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Deep Jul 2023
You were also
promising in the
like political parties,
But as the time passed
the reality unfolded,

Power corrupts them,
But to you, my love, my love
Deep Jun 2023
The knock on my door
is absent,
Slipper's noise is
replaced by murmurs
of my mind,

A visitor who was
regular is missing,

It's been a month now
The room is the
only world
next to the person.
Now I have only this room,

those who leave us
are the ones
who heap promises,

Suffering is common theme
in each event,
Tears are limited like laughs,
Someone is laughing on my behalf,
I may laugh someday
Only to cry again,

the repetitions are scary,
not always,
if we learn and hone our
skill to manipulate
the manipulator.

I am not wise
And who is wise?
The wisest in this world begged
for the presence of
their significant others.
Deep May 2023
And pulled,
patted, caressed
like a puppy
to **** time,
I lie there, waiting
to be called again,
Wagging my tail I run
hoping for some
remnants left from your plate,

The hopeless affair of a master
and a slave goes on,
Freedom scares me,
Solitude stifles me,
So, I linger in this derangement
living and loving the abuse.
Deep May 2023
Twice decieved
I pounce on my trust
in conflicting mind to tear
it apart,
I move around in my own fear
To trust you again or linger in this
madness thrusted upon me
Life was bitter in your absence
But you made it worse with the triangle,
I'm not good in geometry neither
in maths,
I might fail
And failing is better than living in the fear of failure.
I'm deceived again, a poet deserves this I guess
Deep Feb 2023
Wrapped around the trunk
I taste the venom of my own tongue,
I lick the skin
in search of an antidote,
My last breath simulating the first
doubles the thirst to live,
But alas!
My love forsakes me to death
trunk was her thigh where this poem was written I recall the blak ink splintered around like a snake. I was no poet only her lover
Deep Jan 2023
Two flowers in a vase
leading a third scent,
Aware of dryness, like
fatalists, they move headlong!
Writing this poem when both are together for five days
Deep Jan 2023
I'm sleeping in the shade of her comfort
In longing,
I call her name,
She is in a mourning state as if she's lost
her dear possession,
tying hope in the left remnants,
she smiles at my call caressing my forehead,
"Sleep, my love!"
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