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nightdew May 6
i love it most when you tackle me
with your arms swinging onto me
as we form our embrace.

                                                                          and for once it makes me
                                                                   feel safe, even though i'm free
                                                                                falling into your arms.

but i know you won't be the one
to catch me. because your heart's
e     l     s     e     w     h     e     r     e.
you love him and it's final
nightdew Apr 29
when i let you go,
             please take your belongings with you.
when i plead you no more,
             please understand my desires has vanished.
when i release your hands,
             please clasp yours together.
when i inhale fresh air,
             please don't let yours become polluted.
when i aim to please you no more,
             please don't tear yourself apart.
maybe some of us need to let some go.
nightdew Apr 3
Trapped in the corner of my confined room,
with wonder fluttering in the pit of my stomach,
and an unknown path that is yet to be paved ahead of me.

Imprisoned in the resentment of others,
that happens to echo in the vacant spaces of words,
with little provisions of positivity from others.

Grey clouds hover over me,
blocking out the sun’s mellow rays,
and forbid me from thinking of ever seeing the light.

Sharp whispers are heard from the back of my mind,
reverberating endlessly as the snarkiest comments are formed,
from plump pink lips as all eyes are set on me.

“Do you not have any dreams?”
they ask in saccharine tones laced with surprise,
and I shrug my shoulders; thinking and thinking.

Legion amount of strolling is done on the land of the unknown,
tethering along the shoreline of the known,
to compose an answer for their prying mouths.

The mirror that used to stand broadly by the door,
has shattered into pieces and shards flood the floor;
a perfect representation of my dreams.

Mother’s words begin to come to me,
like a warm blanket on a cold winter day,
“growth begins on the inside.”

Like that delicate *** of sunflowers,
she’s tended for day and night,
they expand not because of negativity.

To flourish means to be thrown in despair,
and come back out thriving, striving, luxuriant,
to surpass the grey clouds for the transcendent sunlight.

I take their words,
absorb it like it’s nutritious,
and release it like oxygen.

I’m sprouting dangerously,
exceeding the limits and surpassing heights,
but who’s to stop the beanstalk, not Jack.
let go, you can grow.
nightdew Mar 26
you may never notice,
but as the dawn breaks,
and dust leaves,
my desire for your
touch never fades.
blinded by whatever
nightdew Mar 25
he wears bruises as skin
and scars as tattoos.

in what he calls home;
are echoes of blinding screams,
are loud screeches of pain,
are impulsive reactions.

he's uncertain what the term
"family" possesses
only believing it's pain.

what he couldn't learn
was that family could
be sweet and peaceful.

and so he wears bruises from
the fights he tried to break.
and scars as pride in the memory.
family issues are resolvable,
you can do it. ***
nightdew Mar 19
father says to conquer my fears,
but how can i when losing you is always
at the fault line?

when the earthquake strikes,
the tectonic plates shuffle,
slipping and grinding.

oh father, how can i conquer my fears,
when it's always on the line?

i can't help the thought of losing you,
how can i ever conquer that?
*** love
nightdew Mar 19
can you hear my heartbeat,
casually exploding in my chest,
when your eyes sets on mine.

can you listen to the musical throbs,
and dance along to the rhythm,
when you decide i'm worth it.

can you settle your soft hands,
slightly above my chest,
and just freeze time.

listen, listen, listen.
my heartbeat goes,
***, ***, ***, ***.
can't take my eyes off of you,
can't take my heartache from you,
can't freeze time and look at you,
make yourself mine,
sweet darlin.
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