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Kairosclere Aug 14
In all my imperfections
Let me be your favourite monster
The poison served
In a silver platter
The bleeding eye akin
To the brain most consider not
There's the crack next to yours
That this snake can slither in
Found under ozymandias's head
In a nowhere land
Where lie none
So take my word.
Kairosclere Aug 10
Inadvertently chasing dreams
Failing plans
To lead the way.
Kairosclere Jun 20
I wait with my eyes
Open to slits
Like the Cresent outside
For the minute the doors are closed
And the lights shut off
Finally bathing me in darkness
And invite my old friend in
And cry with him for hours
Beside me
While he whispers
" Nobody loves you"
"You're ugly"
So I make myself much more
Puffy eyes
And dead cheeks
Waiting yet again
For that reunion
Day after day
Alone in my bubble
Of hate and pain
And feel at home.
Kairosclere Jun 20
"Be a better person," you said
"Get out of it"
Don't you see I can't?
"This is all your fault"
"The demons you've made up
Don't even exist!"
But you've not met them.
"You have everything you'll ever need,
Everything you want"
Then why do you smile
At my helplessness?
"You've changed!"
" I don't like you anymore"
So to suit you,
I've improved my ways
There are better things
Better methods to cause pain
Apart from that knife you took away
And that blade
And that clip
And that scissor
Without evidence
Without scars
" It's all in your brain"
Rotting from within
You're right.
Bit by bit by bit
Until all of me is consumed
Bit by bit by bit
Until it's too late.
Kairosclere Jun 20
They wrote each other little notes all day long
It was their life line, it got them through the day strong
They wrote all the random things that they could possibly think
But the notes seemed short cause they read it in a blink
From chronicles of peaches and jelly
To the things that shouldn't even be silly
Some were really deep and meaningful Some were just so stupid that they became beautiful
Raiding each other's rough notes or diary was a daily thing that they did
These notes were their greatest treasure, to find these, to the ends of the earth you must dig
This whole thing is just something really simple but to them it was beyond special
It was like their little drug of happiness that occasionally made them mental
Not realizing how time got away quickly they now just read back the little notes they wrote to each other
Maybe the universe would be kind enough to let them write these once again as life moves further.
Written with Jennifer Selvan.
Kairosclere Jun 20
There are times when things don't go the way you want them to. There are times when things happen exactly as you wanted them to, but they didn't turn out that great. And there are those rare wonderful days, the ones you try so hard to never let go.
I've maybe said this a lot but with each person comes a different perspective. Hell, it might not suit you, might get you into misunderstandings and fights and the like, but when you're ready to hear and understand, maybe the other side too had a few patches of rot among the green grass.
I come attached with all my flaws and insecurities, those that make me toss and turn in my sleep when I most needed it, those that made me sleep for years on end, deceiving myself. But just as a smudge on an intricate painting, maybe we can hide our mistakes too. Or, show them to the world with so much pride and confidence, that your scars no longer define you, but your being does.
These few years have taught me many things. Yes, I have way too much to learn, too many things left to experience, but I am who I am because of the people around me.
But I don't imply everyone you meet turns out hiding a knife behind their backs to stab you in yours, but they're all lessons.
As in a book, you have chapters, and though you might want some to stretch on until forever, though you may want some things torn off of the book, and a few more even buried deep beneath the brown or burnt until unrecognisable, what happens has to happen, and trust me, things might just turn out to be pretty great for you. Watch, listen and learn from the things around you.
There are lessons and there are fairytale endings, there are chapters long and short, and there are too many genres than you can count. Here's what I have learnt, and here's what I have to say. To you, reading this, things will be okay. I'm here for you.
And so are these very lessons, to mould you into the beautiful being that you are, no matter the blemishes.
Maybe this story, these events do not completely belong to me. They're every bit yours, and may everything turn into an adventure!
So here I am, to bare my soul, and narrate the story of hurt, hope and healing <3
Kairosclere Jun 20
I will wait
For you to scramble
And dig around
The shallow stream
Of your being
And tell you
One last time
To maybe, wait,
Take a minute
To soak up that water
And grow into the
Majestic mighty
You were meant to
And, maybe realise
To look beyond
The vision
That your eyes
Can offer
Into mine
The fingerprints etched
Over my soul.
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