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Masked Voice Aug 2019
Wish we could fly high,
over to the paradise,
and make an ally.

Who would that be?
Birds, Planes, or Clouds?

Clouds would be our homes,
in gleam and gloom.
Birds would sing to us,
at every phase of life.
Planes, do we
really need them, when we
have clouds to sail on?

Flying; sailing; ignoring the fears
and insecurities.
With the sun next door, and
rain in the soil of clouds,
It's such a beautiful day.

Lying down on the fluffy clouds,
We wonder,
if it is real, or a dream?

Under the bright sun and
the shimmering moon,
fighting for our attention.
We forget how the real world felt.

Amongst the thunders,
we sail through the challenges.
The adventures
experienced everyday tell us
that we aren't ghosts,
but humans who feel.
The tough sails remind us,
that we have each other.

That smile when we see an
island to rest,
Is so immaculate and real.
We fell in love with this surreal dream
Of clouds, of life and of sailing.
Holding on to how it felt,
was the promise we made.
We woke and then,
we lived the dream.
Masked Voice Jul 2019
Love is something we have
no luxury in giving or taking.
All we can do is surrender to it.
Love is too luxurious to any human, I guess.
Masked Voice Dec 2018
Sometimes you feel that all you need is to be in a relationship,
But when it actually happens, it hurts.. it hurts so much that you go numb, you just can't express how much it hurts.
But, then again you don't want to give up on your love.
What is this called? A relationship?
Does it even have a name?
Please do tell me the name of this kind of connection.
Masked Voice Dec 2018
You know how a rumor starts?
When you decide to share your feelings with someone, and they decide to turn it into juicy story and not to console, or relate to your feelings and advice you.
Going through a rumor is the hardest. So, let's just listen and not really care. Better that way than being a bad person.
Masked Voice May 2018
~They say the opposites attract each other.
So did they.
He proved his goodness everytime she smiled.
She proved her cruelty everytime he was in pain.~
Umm.. kinda violent? Maybe no coz everyone thinks the other way around,
Masked Voice May 2018
There's 50% chances you meet your soulmate and actually realize it.. but he/she cannot be your life partner.
There's an 80% chance that you get a life partner.. and make sure you make them your soulmate, coz that's what'll make your heart feel light and happy !
So, make that 50%, an 80% or make that 80%, a 100% .. haha ;)
Masked Voice Oct 2017
I've heard my heart many times, saying
" I'm haunted by humans. "
I saw my words bleeding.
Then gazed at her's,
which gave me hope or perhaps something more,
" Life ".
The bleeding words healed.
Broken smiles revived.
The silent heart beat in new rhythms.
My pale face re-lit.
sometimes, being inspired by someone or being influenced by someone and importance to that person can make you revive yourself or rather help you find who you are n what you are.
so keep trusting people though it's heart-breaking when they break your trust, it's just a temporary pain, you'll forget all about it when you find that person who'll love you n care for you to the ends of the universe.
too much said :) sorry if it was boring..
hope you'll like this xo
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