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Anne Oct 2018
My faith and heart
Were bold and brazen
When your hand
Enfolded my hand

As the floating slate wool up
our skies
Cried and you
And I
Were unplanned

And faith was watered
With bittersweet tears
My heart did not

When you hesitated
And pulled eme in
Your arms
My faith
Had silenced
just another poem of the day
Anne Oct 2018
Holdin your arms tonight
Giving me all of you tonight
Giving me strength of you and me
Thinking bout us behind the trees
I never thought of us before
Now that I knew you I loved you more
As the time goes by
You're the one that left me behind
Humming and I started saying this words
Anne Oct 2018
I'm happy that you're my teacher
I enjoy each lesson that you teach
To dream and to work and to reach
With your kindness you get my attention
Everyday you are planting a seed
Of curiosity and motivation
To know and to grow and to succeed
You're still my inspiration
So I'm sending this to you
With all my love and gratitude
For teaching as you do
this is for my adviser to celebrate teachers day i know its kind of late for us cause international teachers day was October 5 so yeah just want to give this to all the teachers all around the world Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers
Anne Oct 2018
To Isaac (JOLAI? <3)
Who has come to my heart
And charmed my body and soul
And who has turned a bridge
Into a rainbow for us to walk on

Another year has passed for you
It's time to cut the cake and celebrate
And once again I start to think
Of the things about you that I appreciate

Happy Birthday, and many years to come
Who knows what our lives have in store
Happiness and lots of fun
Making the both of us stun
for my ex MU i just want to publish this even tho its to late for the both of us so yeah hope you all like it
Anne Jul 2018
Dear Dad, it’s your birthday,
And I want you to know
I admire you more
As the years come and go.

All your good qualities
Stand out and shine;
Fathers are invaluable,
And I’m so glad you’re mine!
Yeah its my dad's birthday today i just made a poem for him and i thought i'd post this here also so yeah hope ya'll enjoy it
Anne Jul 2018
When I look at him I see the hate in my eyes
The jealous rage that lives in my heart
Is the very thing that now tears me apart
Not I felt miserable
Every time I see him with someone
Later days felt incomplete
Feeling my mixed emotions
Felt my heart beats
''All about me'' journal
Anne Jul 2018
Many acts of generous offerings
Tender words of helpless mutterings
Expressing in words
Show of kindness
Didn't dismiss of a warm compassion
All have returned of pure compliance
''All about me'' journal
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