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Empire May 31
I really wanted to brood a little longer
Wallow in the hole I’ve dug myself
But you broke me down
And I think
Just maybe
You made me smile
You ruined my plans... but I think I’ll forgive you
Empire May 30
Hello there,
I’m lonely and desperate
I’m fighting my own mind
I eat to fill gaps in my soul
I love to wallow in self-pity
I like to think I’m special
I’ve pushed away all my friends
I’m too scared to get high
So instead I drink coffee ‘til I shake
My smiles are often very fake
I have no idea who I am
I’m either a very troubled individual
Or I’m a terrible drama queen
And truth be told,
I kind of like it like this
What’s wrong with me
Working on a bit of self-reflection...
Pax May 27
most of us are lonely
often our pools are too deep and
no one seem to bother swimming in our depths
perhaps it takes a skilled diver to understand
our inner core.

and because we feel too much
we drown ourselves in the pool of
sorrows, dying in self pity.
Aa Harvey May 23
You have my pity

You are not very nice, but I don’t mind,
Because you are not very talented,
So I will give you some of mine.
I have it in abundance, whilst you lack any kind of meaning.
Your words are so redundant;
So keep on dreaming,
That one day you will become important.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
LearnfromBOBD May 10
What you think is nothing
And what you thought you think is nothing
It was just a coincidence infatuated fronting
Youthful Glaring
In shades and flimsy
Photograph clumsy
I gave you something
but it was nothing
Let us sit down and sort it
cos I know you will forever love me
but ‘twas nothing
For all is long thing
For you hurt me
doesn’t mean you don’t want me,
but you don’t know you love me
Cos I hunt you.
Don’t be deceived on something that don’t fit you
I pity you
You **** and you want him
So keep searching on something that is nothing
Well’ there is something I want to tell you,
Uhmn, don’t bother, it nothing
But stop thinking like you are dreaming


What a stupid world.
Tyler Matthew May 10
Many men wait until Death
is staring down at them
in their beds before
they make the effort
to change their ways.
Then they insist that this
makes their lives meaningful,
as if Death should take pity.
     For me, Death was a woman
and my bed a grave of guilt.
Darryl M May 8
Is it me that you don’t like, or are you afraid of my love?
Is it Us that you don’t want to see, or do you think you’re not good enough?
I know you’re looking for something, you just don’t want to find it in me.

When I say I love you, you know I’m not lying but you still deny it.
Show me your fears, I’ll bring the covers of adoration.

Walk out of the rain of your sorrows.
Walk into the umbrella of my amore.
Or are you afraid of sheltering commitment?
Push me away, I’ll still love you more.

If you don’t love me, why don’t you shut me down?
You already know my buttons.

You should’ve chased me away right before we began.
Because with me, you’re not a light stand.
Is true love fake, or are you just afraid of my love?
Amateur Sonnet.
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