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Hamna Jun 21
O slaves of Allah Almighty!
When you purify yourselves for Salah with Wudu,
Don't only pay heed to your covers.
Pay heed to the filth hidden deep,
Deep Inside of you.
For Allah, The King of all kings,
purified hearts...
Wudu is the ritual washing to be performed in preparation for prayer and worship. When we take a shower or wash our faces, hands, feet, etc, we get externally cleaned. But don't forget to cleanse your internal selves...✨✨
A Simillacrum Jan 2019
On my way to this place
what were some traits that I missed
recognizing as my own things?
I can't separate my own from your things.
That's always been my great undoing.
I lose control of my self so quickly.
Once looking like a dove, I become
oil slick and grounded in a swamp,
where the flighty thing becomes a being
made up of the rant and the cry and the yell,
*****, not as a state, but as the state of things.
I can't separate my own from your things.
Now I'm alone. I'm alone. And I feel.
This bird's alone for the first time.
On my way to this place, I've hurt
and I've caused big hurt. Now I'm free to see
through these eyes, all alone.
Now I'm alone. I'm alone. And I feel
Like myself. Purified.
ShowYouLove Apr 2018

Lord won’t you purify my heart and soul
Wash me clean transform this lump of coal
By the holy waters and the blood of the Lamb
In this flood I see at last who I really am
I am wonderful I am beautiful I am forever yours
I am precious I am loved by death my life restores
You have put me in a crucible a trial by fire
To purify and strengthen me to lift me ever higher
Right now all I feel is hurt and pain
But with your help my faith will yet remain
I know you’ll see me through this time and place
And on tougher days I gaze upon your face
I find the strength to get up and keep going
One day I’ll look back and see that I was growing
Refine me Lord and renew my beating heart
I know that you are creating a work of art
I am under construction and my Lord is far from done
He is building me in the sight of every one
Purify me Lord that I may be as holy as I ought
Redirect me when I forget the lessons I was taught
You are holy perfect blameless and true
Hear our prayer and make us more like you
In this mess Lord you see only beauty
Like a butterfly one day we will break free
Piece together my broken heart mend my broken wings
Cleanse me from within of sin and other things

Bowing low before your cross
I feel the hope I know the loss
Broken you healed a broken land
Kneeling you showed us how to stand
Cursed you broke the curse of sin and death
You gave your life to give us life with your last breath
You opened your arms to open our eyes
You were truth so we could spot true lies
You were the way when we had lost our way
You spoke life and taught us how to pray
Glory to God the Father and the Son
And the Spirit three in one

2 somewhat separate writings written together
Nick Moser Aug 2016
My life is a proverbial pigsty,
A ***** place.

And all I need is your love,
To cleanse me.
To purify me.

And to make me squeal.
I'm a ***** boy
Siren Coast Jul 2016
There is a steady white wash of noise
It pulls your body closer
Your heart rate elevates
The air is thick with warmth
The mist delivers salt on your lips
A crash on shore hits you square in the chest

I can purify myself out there
You go under the water
Emerged in dark and light
Cold rushes over you
You are floating and fighting
Stone Fox Mar 2016
unless air is fatal to those who breathe, you should have nothing to fear.
The safest way of surviving Fatal Air is to steal a few handfuls of blazing air.
Granting you access to:
“Enter without Danger.”

Physical contact sparked flames instantly.
Heating up more than the temperature, while bundles of blazing grass were thrown in for a real heat wave. preparing the flame chest filled with signal rockets that we brought from the wreck blasted flying fiery serpents shots; gliding across the sky and shortly disappearing at a vast distance.
Radiant meteors on a cloud of thunder lightened up by local magicians sparked and smoked like fire-breathing dragons.

These experiments lighted the air-leaving all oxygen purified.
TAB Nov 2015
You have scorched me
With scalding words
And a scorching glare.
The humiliation was like
An inferno had sparked in
My chest and then spread
To consume my body and soul.

I was too scared to move.
It hurt to think.

But like the Phoenix,
I will rise again.

My tongue will be like a sword-
Painfully beautiful,
Swift and sharp.

You will marvel
You will wonder
You will be proven wrong.

Your words are fire,
I am celestial bronze.

Come now,
Purify me.
I will prove you wrong about me.
Scarlet Niamh Oct 2015
Brooding overhead,
swirling, storming;
other hearts warming by fires
as mine shivers with delight;
beginning to wash over me,
chilling me, relieving me.
~~ And I look forward to the rain, again. ~~
Regan Troop Mar 2015
It’s been over between us for a long time now

these are my ways of moving on

and I will not be sorry for letting go of these nasty emotions

that you placed in my heart and soul

I’m moving on

and I will forget the things that made me bitter

but not those that made me weak

I am a stronger person now

because you had me ready to cut my last ties to this life

but my soul is an old soul and it helped me see through it all

I am not who you remember me

I am not who you will ever meet

I’ve been enlightened from the darkest crevices of Hell

and that kind of strength will shine in my soul for eternity

To let go of toxicities

is to purify the soul

M Feb 2015
Beauty comes from within, it doesn't matter how much we try to change our physical appearance we will always try to look better. Renew your mind, renew your soul, purify your thoughts, and open your heart, now you will experience true joy.
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