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Deep May 25
Victory is resounding the dull cries,
Thousands became victim of a deranged mind,
The mighty whom people assigned power
To change the quality of life destroyed it completely,
The cries, the lament of innocents;
boys without mother, girls without father, parents losing the only light, and the only lover who loved her like she dreamt-
All are lost somewhere in the blame game.
Deep Apr 13
The separation stretches for more than twenty hours,
I wait and wait and wait...
On the lonely station
For a train that gets canceled
After getting delayed for so long,

I yearn for the journey
The destination beguiles me,
So, if not by train
I'll cover the distance imagining
the time which tied us together like spokes of a wheel.
Deep Mar 20
Dictating my mood
with a single thumb press,
I'm happy
Or Sad
It's only a matter of your single Text.
Deep Mar 16
Heartache is waiting,
Again I'm falling in love...
Deep Mar 11
Making the night
by our
Deep Mar 10
I was walking yesterday
I am now,
And I will be tomorrow,
Nothing has changed,
We're hopeless and starved yesterday,
We're hopeless and starving now,
Day changes, the sun changes its course
But  we move on to the same dusty road
in search of handy chores
to hear the jingle in our pockets.

The stakes were different at different times.
Earlier it was thirst and hunger,
Now is the fight against stillness,
We cannot stop.
The houses that we built
The families that lived in it
barricaded from moving ahead,
But we must move on.

The vehicles, the baton, the air, the iron,
the hands of rich and politicians equally
noosing our neck, rammed us in desperation,
As we vowed not to stop.

Our sweat and blood wicks the lamps
glowing in those homes,
We are the horses that pulled these lifeless cities,
the moon shadowed under its corruption.
But we cannot compromise,
My life depends on the walk,
And I have to walk.

We cannot stop.
We must walk.
For those who stop withers early.
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