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Hayley McInnes Mar 2020
I am partial to a shifting psyche
I am hard to find when I give up my act
I find the long way back

I am a lighthouse when the wind blows south
I am open mouth when I go off the track
here’s to the long way back

Parallels with my insides
Luminol on my black tie
Lucid all til the white lie
I’ll buy anything you say

Archivist of the meeting
Red of wrist and of feeling
I exist just to see it
Seems to be all that I crave
Andrej Barovic Feb 2020
Oh, if only you knew
What I saw in your eyes
If only I could tell you
And touch your very soul
Perhaps the skies would clear
Perhaps the Angels would not weep.
Cody Smith Nov 2019
As aesthetic as he is athletic, pathetic.
Smug, pug ugly mug.
Slight of frame and slight of brain.
Deaf and dumb and blind and dull of mind.
Meek, a geek and a freak,
a dork and a nerd. They're only words,
they're only true.
Not meant to be taken too seriously. I'm not really that down on myself just a bit of tongue-in-cheek self deprecation.
matcha Apr 2018
i never had the chance to say goodbye.
i didn't even know she was going to leave
leave me here to deal with her problems.
it seemed selfish at the moment
i couldn't understand the reason she left like this.
i couldn't comprehend it; i was frustrated.
why'd she have to go without a word? why'd she leave as if to think i'd be okay with this?
it always brings me to tears just trying to remember her when
i can't.
i can't remember how she smiled
how she laughed
how she talked
how she used to be
before she became me.
the me i am now, today, and forever more.
the me that was influenced by those who are insufferable.
a selfish, ugly, good for nothing ******* who can barely hold herself together.
i want her to come back.
i want to be happy again.
but what's the point of wanting something that has already ceased to exist?
just my first poem and obviously it's full of teen angst haha
CastorPolydeuces Nov 2016
i see love and light and cringe
at its generic quality, all the same
all beautiful and endearing and encouraging
and i can't help but feel the cynic in me laughing
at the mawkish displays and efforts
and at my own generic skepticism

just one charming quality of my
self deprecating form of narcissism
just writing out of boredom, too tired to put forth much effort, but too bored to leave it be.
Luisa C May 2016
people are prone to telling me the same joke over and over again
though the only thing that i find funny is that i can't remember its punchline
maybe it's because i try so hard to forget
what i've become.

— The End —