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Ronna M Tacud May 2022
Sitting on the ***** ground,
while staring to the playground.
I've been waiting for you too long,
yet you never came along.
I lower my pride,
just to be by your side.
Even if trials will come,
I'll still choose to walk with you in the aisle.

But then, my hopes has been shatter.
and turned into anger.
Is this the love that I want?
Is this the love that I need?
To be pitied?
Maybe, yes!
Maybe, not!

I've been careless,
and now I'm no longer his princess.
I deserve what I tolerate.
Cause I know, he always makes me feel discriminate.
And I let those painful words hit me.

I waited too long,
to realize that this is wrong.
The love that I dream
isn't a moonbeam.
Instead, it is a shadow of grief.
Whom I belief.
Iris Madden Feb 2017
Rush these days
of restless pacing
of watching the clock
with an anxious heart
waiting to seek reassurance
through your hands
laced with mine
These seconds away pass too slowly
and the hours with you
pass too soon
Life's unfair
and I think too much
maybe I care too much...
- written 12.15.16
@IrisMaddenPoetry I in this alone?

— The End —