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Unknown Jun 19
You visited this website on 7/11/21..
You’ve been vacant for so long
Sitting,thinking,wasting away
What’s the point in belonging here anyway.

You visited this website on..
No it doesn’t matter how long
Blinking,thinking, tapping away
What’s the writer come back to say..?
I’m back
Do not
pity the
that has
died, it
will bloom
once more,  
as an
in life you
held dearly,
unaware of
how it
kevin Jul 2019
Raining too fast
Drops suspended in air
A soundtrack to back
That sad indie playlist
I bet you wouldn't like
Ugh well things never work out anyways.
Nyx Jul 2018
You're name still echoes within my mind
The possible meaningless things that makes me question my life
I swore to forget you
To remove you

Yet you so easily walk back in
Its as if you see through me
Every wall and facade
You have the key to each lock
That stands in your way
Though the others struggle
Attempting to fill your place
You simply won't let them
Stopping them from filling that empty space
My hearts opened to you
Again once more
But the question is
Do I still love you the same as before?
Am I missing you
Or do I just miss the idea of you
The sweet gentleman touch
Is causing quite a fuss
I care for you though
I can say that with pure honestly
Though my love for you has changed
Faded into void of endless possibility
Somewhere within I still long for your touch
The Affection is intoxicating
Those sweet words are pure bliss
Though theses things leave me contemplating
Contemplating why you left me like this
Though my heart is still riddled
Screaming at me why
I know I shouldn't let you back in
I shouldn't let you waste anymore of my time
through the silence that speaks louder then any words could
I still care for you
But never again will I feel anything more
Because I refuse to be broken
Broken like I was once before
the word reciprocation
died of an unnatural death
it so required an in kind
responsive breath*

too few understood
the dire straits it was in
not ever being returned
mutual oxygen's kin

as a consequence of the term
never receiving air
there ended the life
of its courteous fair

the coroner's dictionary
apportioned blame
at the feet of they who
*knew not the name
I used to only cry twice a year. Now I cry like I was born to do it. A job assigned to me by the devil himself. Why he thought I deserve this. I don't know. He is winning.  Give me strength.
Ty Smith Oct 2016
Make way for the Jesus the King!
His angels dance and sing,
For he has returned,
To save the sick and the burned,

He rides from the white city,
He cries with great pity,
For his people are far away,
They have turned long astray,

Cursed are the ones who ignore him,
But blessed are those who follow him,
For he will lead them to land,
Composed of pure blood from his hand,

Rejoice, for Christ is here!
Rejoice, His power has drawn near!
Stand up and follow in his sight,
And he will lead you back into his pure light
Stanley Wilkin Apr 2016
In the deep, uncertain night the strangers met,
Unseeing, unknowing, unthinking-dulled brain and senses,
Through the porous shadows and tangled foliage they crept
Stumbling over fallen trees and broken-down fences
Their hatred binding them, root to root,
In the mediating light of the silvered moon;
Rotten barks covered in fungi, dried twigs cracking underfoot;
Reaching the village outskirts they emitted a painless moan
And stumbled on. Slow breezes drifted over their flesh, sun-driven
Investigative fingers inspecting their souls, medicating pain.
Memory restored, childhood relived, time rendered fission,
Their fears gliding away in the quietly-falling rain.

Striving through the bluster of life, together or apart,
We return to where in life we made an imperfectly remembered start.
In the long journey through life, physically or mentally, we return to where we began.
Cori MacNaughton Aug 2015
Hello Poetry!
Hello poets.
Sorry I've been gone so long.
Life intervenes.
Liam C Calhoun Jul 2015
I haven’t found, or fallen, for her yet;
     but then again, maybe I’d walked a block too far.
Maybe I’d crossed clay.
Maybe I’d sunk like a madman atop thin ice.
Maybe I’d forgotten as easily as I’d found,
     when the treasure’s a fickle little smear of red-lipstick
     and digits atop my mirror;
Mobius just a’gazin’ come mornin’
     to the tune of tequila slipping lip
     a mere moment and conundrum’s later,
     always remembered,
     always encountered and eternal,
     pursued atop the medium as fragile as I.
And speaking of pass or impasse,
     I still crawl from a tether towards tomorrow,
     approaching a promise,
     oh so fragile and soon to be broken like mother’s cookie jar
     amidst thievery;
A tall tale and titled,
     “one more enigma,”
      when she’s passed and parallel,
     “the,” way or beyond away,
      in the car that’s to the left and now left behind,
      or an image I’d once recalled –
Now masticated,
     the years,
     alone atop a mammoth pile and like an elephant’s carcass,
     ivory and soon to be rust.
So yearns the watering hole of youth and never to visit again;
An offered solution and her parting wave,
     a sincerity long gone over horizon.
I mull and move come this bravest venture,
     sooner to be,
     and maggot.
Futile when you call me,
I guess I’ve got a lot to explain.
I guess I’ve grown to use to the noose,
     and so very senile,
     the foolish.
And I guess, ******!
I guess, oh hell!
And guess I’m sorry for leaving when I had,
     where I had,
     how I had and more importantly who I had.
I guess,
     fleeing from forever atop epoch.
I guess,
     I guess,
     I guess I’m breaking far more than I’d ever been broken.
And I'd guess, never knowing.
I guess and I’d become the hammer I’d ‘ever agonized –
She guessed –
And the house yawped,
     as I rest twisted metal and in a state of parched,
     becoming the elephant seeking his first watering hole;
My dearest hope,
     you'd still be there.

*When the thirst of one kind destroys the thirst of another kind.
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