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the black rose Apr 2021
curled up,
eyes shut
with my back facing reality.
go unnoticed til you seek a source of
mutable mentality.
then you glimpse me at the corner of your eyes;
on accident,
on purpose,
by surprise?
or maybe by coincidence.
in a state,
sinking in a sunken place
eager to stand still
but the world, it never waits..
the black rose Mar 2020
take it or leave it,
or take it then leave it...
they'll take everything from you,
leave you empty,
& you'd let them...
because they're appealing to your mind,
in its lowest state;
you find interest in what's behind
but never knowing true face.
my dear,
be careful who you allow in your space.
Poetria Feb 2020
i choke on these words
that have fled from containment
i sob and i take
gulps of air like hydration

i starve to maintain
this excess of hate
that sits loud and patient
across my whole navel

i blame these sharp words
that sneak out through my teeth
they lash out at you
as you stare wide at me

my headlights alarming your doe eyes
(no malice apparent but it breeds behind light)
as i speak in these slices of sentencing spite
(then i silently lie and regret in the night)

thought i grew this act out,
but i caved it all in
let it push its way up
let it surface my skin
just to see myself lose
what i thought was a win
i'm sorry i speak so unkindly sometimes
the black rose Dec 2018
be not influenced by the forces that try to dim your light.
your dna consists of forces that demand you shine bright.
don’t you ever play small,
though sometimes you may fall.
get back up & keep going,
the world needs you.
be blessed everyone ;)
the black rose Dec 2018
i appreciate you,
& the more i think about it i can’t see myself without you.
it may seem too soon to tell,
but my heart is so manipulative.
though logic says otherwise,
love says do not give up.
because if you want it bad enough,
it’s yours ❤️
the black rose Dec 2018
no love for the weak,
only loving on weekends.
no love through the week,
i am at my wits end.

let me love you,
let me need you.
you can have your cake and eat too.
Superman, your cape is crumpled in the corner of the room.
you can’t save these hoes and me too.
i can’t let them win, i need you.
i can’t let you in, if you don’t let me in.
i wont lose, you know im playing for the win.
for the remainder of this year im gonna be posting incomplete poems, creating space for new ideas. ❤️
the black rose Dec 2018
soo much positive vibes,
im elevating
to peace of mind,
im evolving.
i free my mind in a higher place.
i need my time,
i need my space.
i am sublime,
can’t find a trace of me,
i am only here.
i am light & love,
sowing seeds of ever promise.
ill make you aware,
help you to see the seeds you’ve harvest.
the black rose Dec 2018
i am from the place of the stars and the moon.
where planets,
they bloom like a flower.
i am far away,
still i feel so at home.
awaiting a count down to my final hour.
i won’t be here,
in a light year.
but ill leave a memory,
oh so faint.
you’ll see sparks of certain memories that you may have never seen.
questioning reality
or a lucid dream.
inspired by the 100.
the black rose Dec 2018
i worry less about having more,
& cherish all that i have.
i am distant from complaint,
i do what i can to help.
i live a life in my eyes pleasing,
ive seen true purpose,
need no more reason.
i have been chosen,
to uplift,
i have a special chosen gift.
a light being,
i stand apart.
embracing beauty,
exploring heart.
a wise girl from the east,
who’s seen her share of fears,
stands fearless at the gates of hell,
her skin embraced with stares.
no longer tied to the level,
a new portal opened up.
her demons wave,
her demons cry,
“to a great warrior,
we wish you luck.”
the black rose Dec 2018
when you’re lost in the wind,
i own the words to soothe your soul.
keep your diamonds,
i am worth far much more than gold.
inner peace, especially
you’ll find when you get near me
your fears alleviate.
you’ll see the unseen.
my aura is of essence,
my destiny derived
from the bloodline of creation.
i am creator,
in disguise.
you see the linger in my eyes.
you see all that you’ve been deprived.
i am the truth.
i see fulfillment in my youth.
simple blessings,
i am simply blessed.
when i am lagging i just catch my breath.
a certain healing in the wind,
a certain power from within.
a flower from the earth,
a flame you can’t put out.
more power to the earth,
reveal all you are about.
a soul with depth of oceans,
light energy waves in motion.
so calm,
silent devotion,
a dose of magic potion.
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