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Regan Troop Jun 2016
If I ever say to you, "Stop saying that" gently with a smile yet a sad expression, I really mean "I believe you, that could happen, but I don't love the thought of you not being in my life, because I love you. I care about you. I'm not prepared to not have you for the rest of my life."
Helpless romantic
Regan Troop Dec 2015
There are an infinite amount of pieces
that create a person,
and an infinite amount of pieces
within those.
A person could spend a lifetime
trying to put all the pieces together.

I placed your brightly shining smile
between your cheeks coloured rose
and your lively forest eyes
above your nose that is so smooth to kiss.
Your thin strands of hair run through
my fingers before falling delicately out of place.
When you really pay attention,
you can learn a lot from her pretty face.

I found Ambition and Simplicity,
a Dreamer and a Planner
and placed her in my arms to hold
my soul relayed to my body, heart and mind
a message anew for this lifetime,

"You can smile brightly with her
Until your cheeks turn rose
And travel to different forests and linger.
You can share delicate kisses and
Hold her as tears run through your fingers.
So place all these pieces of this piece
close to your heart, mind and body.
Because she is a piece
that could make your lifetime
seem Infinite."
Regan Troop Oct 2015
They say eyes are windows to the soul
But mine have curtains black as coal

To protect seers from glimpsing behind
To a past of a bothered state of mind

Did I see Jekyll or did I see Hyde?
I can't decide

Dead men tell no tale
They only lay behind you and exhale
Regan Troop Sep 2015
A lifetime
In bare feet
on soft nourishing
forest ground
With a warm sweater
of self love and worth

Is what
a year
without you
feels like.

A year that felt like

A lifetime
on tiptoes
over exploding
With a hot sweater
of hate for you
And for me

Regan Troop Apr 2015
Drowning her lips in a warm cup of sweet tea
She listens closely to her memory of the wild sea
One day soon, she will return
She will return home
To drown her lips in the salty sea
Regan Troop Mar 2015
It’s been over between us for a long time now

these are my ways of moving on

and I will not be sorry for letting go of these nasty emotions

that you placed in my heart and soul

I’m moving on

and I will forget the things that made me bitter

but not those that made me weak

I am a stronger person now

because you had me ready to cut my last ties to this life

but my soul is an old soul and it helped me see through it all

I am not who you remember me

I am not who you will ever meet

I’ve been enlightened from the darkest crevices of Hell

and that kind of strength will shine in my soul for eternity

To let go of toxicities

is to purify the soul

Regan Troop Mar 2015
My worst nightmares, I can never wake from
Because he's in there, a love affair
And has my heart beating like a drum,
which is rare
Because he never treated me
with that kind of love and care,
not after since having the other love affair
My worst nightmares, I always succumb
Because he's in there, a love affair
And has my heart beating til it feels numb
My worst nightmares, I always die from
Because he's in there, and I wake up
And feel reality put a bitter taste in my morning cup

My worst nightmares, are the ones where you're treating me like you used to when were we deliriously in love
It's the hardest nightmare to pull away from because it's painfully comforting and I hate it. I hate it so much. Because I wake up and realize all that happened since then all over again, the nightmare starts when I wake up and it kills me every ******* time
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