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faeri May 2019
If we got that far what happens next?
Does our story continue or end right there?
Do we go back to our favorite page and start again?
Or do we turn the cover and start a new book?
faeri Feb 2019
I'd like to say
Our love is like
Puzzle pieces.
Even if our pieces
Are worn
And hands don't
Fit anymore,
The picture we
Made together will always
Be beautiful
In our memories.
first official poem of 2019
faeri Dec 2018
I'm not a pretty sunset on the beach
With small waves and a spring breeze.
My waves are high
They rumble fiercely.
No coral reef but a bed of rocks that guards ***** and sea urchins.
But I'll still love you more than the waves will ever love the shore.
faeri Oct 2018
It's black with bits of white and Grey resembling the tombstones of flames.
Lightning beneath the cinders illuminate the ashes with flashes of white light.
The sooty sky is so dull but it's still shines.
I said this in a dream...
faeri Sep 2018
The way the surface of the water is frozen
calling for you to break its perfect state.
Crystal slate
easily fractured with the slightest touch.
Slowly ripples of different sizes make their way
across the liquid diamond
ending the tranquility it had.
Life's temporary stillness can be compared to that of a pool at midnight.
faeri Sep 2018
You're a cup of tea
with extracts of joy and kindness
sweetened with a little
faeri Sep 2018
We drifted;
Like the continents,
Like icebergs,
Like thoughts.

Like lovers,
we drifted.
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