Paper plane too high to see all the tiny people, tiny places, tiny faces, tiny problems
Soaring - Flying - Wind

Paper plane high in the stars, moon, sun, & clouds.

brandon nagley Nov 2015

Soaring free;
Holding onto
The wing's of mine queen.

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane nagley dedication-filipino rose

The Bleak Poet Nov 2015

Sometimes I wish I was a bird.
I would be able to fly away.
Not deal with any problems.
Not feel any stress.
Not know any fear.
Not a care in the world.

Sometimes I wish I was a bird
So I can avoid the shitty people,
So I can fly high above the clouds,
Feel the tension leave my body,
Feel the wind beneath my wings,
I can soar.          

Sometimes I wish I was a bird
I can see the world from a new view
Everything looks so small up here
I'm sure I look small too.
I certainly feel small.
I'm insignificant.

Sometimes I wish I was a bird
I can fly away from everything.
Instead of migrating for a season,
I'll migrate for a lifetime.
Leave this world behind me.
Leave everything in the past.

Simply, because I am a bird.

– Birds // F.C.

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