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Amanda Kay Burke May 2020
Tears fall heavier than ever

Each seems to be made of lead

Dense weights holding immense amounts of agony kept in my soul

So I release one by one so I can be light again
Soggy paperweights rolling down my cheeks
R Jun 2018
today i spilled the clorox
all over the linoleum tiles
i don't know why it matters
so much suddenly

that i'm alone
even just for a moment,
but even then i feel
alone for eternity

and the songs sound sadder
when you're sadder

but how can i be sadder when
there is nothing to be sad about,
at least not in my world?

mom says to stop letting myself
feel the pain of the world around me
because if i let it
seep into my mind,
into my being,
into my everything,
i will be too leaden to stand
GGA Aug 2015
We count hours slowly
Hot humid air hangs leaden
The days thick and course
Persistent, overbearing
So eternally August

— The End —