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nightdew Apr 2020
you were the one that made my heart race with excitement
you were also the one that turned my heart into stone.
nightdew Apr 2020
i will give you my heart
even if i know you'll be
the one to shatter it into
pieces and i'll be left on
the floor  broken while
trying to put the pieces
back             together.
nightdew Apr 2020
meeting you has caused me to lie awake at night,
staring at the stars on my ceiling.

my sleep has been broken throughout the night,
and you're the sole reason for my insomnia.
nightdew Apr 2020
you taught me that just because we fit together, like two missing pieces that finally found their way after being seperated by the sea for years ; doesn't mean we're meant to be.
nightdew Apr 2020
my heart doesn't want to let you go,
because you made me feel something other than numbness.

my brain cries to let you go,
because you're going to cost me much more than just a heartbreak.
nightdew Mar 2020
you control a part of me
without even realizing the power
you have over me.

save me from a pending heartbreak
by slowly giving me back control
and hand over my heart.
  Mar 2020 nightdew
our heartbeats
can never be in sync;
for I know mine
will always be beating
faster than yours
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