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Kairosclere Oct 2021
I know things seem to be difficult right now.
The energy seems to be low.
I don't know, but there's something in the air.
I found a page, fall out of a book, a single line scribbled in it:
Fear of nightmares evades sleep,
And fear of problems evades life.
Everything that's hapenning right now,
Is for a reason.
Stay strongšŸŒ»
Kairosclere Oct 2021
If not for the hope
That dreary days will once end,
I couldn't see forward.
Long time no see!
Kairosclere Sep 2021
...tangible, but not yet,
As feelings often aren't,
But feel like a person next to you,
Solid, within reach,)
That putting these thoughts into paper
Becomes a herculean task-
For how can you
Give form to something
That yearns to be formless?
It takes much courage to put your being on display,
Where each word is laced with glass shards, kite ropes,
That can cut and make bleed,
Yet that's what artists do...
Imagine trying to speak but the words seem to cut your throat each time you utter a sound.

You may need to get your tonsils checked.
Kairosclere Aug 2021
There are millions of stories
Drifting clouds paint
Each day brings
A new sunset.
I saw this take on white woman's Instagram but for Indians and I fit all categories so I think I fit myself into the stereotypes of the societal standards and this is scary.
Kairosclere Aug 2021
It's a pity, really,
That things bright and gold, subtle,
Cannot simply be caught on camera.
It demands the presence of the observer
Who in their true mind
That cannot conjure up it's radiance,
To watch it personally
With awe.
Tbvh this is a case of blue curtains
Kairosclere Aug 2021
We are stuck in a loop
Where we are objects ourselves,
Learned to put on a display,
Well sought after prices
And used as the display cases
To flaunt the prowess
Of whoever owns us for this moment.

I yearn for someone
Who sees the person within,
And I know so do you.

Count your blessings, I say,
And ours is time,
Until eternity.
An edgy dialogue from a psychedelic play I wrote. We don't know simplicity here.
*drowns in work*
Kairosclere Aug 2021
I cried a few times
When the sky did too
And decided
That the sky reflects my mood.
Today, the sky cried,
And I cried with it too,
I took it upon myself
To reflect the sky's mood.
Well, I didn't cry but seemed like a nice thing to write about. Also because I wanna post something nice next lol.
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