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our earth
would badly thirst
our earth
would go terribly dry
our earth
would not sustain
our earth
would be in demise

water its saving grace
the quenching
of life's encompassing



ruin not the river nor the stream
with a pollutant bug
as it will contaminate our
water's pristine jug

humanity's survival depends
on this essential liquid
and man must take care
of its vital fluid
Skylar Keith Jan 2018
They say loyalty is the most important
I beg to differ


If you can't give me that
Then you have nothing to give me
Maria Etre Jan 2018
Arionna Jan 2018
You make love taste rotten, like something that has been sitting out on the sidewalk underneath the afternoon sun. People like you only know how to love yourself and take more than you give. People like you love storms, ravaging the homes others have constructed, leaving nothing behind. You turn something wonderful into something I wish I never had. To you, love must mean Winning, must mean always being right, must mean crushing the person that I am just so you can build your ego a little higher. To you, I must look like a fight, a competitor, a challenge to defeat. You use your words and threats to make me forget that I am a vital part of the relationship, your kisses fall like duct tape on my lips, you don't let me be anything but yours. Yours to love, hurt, twist, break, yours to keep, own, manipulate. I know it is wrong to love someone like you. But that is why things like this are hard- you fall in love with oceans before you realize how easy it is for them to drown you, you fall in love with people before you see how even seemingly best of them can abuse you.
You were my poison and I was your cure
You were rotten and I was pure
It was my flower
I didn't know I was the girl of the hour
How could you do this?
It all started with a kiss
The kiss of sweet unholy death
I was pure, until you took my breath
It was like being caught in a downward spiral
My feelings were never vital
I didn't know that either
He said "me neither"
copyright under Delilah wine williams
aniket nikhade Dec 2016
Everything that goes on in mind is with a purpose
Everything that goes on in the mind has got it’s own purpose.

If not in the present,
then remotely,
somewhere along in the future.
Everything that goes on in mind is with a purpose

Ascertain the same
Underline the cause,
then later on define the same.

Over a period of time it will be realized, understood, agreed and accepted that it’s not only intention that has got it’s role to play while getting things done, but also time is of vital importance.

Defintiely everything that goes on in mind has got it’s own way towards getting things done while in present.

Experience comes first
Expertise later
Once maturity is gained, then it defines the level and depth of experience that is gained with time.

Bottomline remains the same,
understand first,
then move ahead.

Over a period of time it will be realized that everything is not the same
A lot of things have changed in a lot many ways since efforts were made, not only in the direction of getting things done, but also with regards to doing the right thing at the right moment in time.
Thus everything that goes on in mind has got it’s purpose,
try to understand it first, once it’s understood then move ahead.

A few moments will always be spent in understading a stiuation, but then it’s worth the time that is spent, if it’s accepted that not only the same thing need not be done again, but also the same mistake must not be repeated again.

Once the cause is defined,
everything is established in mind, then move ahead.
One step at a time because it’s better late than never
Definitely slow and steady wins the race.
timeless Mar 2016
Ecologists  only  interested
Different processes that studies
Changes of forms and gradual
              upward movement
Living being.
Physical evolution shows upscale
            but what about mind and vital ?
Is there Devolution in faculty
Mind and vital plane ?
If not,what is the terrorism ?
Are Darwin and Lemarks wrong?
science is in child state to understand
                  the Life ?
Seline Mui Mar 2016
Cloudy sweet delight
fulfills the

space bounded with an
atmosphere of lavender.

The soft cotton touch, lingers against my
steady fingertips.

Beating, the breath of

Living on the corner
of my mouth, crimson red flushed

Arms aching of
emptiness, tired, restless eyes.

Glimpsing golden

Sprawling, bleeding
upon, a red flaming face.

My prying hands, pressing against my
pleating pockets.

Brought to my sight,
held a captivating view.

A note with a name:

“Darling, you shine
past the sun.

You are golden, my


cannot be compared to
a single thing.

The Queen of Hearts
would be jealous.

Looking upon you
lively, genuine heart.

You ripple of
fireworks, exploding bold colors

into the vast royal blue
YOU shine brighter than the sun's gleam.
Baylee Sep 2015
Painkillers intended to numb the pain
But they numb the heart from beating.

Administered to the ill and injured
Resulting in worse illness or injury.

An injury to the heart beat
To the collapsing lungs,
The vital components of life.

Without the medications,
The symptoms return

But with them, the ability
To function normally
Is absent.

The question at hand is
Whether it is better to suffer
From pain or numbness.
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