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Pauper of Prose Dec 2018
My memories become
Motionless in midnight
Adept to freeze frames
Still seconds of past scenes
Linger on auditory loops
Repeat, remix, replay
Motionless my memories
Become in midnight
And at some point
The Spielberg center of my soul
Screams cut
Ashley Tarantino Nov 2018
Time is a monster,
that eats away your soul.
A nibble here.
A nibble there.
Until it takes its toll.
Undeniably the truth.
Time is a monster.
And it's favorite food is youth.
It's really suffocating to think that every breath you take is a moment slipping forever away.
Wes Noneya Feb 2017
Even in the darkest night
With winds cold kiss that tempest that batters
I would find or make shelter and light
To ruminate on all that matters

Of want and needs
Of those that do and don't
Of good and bad deeds
Of those that will and won't

Of death decay growth and life
Of joy and sorrow
Of triumph and strife
Of hope on the morrow

Of dew on a blade of grass
Of sunlight through trees
Of critical mass
Of conversations and the flight of bees

~Wes Noneya ©
Thomas Hatchett Dec 2016
I found a boardwalk in the woods
leading, seemingly, to nowhere,
In a timberland swamp I knew from younger days;
Decaying and rotten, likely long forgotten.
I wondered how long it had been there, abandoned to its fate:
being quietly mocked by the still standing timbers,
as yet spared the sawmills blade,
for its needless sacrifice, as its strength is weathered away; used but unrequited, wasted, faded and unmade.

I followed along its decrepit path
as far as I could make,
and laughed to myself and thought,
"Such is life's disarray."
To let release one's grip,
Not hold on anymore,
Walk away,
Rip it off,
Break it...
Though it cannot be undone.
The point was done,
It occurred, or it happened!

What was, was
What is, is
What is to be, will be!

What we were, we were
What we are, we are
What we will be...well...if we are to be, will be!

To let go is not easy.
It could be, but...
It also could not!

We could let it be,
Whatever that may be,
However it is to be!

'To let go requires the now.
What was done requires to let go now.
Let go now what was done,
Also requires to let be what will be!

To let go and let it be is part of the process of being,
It requires the now.

To let it go...
And let it be...

Past. Present. Future.
The one that stands above these is the present.

The present allows us to look to the past for lessons for the future.
The present is the best present!

The present! The gift!
I hope you not only enjoy, but are able to reflect, learn, and apply.
Nora Apr 2016
i dream of the day
where i’ll be able to say
i know how to enjoy
Free Time, Me Time, Time
Alone with no crimes,
instead of yearning for
hours at a job i deplore
because i can’t bear myself
Nora Feb 2016
I’ve always been drawn
To the artists,
The new greats,
The aesthetes,
The painters,
The writers and the
Ones who dress
Like they’re out of
A low budget
Film from the 90s -
Chic, noir, vintage,
And just so strikingly
Unique. But I am not
Like them, and they
Do not like me - I
Am weird and aloof,
Sloppy and silly,
Withdrawn and witty,
Sporadic in art and
Thought. A nomad
Of culture and crowds,
Too deviant for them:
Au revoir.
Who am I?

I'm nobody special.

I drive the streets and give rides to strangers.
I stare at the night sky waiting for something amazing to happen.
I talk to God like how one talks to one's self.
I kiss my kids good night or goodbye as if it's my last.
I am waiting to die or for the coming of the holy king to establish his kingdom.
I could come across as dull or perhaps gloomy.

I adapt, but no longer...
For it does not what I do because I prefer to be nobody, because I am letting go!

Enoch walked with the Lord and was no more...
So to I shall be!
Time is,
When a child,
Like honey,
When grown,
Like a drying lake.
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