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Ryan Long May 2020
There's so much that I want to say
So much popping up in my feed and head today
But the fact is all that comes out now is
I'm so tired of this

You can't have an opinion unless you're white
You can't have an opinion unless you're black
You can't have, you can't think, you can't do
You're racist, you're not a Christian, you're not Jack

For You see,
I'm tired not for myself
But of all the negativity

I'm so tired of a culture that's bleeding
And we think tapping a keyboard is
Bringing about so much change
But it's not, it's leaving us needing

Needing change that isn't coming
Cause of us it's faltering
A constant uphill battle we've created
But to that end we keep running

We used to go out and help a man in desperate need
We used to give out to the hungry without filming it for our feed

We used to never know what happened on the other side of the globe
But now if we don't then we must be ignorant with a broken frontal lobe

We're called to address so many issues
But we don't take care of the ones that are
Right in front of us in our daily lives
You know the ones that you keep hid deep inside

We call out our fellow man and say I'm better
But the plank in our eyes keeps us from seeing that we have our own fetter.

I'm tired and worn
Maybe you are too
But what do we accomplish
By speaking what isn't true

I want to hear positivity
I want to know i made a difference
I met the need of someone
And created a smile where there was none

A lot have been struggling this year
No job, no money, stuck inside with fear

How about we ignore the social media
And focus on the neighbors that live next door
How about we focus on our communities first before we tackle more

How about we turn off the news
Go outside and make some instead

I'm just so tired and worn.
Ryan Long Jan 2018
To Marissa whom I love
the woman of my life
‎my dearest and closest friend
The one about to be my wife

8 years ago in a co-op class
Twas the place that we first met
I loved you from that moment on
Though I didn't know it yet

End of the school year
And parted ways did we
Different directions for a time
The Lord did have us be

Lessons to learn
and morals to keep
Growing in spirit
Our faith in Christ growing deep

Many years later,
Under the fire work lit sky
I finally asked you out
And yes was your reply

I fell in love with
That sparkle in your eye
Deep and blue like the sea
And bright as the sky

I fell in love with your laugh
So joyful and carefree
A testament to God's love
That resides in you and me

I fell in love with you
The peace to my chaos
My calm and balance
Without you I'd be at a loss

I stand here now ready
My vows to pledge to you
Promises of faith and love
And of trials to weather through

I promise to love you
For the rest of my days
I just hope you'll put up with me
And all my crazy ways

I promise to be strong
A shelter ever steady
A place to rest and be at peace
I will always be ready

To hold you tight and close
If comfort is what you desire
Or to simply be a listening ear
When you need to vent your ire

I promise to express
Just how much I love you
Every day for the rest of our lives
Starting now by saying I do
My wedding vows I said this last Saturday to my beautiful wife!
Ryan Long May 2017
We risk our lives everyday
every time that we clock in,
it's our way of life and what we do
  its the way it's always been.
We wake at 3 am to bells ringing
and sirens blare,
we leap to our feet and go get dressed
to fight deep in Hells lair.

In the darkness we don our gear
******* helmet and boot,
as one these brothers all get up
go sliding down the chute.

We run to the truck now wide awake
and with ease we slide in,
we put on our headsets to hear each other all other noise becomes a low din.

We race to the scene where smoke is showing
no one knows who got out,
we put on our airpacks and our masks
to talk we must now shout.

With axe in hand we enter therein
the Devils home amidst the flame,
we quickly search for everyone
boy, girl, man and dame.

The air is hot we can feel it through
the clothe armor that we wear,
but on we search through the building
till we realize we're low on air.

Another​ crew goes in
In their hands the hose
To find the seat of the flames
It's advancement to oppose

We cut the roof we pull the ceiling
Our hands and feet lose all feeling

We find a child we cover them up
We rush back to the door
We bring them to safety and go back in
To check and search for more

For hours the cycle repeats
Till all is said and done
The fire is out, we've done our job
This time we won

No fire is left and all are safe
We put our tools and hose away
And go back to the station
Where hopefully we'll get to stay

Our gears been scrubbed
Time to rest our exhausted bodies

We wake at 8 am to bells ringing
and sirens blare,
we leap to our feet and go get dressed
to fight deep in Hells lair...
Ryan Long Apr 2017
To the love of my life
The most beautiful woman
The one I want to make my wife

I hope you know this
I love you without end
And nothing could ever cause
that love to break or bend

You're as radiant as the sunshine
And your eyes shine like stars
You've captured my heart completely
Slapped on chains and put it behind bars

I can't express how proud
I am to be called yours
To be the one in your life
To hold your hand and open doors

You're beautiful
That's all I'm trying to say
And every time I think of you
I want to run away

To go somewhere far
And live with abandon
To the highest mountain top
And live in a cabin

To go somewhere
Where the world doesn't know
To love you fully
And where you never need to go

I love you Marissa
That's all I'm trying to say
And for you I'll do anything
Anytime, any day
I wrote this for my fiance
Ryan Long Apr 2017
Just want you to know
You're my closest lil friend
And when I'm around you
Nothing can offend

Our friendship means so much
But words are so small
Not enough there can be
To possibly describe it all

Your elegant and pretty
But that's just surface stuff
I'll skip all that if you don't mind
I'm sure you hear it enough

Your inner qualities
That's more important to me
So I hope you bear through
And I'll show you what I see

You're loving and caring
Ready to bend a listening ear
You're sweet as the south
You're a joy to be near

Your uplifting words
Like water to the soul
Your love for your friends
Burns hotter than coal

Love you to death
My little friend so dear
Should you ever need anything
I'll always be right here
Ryan Long Mar 2017
Lord I come to you with my jar of tears, though I've lost count through the years

I know you have every one counted and numbered, every tear whether awake or while I slumbered

Lord I cry, this one thing I ask, and is it really too much a task?

To be unconditionally loved by one so dear, and to have someone to go through life and to be near

All I desire is to be a husband and a father, to love one woman and never another

To raise up my children in your holy word, even when to the world it's so absurd

Father, I cry, my heart does weep, please my desires allow me to keep

For I thought I was there many a time, but always was cast out feeling my worth less than a dime

My heart is so broken I don't know what to do, Father do you hear my words when I cry out to you?

Lord I wait on you... I know your timing is best, please grant me peace and give my heart some rest
I wrote this poem before I met my fiance and was starting to wonder if I would ever get married and have a meaningful relationship.
Ryan Long Mar 2017
Dear Lord above
please hear my prayer,
The cries of your child
Let me know you are near

I'm weak in my flesh
Sin is so tempting
It dances on the edge
Ever calling and beckoning

Who would know?
It calls out to me,
Go ahead and enjoy yourself
There's no one here to see

But this is not a sin
That just involves me
Another is a part of this
Careful is what I must be

My spirit in a rage
begins to burn bright
It yells at me inside
Don't give in you must fight!

You are more than conquerors!
Does the Good book not say?
He's given everything you need
To come out the victor this day

Dear God I come before you
With tears in my eyes
I need your strength to win this one
Before all my hope dies

Please forgive me Dear Father
For the sins of my mind
Wash it out with your Holy Spirit
And let your Word in it bind

Lord we're trying so hard
We want you in our midst
Please help us focus on you
And your truths not to miss

We're weak oh God
We can't do this on our own
Give our spirits strength to stand
And sin not to condone

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