For a day let's pretend
As if nothing's wrong
Let's have a day together
Forget that we really are done
Let's act as if you are still mine
And I am still yours

I will hold your hand so tightly
Just like your grip on my heart
The time will stop for just the two of us
Everybody will disappear
We are alone in this big world
We have all the time in this world

I know tomorrow I'll wake up
Only to realize what really is real
I would hold you close to my chest
Stare at you until the end of time

I would inhale your scent and remember it
I would memorize every curve of your body
Every inch of your being will be retained in my mind
Let me have this day because tomorrow I'll die

Tomorrow you would once again kill me
You would tear my heart apart
It would be beyond repair
With the damage you would make.
The sadness is back again
Every ounce of me is weak
Loud laughs escapes my mouth
Covering up the sobs

I was trying to listen
The lesson the teacher says
But a flash of your face appears
Now, I'm tearing up again

The smile on your face
They brighten up my day
But I see you with her
My smile turns to a frown

I got a heavy heart
Constantly reminding me
Of the moment
The minute you told me no

The most painful no
No, you can't be mine
No, I can't be yours
No, I can not try

You made me believe
That love could be for me
Someone could be there
But I want that to be you

Pain has become my friend
A constant reminder
Of the existence of what I hate
Rejection of the person I love

I love you
You love me
But not the way I want you to
But the way I don't want you to

Tears flow from my eyes
A river flows in my face
Never ending because of the pain
Pain because of heart break
I hope it was not my fault
The wound was deep yet I poured salt
I think I made it worse
So shut me out and close those doors

You may think that I am such a fool
That I am a stupid tool
For even thinking about all these
So just end this

That is not what I truly wish for
My heart will turn sore
The pain just gets too much to bare
But this is rare

I will put up a strong facade for you
Though I wanna be true
Hide all the monsters that I despise
Never let them rise

I will spare you all the gore details
All the crazy tales
They will only scare you away from me
So, let's leave it be

Pale chapped lips and hollow eyes
The mouth release lies
Weak shaky hands reaches for mine
I might lose my mind

I hate the look on your once perfect face
They only count the days
But it is the memories that I will treasure
I'll miss them I'm sure

Just hold my hand for the time being
On your finger is a ring
A promise from me to you for all eternity
A symbol of our destiny

Our time together has come to an end
No more time to spend
So now I bid you farewell for this is it
The finish line of everything.
I'm completely exhausted.
The fights, the screams, everything.
It makes my ears ring.

I cry myself to sleep.
Wishing I could turn back time.
When i was nothing but a child.
But I am stuck in this timeline

I gave you my everything
But all you gave to me was nothing
I promised you endless things
But now my sacrifices are just nothing

For I see you everyday
Wasting your life away
With the person I hated the most

Through thick and thin
I went through hell and back
My god what is my sin?
Why do I feel this pain?

You screamed "I hate you"
Yet I whispered "I love you"
I kept all the burden inside
Hid it and locked it forever
Within me it will reside

I tried to understand you
But you never gave me a reason to
All you cared for was yourself
Always your needs and wants
Never once of mine

All I need was you
All I wanted was you
But then you left me
And who was torn to pieces?
Nobody else but me!

While you were out there partying
I was in my room crying
While you were dancing the night away
I was slowly fading away

You had a drink in your hand
I had a razor on mine
Liquor was spilled on you
Blood was oozing from me

I am now waiting
For the darknes
It will soon engulf me
For I am long exhausted.
Maybe it was your smile that caught me
A typical smile that could light up a room
The one that awakens the butterflies
The one that makes the sparks fly

Or maybe it was your beautiful eyes
Those orbs I could get lost in
It twinkles likes a star in the night
It mirrors your very soul

Or maybe it was your laugh
The one that is so loud and contagious
My favorite melody of all
I could listen to it all day

Or maybe it was your voice
It is of an angel's
You love talking and I love it
It soothes me everytime I hear it

Infinite reasons could be written down
But all I know is one thing
I love you and not just a part of you
It is your whole being I am inlove with
She has her wings open
But it looks broken
She wanna fly so high
Up in the sky

Is something stopping her?
Is something bothering her?
Why can't she?
Why won't she?

Look into her heart
And you'll know what is her desire
True love she seeks
She sees it, but never sees.
There she stands
So pure and golden
Like the ray of the sun
She shines so bright

Her skin so white
It has never been touched
It blinds my eyes
Just like how she blinds my heart.
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