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i feel as though my body is no longer mine
a stranger in my own home

a b a n d o n e d * and *b r o k e n

isn't it funny how the one place i'm supposed to feel safest
is the one that does the most  d a m a g e
hey guys hope you like this one, its been one of the hardest poems i have had to write simply because its one of the most honest poems i've written in a while. please let me know what your thoughts are, your feedback is always appreciated
im not whole enough to love
and be loved
in return
something short, been a while I know tbh I feel like im always doing this oh well.... ill try to be better
I wish I had realized sooner that the love I was searching for in you
was already hidden
within myself
something short but really powerful for you guys.
please be sure to give me your feedback.
I want to be touched by you
but not in the conventional way
oh no
I long to be touched
I want you to undress my mind with your thoughts
don't forget to comment, let me know what you guys think.
although i seem fine
the life i live is a lie
for im dead inside
thought id try something different
feedback on this poem would be great
i hope you like it
a sad word in many ways
we almost had our chance
our chance to finally be happy
not just together but also with ourselves
we almost made it
maybe if one of us held on we would still be together
maybe the  "almost" being in love is what saved us
maybe this almost love story was enough
maybe this almost was our everything
this is one of my favorite writes.  
i hope you love it as much as i do.
please be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments.
its sad
the way i allowed myself to be treated as an afterthought
but then again
maybe being known as  his sometimes
was better than not being known at all
uhhhm been a while since i have posted so im just trying to be more active, please let me know what you guys think.
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