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Deep Jul 25
Walk mildly,
slowly like an ascetic
Like you see the destination,
its shams and pretence,
Its momentary bliss
And the new destination again,

Walk like nothing excites you
Or worry you,
your gnawing past or
hungry present or
starving future,
Pay heed to none,

They will doubt you
Many will cast abusive looks
when you undertake a task
inconcievable by them,
Pay no attention
Move on like you are deaf
Speak not like you are dumb,

Many greats have walked this path
Deaf, Dumb and Blind,
So cut the noise
shut your eye,
This mediocre crowd
is not worthy of your attention.

Move on like an ascetic
Like you know your destination.
Deep Jul 16
Just marking your absence
like a dog marks his path,
on wheels, and poles,
and sometimes on bed also...:)
Deep Jul 13
Motivation is high
A trophy awaits in the end,
I'm like a child in swimming
but I know to flutter my arms and legs,
I'm certain that this won't be easy
But I'm also certain that I won't drown,
I want to live a life on
the other side of the river dearly.
Hope beginning motivation
Deep Jul 10
The remnants of our closeness
were eaten by our egos
Like cemented pillars we were affixed
in our resolution to not move,

Memory is shedding tears now
visiting that old site where our homes were,
The debris is disturbing to the eye
the stain of blood is not visible but
the ****** of this heart was in proportion
to the hundred wars.
Deep Jul 8
Video call?
That too, now?
We should talk first, my love,
on call, to know more about
the human in us.
Deep Jul 8
I'm an owl
behind a window watching
this wayward city wagging its
tail in silence.
Deep Jul 8
Browsing through the gallary of my phone
I found none solo photo of him,
Never said I, "Father I want to click your photo, look here"
Now, he is gone
And I have started forgetting how he looked.
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