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Nolan Willett Nov 2020
Take it as a compliment
Branded heretical.
Bring on the pyre,
And set it afire;
When they resort to
You’ll know you have the right
Mark Toney Dec 2019
Shine on most brilliantly my bold, brave lass
Whine no more over misgiving's past
White robe awaits after crucible's blast.
Write of your struggles to all whom this life batters
Trite experiences included, for your testimony matters.
12/10/2019 - Poetry form: Rhyming Morph - In this poem one letter of the first word in each line is changed - Shine, Whine, White, Write, Trite -  Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Aquila Dec 2019
there is something painfully romantic
about pushing a needle through fabric
for hours, upon hours
sewing a poppet.
i know i will curse it anyways-
but the thought is nice.
I jinxed it !
Sydney Sep 2019
he is beautiful
he is bad
he's my crucible
he is sad
he makes me happy
but now he's gone
why'd he leave
it was all a con
what cross do you bear?
whisper to me the pains you've repressed,
the regrets that consume you,
divulge to me your darkest sins,
and lend utterance to your woes.

how do you build the ark,
that exists in your mind?
rocking in the arms,
of the slow, swinging seas,
whilst quixotic dreamers,
dance across the sky,
lost in the clouds.

solace in tears,
premonitions in fears,
let me cradle your soul,
and mend,
piece by piece,
plastered poultices,
and golden lacquer scars,
sealing all that ran deep.
let me shoulder your burdens,
so that one day, you may learn
and live alongside them.

so long as molten rock,
anoints our heads,
and flickering flame,
sears our feet,
we shall traverse
the crucible that is life.

each bearing a cross,
and a crown of thorns,
we are beautifully broken,
the faceted protagonists
of faded film noir.

we will prevail.
“No pain, no palm; no thorns, no throne; no gall, no glory; no cross, no crown.” -William Penn

angst, ik lol, but i just wanted all of you to know that i'm here for all of you. not sure how much i can do for you but i'll certainly try! thank you for stopping by.
a mast
of song
sat in
yo thong
this arrangement
and a
hanger saw
the manger
and not
their edge
to sharpen
a skill
in this
way they'd
rather not
negate nor
endanger Hawaiian
volcano of lust
ShowYouLove Apr 2018

Lord won’t you purify my heart and soul
Wash me clean transform this lump of coal
By the holy waters and the blood of the Lamb
In this flood I see at last who I really am
I am wonderful I am beautiful I am forever yours
I am precious I am loved by death my life restores
You have put me in a crucible a trial by fire
To purify and strengthen me to lift me ever higher
Right now all I feel is hurt and pain
But with your help my faith will yet remain
I know you’ll see me through this time and place
And on tougher days I gaze upon your face
I find the strength to get up and keep going
One day I’ll look back and see that I was growing
Refine me Lord and renew my beating heart
I know that you are creating a work of art
I am under construction and my Lord is far from done
He is building me in the sight of every one
Purify me Lord that I may be as holy as I ought
Redirect me when I forget the lessons I was taught
You are holy perfect blameless and true
Hear our prayer and make us more like you
In this mess Lord you see only beauty
Like a butterfly one day we will break free
Piece together my broken heart mend my broken wings
Cleanse me from within of sin and other things

Bowing low before your cross
I feel the hope I know the loss
Broken you healed a broken land
Kneeling you showed us how to stand
Cursed you broke the curse of sin and death
You gave your life to give us life with your last breath
You opened your arms to open our eyes
You were truth so we could spot true lies
You were the way when we had lost our way
You spoke life and taught us how to pray
Glory to God the Father and the Son
And the Spirit three in one

2 somewhat separate writings written together
Ignatius Hosiana Feb 2017
So it seems am trapped in this crucible
attempting to escape it but never find the door
taking arrows to my chest, receiving every blow
they say I can make it though it seems impossible
Devin Ortiz Apr 2016
Thick heavy smoke rises
From chisled scars
Embers spark with skin flakes
Into toxic smog

Deep inhale, chokes lungs
Burning misfortunes churn
Red eyes swallow
The cloudy inferno

Golden windows to the soul
In the wake of consumption
Ashen flesh molded
Crucible sculpted perfection
Julie Grenness Feb 2016
"Until an hour before the Devil fell..."
Yahweh and Lucifer got on so well,
God thought Archangels so beautiful,
God blessed each of you, so dutiful,
Lucifer, our light divine,
Now  fallen angel, out of time,
Evil love, Prince of Darkness,
Diablo Mephistopheles, no less,
Sad to say, Beezelbub runs Hell,
But, Yahweh and Lucifer got along so well,
"Until an hour before the devil fell...."
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