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mads Mar 4
soon i'll drive you away
you'll be with the rest
maybe not by choice
it never really is
make your promises to me but I'll make you break them
Strung Sep 2018
Pushed into the pavement
Like the imprint of a leaf
A simple stain on concrete
- Haven't I got anything to say?
Eyithen Sep 2018
I am worn
Tears threaten to spill
An oncoming storm
Thunder rolls with anger

They are testing the waters
Don't you see the dark clouds approaching?
There is a shift in the air.
Can you not  feel it?

Pushed too far
I'm about to burst
A darkness is descending, beware

I'm reaching my limit
You better watch out
Like a cloud i can only take so much
Before I break from the weight.
worn, crying, storm, anger, pushed, limit, weight, break, done
eli Apr 2018
I'm sorry I'm so broken,
I'm sorry I pushed you away.

I'm sorry I took you for granted,
when all I really want
is just for you to stay
Peter Bonvoisin Mar 2018
I don't want to work

to force clothed words
out of the hole in my

I want to draw

to worship reality
my mineral fingers
the days of boxed in minds
just give me one more try
I know my nose won't stay
broke forever

how can
my nose
get un
know you think

I look **** with black eyes
that's what you told me
before you pushed me

of that car

good thing for me
the drivers mother

will you
give me
one more try

she made me
trip out
Apporva Arya Jan 2018
Pain to loose,
Strength to gain.
Who knows who will leave me,
So I pushed them all away.
This is for those times when we r betrayed . And we don't trust anyone anymore not even to ourselves. So we pushed everybody away. It's okay take ur time.. to reconnect
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